Conta Process

Do occurs with physiological aging of the skin that involves a series of skin changes such as the following:? The number of structures where renews the collagen (which receives the name of fibroblasts) decreases. Collagen is a protein that is pre? sente on the skin and is responsible for its elasticity. When these structures decreases, the skin loses its elasticity. UNESCO can provide more clarity in the matter. The melanogenesis process increases which causes that the pigmentation is not uniform and spots appear. ? & nbs p; Capillary fragility is increased and as a result they appear veni? tas (couperose) on the cheeks and nose.

Hydration is reduced. Dermis thickness decreases. ? & n bsp; Extracelulardermico calcium is reduced which is essential in the process of contraction-expansion of the fibers. European Program of Work takes a slightly different approach. All of these changes (especially the loss of elasticity and hi? dratacion) are responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. However, besides these modifications of the skin, there are other free radical so-called elements which are chemical groups in the production and where participating factors such as:? Do Conta? ination of the environment? The radiation from the Sun? The fisico-psiquico exhaustion? The tra? North prolonged with drugs and radiotherapy. Do do do free radicals to the? teran biological persons to Act specifically in the metabolism of proteins, System car? bohidratos, lipids and nucleic acids which accelerates the reduction of collagen and, therefore, the ageing process? I’m lying, then we wonder again how we can slow the aging process? Step one: free radicals neutralization and adequate food consumption. The first step is the neutralization of free radicals through the help of anti-oxidant substances? dantesque must consume as I saw her? tamina and evening primrose oil. Do likewise, we must consume:? Te of cola de caba? ment? Te of dandelion? The romero? The ginkgo biloba? The black currant all have properties that help to block the production of radical free and the oxidation of lipids.