I reject the way world as Colombian and international media has presented the news on the attacks on major web sites like Yahoo, CNN, Amazon, etc., because the majority has confused two characters of the network can not be confused for anything in the world. The Hacker is one of the good guys. They start from children. The boy who begins to disarm if, from chico is a hackercito. That should take care of it, it does not conform to play as Daniel Snetinelli, should be, he said in an interview before last year a former Hacker who now earns his living advising companies in the broad area of information security. There are many commandments and ethical standards that the same Hackers have been imposed, however the more publicized, until today, are those contained in the book by Steven Levy Hackers, Heroes of the Computer Revolution (Hackers, Heroes of the computer revolution). Let’s look at some of them: access to computers and anything that can teach you something about the way the world works should be unlimited and total. All information should be free or free.

Must be wary of authority. Check out Cancer Research Institute for additional information. You have to promote decentralization. ** The hackers should be judged by their tool, not by false criteria such as degrees, age, race, or position. Never destroces anything intentionally on the computer that you are hacking. * Modifies only the files that are necessary to prevent your detection and ensure your future access to the system. Never leave your real address, your name, or your phone in any system, by very sure that you think it is. * Be careful to whom spend information. If possible, do not spend anything to anyone which don’t know his voice, I phone number and real name.

* Never hack into government computers. The Government can afford to spend funds in seeking you, while universities and private companies do not. Finally, a Hacker is a person versed in the operation of operating systems. Usually have much knowledge in programming languages and very unobtrusive. Also known most of the holes of an operating system or of the Internet protocols. Those who do not know the search and the only way to find them is to try to enter into another computer or server systems. The Hacker is only moved by curiosity, the desire to learn or learn new things, the self-fulfilment. They are not harmful but simple geniuses in search of the truth and the error. Hack is not his job, is only his hobby. Hack is a non-profit activity. They share their information free of charge and disinterested, but obviously as human vanity affects them, they disseminate such information will recognise the merits of his work. Crackers, instead, are part of the team of bad guys. Entered into any remote system with the intention of destroying data, deny service to legitimate users, immobilize the information, remove a server from the network and generally cause problems. The Hacker creates its own programs while the Cracker relies on already created programs that can be purchased, typically via the Internet. The Cracker is a criminal. Many times it behaves as a true terrorist virtual. For all this is that we must never confuse these two netizens.