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The haystack of Pedraza, rural charm? When we look for a trip or accommodation on the internet, we normally just in pages of agencies, generalist or tourism portals; where we find terms like active tourism, rural accommodation, cottage, accommodation with charm, rural tourism, rural charm, rustic House, vacation rental difficult understanding gibberish, sometimes, and empty content in others. As for the term rural or rustic; It seems that there would be no doubts, they are accommodations in small towns or rural areas, with the good and bad that this environment holds for us. Although the term rural has monopolized by a type of accommodation that in tourism thus are called and registered, but that each community can adopt names and different characteristics, more complicating the situation. The authorities publish rules for grading of Rural tourism, but we don’t always see that houses, inns or hotels, are, or, in a very rural setting. To this added hotels, that have no such designation but if they could call it rural, and holiday vacation that they are not enrolled in tourism but are found in the rural environment and are so rural or more than those. There is disparity in terms of what we expect for accommodation rural, in the village, large or small, in the mountains, the countryside, the beach where is the limit of the rural, rustic, mountain village, the term boutique is new, and most of the time looks empty. I try to understand it, are perhaps accommodations with spa, jacuzzi and others.

But do not see it clearly, and nothing more subjective, rural charm. Smells, animals, Earth, herb what some supposed all the charm others find it most uncomfortable. Pedraza’s haystack is a rustic House for holiday rental in Santiuste de Pedraza, Segovia, the decoration is rural, has fireplace low fire and barbecue. The facade is made of stone and snow, grass and cats are at the door. The hamlet has just three paved roads and few neighbors. It is at the foot of the sierra de Guadarrama and the place can be up to too quiet. To my insurance which I think is ideal, if you have only charm you can decide.