Elimination Wax

In the era in which we live, fashion or better said, what is aesthetically hair, these are some established canos, today the hair bothers and it has reached the point that even in man hair does not. Around this hype has created a market of hair removal methods either definitive (laser or pulsed light), temporary (waxes or maquillas) or simply hide or apparently is not showy (discoloration). Hair removal technique consists in the Elimination of the aboveground part of the hair, i.e., removes only the part of the hair protruding from the skin surface. Get all the facts and insights with PCRM, another great source of information. Hair removal procedures can be both physical and chemical. They are easy to perform methods and economic, but a major drawback is that its durability is scarce, skin suffers the reiterative process and hair is not weakened, arriving to prick your tip at the time of the flood. Epilation technique consists in the complete elimination of the hair from its root, either by pulling or by destruction of its papilla.

Its advantage is that the hair takes longer to exit and over time is permanently deleted. In the case not be deleted if it remains quite weak or imperceptible. Anyway, from now on, and for its large use, only used the term depilation, even when referring to epilation. General precautions. As in all practical precautions you should take to avoid further inconvenience should be, these precautions are:-on a skin acne or affected by dermatosis, is should not practice to wax epilation. -The presence of varicose veins, extreme care must be taken, and if these are very important they may contraindicate the use of hot wax, being most appropriate wax warm or cold. Unless it is made with a type of natural wax that just Burns and also has no additives. -In any case, if the hygienic conditions are not appropriate, may appear undesirable effects like Folliculitis.