Church Ideology

Regardless of the political ideology of each country, it is inevitable to note the strong presence that has the Church in a few countries that comprise the international community. Already for several years, approximately half a century, the Church has been pioneer in matters such as the global disarmament, human rights and international cooperation. He has denounced the abuses and excesses of those political ideologies that deprive human beings of their freedom of expression, of thought, worship and other collective or individual freedoms, always and when they are attached to the principles of natural law. In addition, the Church was one of the first, if not as the first institution in denouncing the evils of economic systems abusive, authoritarian, and totalitarian. Indeed, it suffices to recall that the Pope Juan Pablo II was one of the first visionaries to denounce the repression of the socialism and the abuse of capitalism, although previously various popes already had touched these issues in several of his encyclicals.

You who is commandment of the Church knew not to exploit the workers, as well as it is a commandment love thy neighbour and thus respect their freedom and dignity? Unfortunately not many people remember it, and because of this it is very easy to fall into the temptation of accepting ideologies as the theology of liberation, which not only goes against the precepts laid down by God, but also to the Social doctrine of the Church; a doctrine which seeks to establish justice and peace throughout the world. Another good example of the vanguard of the Church to the world’s problems is its stance with regard to the environmental problem. Although several pontiffs had already dazzled the consequences of an excessive production of pollutants, about two or three years ago, Pope Benedicto XVI proclaim that pollute the environment is a sin. Moreover, as the Church knows that you faith without works is dead (Santiago 2: 26), Vatican State was the first State to operate almost in its entirety based on alternative energies and low environmental impact.