Best Campaigns

In 2010 the companies have achieved a high level of creativity in getting direct traffic towards their profiles on social media through videos, gifts, donations, and other many different techniques. Therefore All Facebook has chosen the 10 companies that managed their campaigns on Facebook had a huge success. 1 Kohl s Care Department stores Kohl donated $ 10 million to schools most voted for by fans on Facebook. It was a big promotional campaign who managed Kohl Facebook page exceeds one million fans, in addition to the top rated colleges obtained more than 100,000 votes each. Kohl campaign is a great example of how you can use social media techniques to guide them towards social responsibility and become, at the same time, a huge success. 2. Target Super Love Sender Target department stores left in the hands of his fans the choice of who donate a million dollars, in February 2010. Through the Super application Love Sender fans could choose and keep abreast of what was the charitable cause that was leading the list.

This campaign achieved much success, besides that it prompted the store Facebook page. 3 Ford Explorer Ford gave a twist to your promotional techniques in 2010 managing their campaigns toward social platforms with totally innovative ideas. In summer, Ford began to throw pieces of information about the launch of the 2011 Ford Explorer. This campaign was the first in which a car company used a website to reveal its new model. In addition, Ford chose one of his fans at random to give an Explorer. 4. Jack In The Box Jack In The Box fast-food chain and its mascot Jack added to a jar a coin of 5 cents for every new fan who got on Facebook. The campaign, which began in October with more than $2,000, ended up giving away one of their fans more than $11,500.