Choices And Their Consequences

Marta, in turn represents the people who prioritize the material life in detriment of the spiritual. While Maria, the people whom they look to adore the Mr. in spirit and truth. Marta, uneasy, apreensiva and overloaded of services looked for to incriminate its sister for the fact of the same one to have itself placed to the side of Jesus, hearing it and learning. Maria, happy of the life, did not give account of the too much things and calmly used to advantage the privileges of the glorious presence Mr. Jesus.Vivemos daily the consequences of our choices.

The reality of the law of the sowing if consummates in the life of all the people. Our priorities are that they guide our decisions; of a side we have ‘ ‘ inquietaes’ ‘ inherent of the material life, and the other ‘ ‘ descanso’ ‘ proportionate for the exercise of the faith, through the obedience the bendita word of Deus.Cristo said the Marta who Maria had chosen ‘ ‘ better parte’ ‘ that this would not be taken off to it. After to hear the claims of Marta Mr. recriminated it to Jesus saying that it anxious and was afadigada with many things. Because the correction the Marta? Porventura it was not acting correctly? To conclude the tasks of the house, not they were important things? Evidently that they were. Only that at that moment it is that it was not. Most important in that hour it was to hear what Mr. it had to say.

The tasks could be stop later. Porventura is not this that happens in our days? The people have time for the leisure, the studies, for the work, less for God. The importance to search the Mr. alone if intensifies in the hours of the anguish, the squeeze, the desperation. Maria with its gesture demonstrated desire to intensify its privacy with the Son of God, to the step that its sister nor if worried about this. Between the two, evidently in the hour of the necessity, Maria she would leave winner. The same God already affirms before ‘ ‘ I love to whom they love me ‘ ‘ Pv.8.17Hoje, we contemplate estarrecidos consequences of the disdains the God on the part of the people and same of the nations. How many countries ignore the Word of God completely, pursue the Christians, if they come back toward deuses strange, they implant unjust laws, they value more to the error of what the truth, and think that the lifting Creator and of all the things will leave everything this to pass unfurnished. Logical that not, the harvest is visible there to all: Tsunamis, earthquakes of great ratios, wars without end, extreme hunger, misery and all luck of moral degradation. Countries that if consider free of the natural disasters do not have to feed this feeling of victory. The whip of God will come to all. It is in the control of the world. It wants the men accept or not, they believe or they leave to believe, terrible things have to happen in all planeta.