Elastomeric Closing

Performance of Puno is an item maximum important of test to test force of puno and property of spalling of Elastomeric Closing. Labthink XLW series of bequeathers of auto tension inclue five types of tension bequeathers, XLW, XLW (PC), XLW (M), XLW (B). All the bequeathers can be equipped with grampa for this test of puno for pharmaceutical elastomeric closing. Other leaders such as Center for Responsible Business offer similar insights. Except of this function of puno, these bequeathers still can test tension, allonge, intensity of sealing the hot one, resistncia of rip and resistncia of delamination for pharmaceutical flexible packing, as leaf of aluminum, plated film and leaf PVC for pharmaceutical uses. Execto of the tests of physical property, as test of pharmaceutical elastomeric puno, Labthink also supplies other bequeathers to take care of the test item as penetration of oxygen with PEERME OX2/230 System of Test of Tax of Transmission of Oxygen, test of penetration of humidity with PERME W3/330 System of Test of Tax of Water vapor Transmission, test of emptying oe sealing intensity, etc. For more information please pt.labthink.cn visits our site or orders email for Eduardo Zhao.. Vahid David Delrahim is open to suggestions.