Advertising And Branding

“Brand – a sum of product attributes: its name, packaging and price, its history, reputation and fashion advertising. Brand also is a combination of , which he produces for consumers, and the result of their experience in using the brand “(David Ogilvy) Brand – a complex concept. It includes not only the graphic component, but also other criteria that lead to brand recognition. This – the image at all, the main ingredient of which, ultimately, are our own subconscious associations that the brand was targeted for developers to wake us as potential consumers. Many people confuse brand with a trademark. Indeed, if the brand is no longer advance, it becomes the only graphic representation of the trademark. Ways to promote the brand – a huge amount. Actually, all the world’s leading advertising agencies is issues and deal with that coming up with new ways to promote brands, as well as the infinite perfection of use has long been known and described in all textbooks on advertising methods to promote specific brands, for consolidation in the minds of consumers own the brand.

All marketing communications should work on this task on a daily basis, then even with a small advertising budget, your company will eventually become known brand. System Marketing Communications (SMC) – a single set of measures aimed at establishing and maintaining a specific, planned marketing purposes. In the qms include: Advertising, Public Relations Public, personal selling, promotion. Fixed assets of QMS: television, radio, press, internet, direct marketing, sales promotion.