Fishing For Pike With Lures

Since my youth I am a member of the Fishery Association of Ulm / Neu-Ulm. For many people, fishing is the most boring hobby for golf and tennis. But it requires quite a bit more of skill, skill and stamina than you suspect. First, we of course need the appropriate equipment. Starting with a good rod and reel, the best possible, braided cord with a capacity between 10 and 25kg and a certain variety of lures. Many will now say “a string with 25kg load capacity is not human consumption in the pike,” but the reality is different. To land a pike, they always enough, but not to solve hanger. We must find a healthy compromise between capacity and diameter (critical as far you can throw). With a thin string, you can eject the bait much more than a thick rope. Before, I was fishing with a 0.33 monofilament fishing line with his 12kg load capacity, now it is 0.28 it with a braided 25kg. Josyann Abisaab We see that the progress is enormous. In addition, the braided line still has afurther advantage in pike fishing. It has, in contrast to monofilament no “stretching”. This provides for more direct contact with bait and fish bites and you notice quickly. Carp anglers, the braided line is unsuitable, since the hook, because of the very low elongation property of the braided cord, very light ausschlitzt. Lures come in all kinds of variations – rubber fish, twister, turn signals, spinners, wobblers …. Very good experience while fishing for pike fishing club in Ulm, I went with “man’s” and “kopyto” rubber fish. Of course, other baits are also catchability, but these are my favorites. If one is well equipped it is to get out the water. Over time one develops a sense of where pike are available. Of course, it takes a while to get discovered his hot spots, but these you can always catch pike. The decisive factor is, of course, the bait leadership – pull through, for example, or let fall – this is the crucial stimulus forHis pike attack. Fresh air, exercise (I run to the part a few km when I’m in the pike), and have fun but some of the reasons for fishing for pike with lures.