Feet Movement

Increased health awareness and numerous medical aid have made exercise and sports for modern senior citizens for granted. Mobility in the age has become the expression of a higher quality of life for many. Walking, hiking or even regular training for the sports badge, the “new old” keep today physically and mentally in movement. AIDS cure age-related restrictions of movement. Orthopedic injuries such as wear and tear on the joints and stress-related infections of the feet are the greatest obstacle to operate regular athletic. As support for Achy bones and joints and for fear of further injury, many older people like to fall to bandages for the feet.

In addition, the retailers offers rail for the feet, which are to wear overnight. They help to improve damage and pain. Both to sturdy tracks primary care both in shock-resilient pads, hypoallergenic materials provide comfort in any weather. For lifestyle, wellness and health, the online shop sanumvitalis offers over 3000 products. The entire product range is specially geared to the needs and desires of seniors.

Also the wide range of bandages, splints and heel cushion of the leading brands of ARCUS and BORT aimed particularly at customers who want to continue to actively participate in life despite advanced age. Using a specially designed evaluation system, specialised mail order sanumvitalis secures its product range. Customers of the company can evaluate products as also services the online shipping with a point system and leave comments as a guide for other customers. The success of corporate strategy, to assume only premium brands in the range is reflected on the example of the drums for the feet.