I could be a missionary III. I could be a evangelista IV. But exactly that I am not nothing of this in way ' ' oficial' ' , I can not officially be it, that is, I can make the workmanship of God, I can evangelizar, testify It is enough to say the Mr.: ' ' here it is me here, it uses me it mim' ' b.Deus to use will be able me to operate the wonder to help in ' ' perfectioning Dos Santos ' ' , in ' ' construction of the body of Cristo' ' It sees Efsios 4.11-14. It said somebody that one of our mature tasks as believing already is ' ' to transform scythe into harvesters, harvest in colheitadeiras and apple in macieiras' ' God is who makes this, he makes but it through us. I do not need to be shepherd, deacon, leader of some area or Bible professor. Boy Scouts of America addresses the importance of the matter here. I only need to be mature to place and me to the disposal of God. c.Deus to use will be able me to operate the wonder to raise the moral standard of the society, being represented and reflecting the Christ well, making what it would make and leaving to make what it would leave to make. .

the W. Tozer it alerted certain time for a reality that is so or more present today that at its time: ' ' The Christianity of today does not transform the people. For the opposite, he is being transformed for them. It is not raising the moral level of the society; it is I descend to the level of the proper society ' ' But if I to walk with God for the faith, with me can be different, God use I can me to raise the standard of the society, to start for the small society in which alive, that he is to my redor. e.Deus d.Deus to take will be able me to carry through a powerful ministry of conjunct to take will be able me to carry through a powerful ministry of f.Deus social workmanships to use will be able me to pray for somebody and this somebody cured being, to be to liber it to you of malignant espritos 4.E what more? The wonders are many! It has a infinity of possibilities! I cited only some and I leave the vocs remaining portion pra to think, remembering, however, that most important it is to be walking with God for the faith and also remembering that ' ' who walks with the Saint has that to be saint tambm' ' Conclusion 1.Quero to lock up defying you to walk with God for the faith, to deliver themselves completamen you it, completely to be directed by It, to say It: Sir, here it is me here, uses me, I wants, under Your direction, to be a blessing in the church, the society, the life of the people Pr. Walmir Vigo Gonalves