Brazilian Umbanda

On these two orders depend all the law and the prophets. Here we do not go to argue which is the greater of the orders and yes that each one was pronounced and canalized in accordance with its time, culture and necessity and that each one transmitted something in accordance with its natures you summon and its intentions the holy ghosts, therefore Moises served the law and justice and Jesus served as emissary of the faith and of the love, Jesuses come to save and to free of the sins and does not stop punishing nobody and Moises I come to exempt its people of the slavery, to free the victim and to punish the executioner. Again God if renews through its illuminated ones, the old will with Moises and the new will with Jesus Christ. Today the seven lines are renewed and reinterpretadas as crystalline, mineral, vegetal, igneous, aeolian, telluric and aquatic line, the seven lines represented for found elements of the nature in our planet, since the Umbanda is described as the religion of the cult the nature and nothing more good as it represents it as seven lines of natural forces, that is, of the terrestrial nature and inside of this concept to be able to add them and sensible of God We know for example that the colors and its tonalities are infinite and exuberant and know that it does not only exist seven colors and yes a infinity of colors and tonalities, know that they attribute to the Orix Ogum the blue color dark, others the red and so on and all are correct therefore Ogum for being a deity possess all the colors, but colors these attributed the law that are its direction and to the air that is its element. We know that the heart is an attributed symbol the Oxum, therefore It represents the Love The holy ghost and it conducts this direction, to this affirmation all umbandistas we we agree, to put the Oxum Deity it does not only possess this sacred symbol and yes a infinity of symbols and on sacred signs.

We know that a infinity of Orixs exists nominated and nominated and we do not only possess seven forces regents who are from where orixs comes all. Everything this to say that we Umbandistas cannot be against the renewal of our proper religion, therefore everything goes if amoldando with the new times and cultures, therefore proper the Orixs come of the cults of the Nigria if had renewed in the Brazilian Umbanda and ground thus passing according to support us necessities of this people. We cannot kill the new, therefore the new is the certainty of that the old one always will be perpetuated and renewed.. You may find that CBC can contribute to your knowledge.