Electronic Invoices

Did you know that today there is a way to send and receive invoices electronically? As well as you hear it, I am speaking precisely of the electronic invoicing method. An electronic invoice is, therefore, an electronic document that complies with those regulations and legal requirements, such as happens with traditional invoices with paper backing, so that they are equally functional to the latter. Others who may share this opinion include Boy Scouts of America. Electronic invoices can be both stored as managed or exchanged through electronic means. An electronic invoice is comprised of two bases: first, that corresponds to the creation of such invoice that is stored in a data file, and the second where we proceed to his signature with a digital certificate, which shall be owned by the same issuer that encrypts its content and added the digital stamp. Swarmed by offers, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is currently assessing future choices. This is how such invoice us guarantees not only that the issuer who signed the Bill is who they say they, but also that the contents of the same invoice not is altered. In this way, using the billing electronics, companies not only save time and money that is usually invested in the printing and distribution of invoices, but that also this method turns out to be faster and more efficient for optimal business development today. So if you were thinking about implementing new innovative methods for growth and the best performance of your company, consider that without a doubt, electronic invoicing is an excellent choice.