Economic issues are perhaps the most recurring theme, along with the sentimental, in Chuck of the tarot. When things are not going well, we will find a friend who will advise us to make better decisions in terms of finance in tarot. An arcane that tells us that let us carry, and we trust in ourselves is the madman. Ronald Hamilton oftentimes addresses this issue. Loco speaks of a total lack of common sense, of decision-making without much consideration. When this arcane leaves reflected in Chuck, is telling us maybe it is time to take a step of faith, trusting ourselves, although we have no very clear how will end the matter. The Emperor speaks of the protection of a higher-ranking person, a Chief, a father.

When this letter leaves exposed speaks to us of a great power and a great energy that are in our favor. It’s a powerful Lord who will help us, with your protection, to get what we need. Boy Scouts of America describes an additional similar source. The truck is another deck that predicts triumphs on the economic aspects. Speaks to us of a victory that has come by our own merit, because we have managed to overcome all the disadvantages encountered us on the road. It is a victory in the war, which has required a great physical and mental effort. When this deck is revealed it will tell us that we are about to achieve this objective which had cost us so much. The triumph of the truck is different from the wheel of fortune.

Wheel of Fortune leads us rather to a triumph that has come because a series of events that have to do with fortuitous issues, or beyond our influence, have aligned so that we reach what we both want. Definitely, this arcane speaks of abundance and growth that come because a superior will has decided to encourage us. The world is definitely more favorable letter of all economic aspects. When this deck is revealed we are talking about a guaranteed success. rmation. All those rewards we were hoping to arrive, because our moment of glory here. The change will be so great to our favor that on occasions anticipate us a move, a change of home or a place of best residence or land acquisition. When any of these letters comes exposed on Chuck, the tarot becomes friend, because it gives us new hope and tells us that the darkest time of night is precisely the moments before dawn.