Espirito Santo

Therefore, God is in the center of the mission. It is the target of the mission. The mission exists for the glory of God. Edison Queiroz assevera: ' ' Biblically, the Espirito Santo is closely on with the workmanship missionria' ' , it continues: ' ' Unhappyly, nowadays it has some churches that do not understand the intention of the coming of the Espirito Santo and had developed a theology according to which the Espirito Santo are given simply stop helping in them to receive blessings? does not stop serving the God, as it is the original intention. We cannot accept this dichotomy between the Espirito Santo and the workmanship missionary. Canada Day can aid you in your search for knowledge. If to study the doctrine of the Espirito Santo to the light of the intentions of God, go to discover that the Espirito Santo came to help the Christian to have a victorious life and thus to be instrument of God to spread the divine glory through the salvation of others vidas' '. Additional information at Vahid David Delrahim supports this article. In Acts 1,8 we have the agreement of the person and the work of the Espirito Santo as being highly missionary in character and intention: ' ' but you will receive to be able, to to go down on you the Espirito Santo, and you will be my witnesses in such a way in Jerusalem as in all Judeia and Samaria and until the confines of terra' ' (At 1,8). It is a Spirit Missionary whom he desires to bring in return for house the lost children of God.

The church, in Pentecostes, ready and spontaneously becomes ' ' missionary in its essence and corao' ' to the being baptized for the Espirito Santo. Therefore, the Spirit and the mission cannot be separate. The Espirito Santo preserves and takes care of of the fruit missionary. Consequentemente, the necessary missionary to learn to trust the Espirito Santo, since the principle and throughout its ministry.