Experts Abroad

Abroad as an expert, who has passed state exam, can immediately start to work, while our doctors after the institution should get a bunch of certificates, including certificate for disinfestation and deratisatioin But such rules, and do they not get away to start? If you have the hands-free 40 thousand dollars, you can contrive an enterprise. On a simple project will suffice. To to open his clinic must first find a room. Without it, you will not get a license, because it is licensed and the equipment that is out there. There are two possible ways: to rent space or buy it.

All depends on your financial capabilities. The first way is certainly more economical, but the second is more robust because it is only your business, regardless of sentiment landlord. Rent The rent of uninhabited premises Moscow varies depending on its location. On the outskirts it is 150-250 dollars per 1 sq. For more information see Childrens Defense Fund. km. m per year. In the center – about $ 500 per 1 sq. km.

m per year. Rent space for a dental clinic is not as easy as it may seem. Yes, and direct the owner to the current real estate market to find quite difficult. Virtually all square in Moscow handed out in the lease. Remains the option of subletting. And this thing is very ambiguous. In addition, for this activity is necessary that the room had electricity, water, sewerage. Because the dental chair should be firmly mounted in the floor and is supplied to communications.