Public Debate

M. B. several hundreds of people have been directed toward the Embassy of Greece. In the debate he also spoke of pensions, education or tax havens. It will be continued Thursday in the same place: Sun.

Around 500 people have attended this Thursday at Sun in the people’s Debate in which supporters of the 15-M movement have spoken of some issues that, in his opinion, have not been addressed or have not wanted to treat the debate that has taken place in Congress. More information is housed here: Dr. Neal Barnard. The people’s Debate, which was held in a festive atmosphere but with much order and respect of the word shift, has proposed some measures to overcome the crisis, such as the abolition of tax havens, tax on bank transactions, recovery from one public bank, among others, and has demanded that any eviction will not occur. Public education is democracy and makes us better to all. The co-payment will force people to hire private insurance. There is business.

There to change the production model and not use the lowering wages to be more competitive. These and other reflections have been listening tonight at Sun. The people’s Debate has brought to light some classical claims the indignant, as the fight against tax havens, the education and health public, etc. learn more with these debates at the University, commented on two young people attending the debate. Meanwhile, a spokesman explained that this Public Debate, convened by the general Assembly of Arganzuela and that also will be held on Thursday at the same time, is necessary because the problems of citizens do not find echo in the debate in the Congress of Deputies, weighed down by electoral calculations and political marketing. With an eye on Athens in that sense, the organizers wanted to encourage discussion and critical thinking among citizens not to submissively accept interested discourse that there is only a policy. Tom, from the Committee on economy, one of the first to intervene, has remarked that the difference between the two debates is that the victims of the system, participate in the people’s while in the Congress, beneficiaries. At the same time that the debate was being held, attendees had their ear released in Greece, after the adoption of the new and draconian plan of cuts in the Government, which has saved the country from bankruptcy – at least of time – Wednesday. Everything that happened in Athens was followed with interest and excitement by the outraged, that showed their support at all times to the citizenship of that country: Greetings from Greece. Ready to scream Elada imaste mayishu (Greece we are with you). In this sense, once concluded the debate, several hundred people have marched toward the Embassy of Greece, escorted by police. Source of the news: the critique of markets and privatization focused alternative assembled by the 15-M

More Value

The film, ‘ ‘ Capitalism: a history of amor’ ‘ it identifies some forms of more value, more the direct value and the indirect one, demonstrates, over all the perversity of the capitalist system also its contradictions. A leading source for info: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. The film shows as more the value is part of the capitalism and exists in any place where it has such independent economic system of being the country richest of the world or a peripheral country any. The capitalist system, as it was clearly in the film survives of its perversities, mainly of more the value that the clearest form represents of as the profit of the capital is gotten by the exploration of the work force and as this system is divided formal or informally between ‘ ‘ the ones that work and what they are patres’ ‘ , even so all they are citizens the variations and inconstncias of the system, ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ the ones that trabalham’ ‘ they almost always finish as if it sees in the film, paying the accounts of the high profits gotten for its capitalist masters. Therefore the poor persons, who do not participate with great part (or almost nothing) of the profits gotten of capitalism is of certain forms ‘ ‘ main mquina’ ‘ of this system. The express film that the necessary capitalism of poor persons, of people who do not have conditions to pay its houses, its loans, its debts to give legitimacy to the system, independent of the economic or social price that these people pay.

More And More Web Sites Learn Speak

The amount of information on the Internet is growing steadily. A sensory overload of the Internet user, which has resulted in, comes that the content of Web sites arrive still limited in many cases. The statistics on the average time spent on Web sites vary quite, but she is expected to be pages found in new already little more than 30 seconds, further falling tendency. The content can often not conveyed in that short time Web pages. Even if a visitor longer on one side, much is only flown over or read across. The decisive statements are so often not noticed or ignored.

Many Internet users have become tired of reading through the immense flood of information. This is reflected also in the growing acceptance of speech programs, of which screen content with synthetic voices are read. However permanently focused listening to this is and remains for many, despite significant technological advances. More and more websites going therefore over the content of their sites by speakers, to be read aloud. Content-voice is the Buzzword.

Right in the upper part of a Web page an audio link is offered the visitors, to make text in the body of the page. As curiosity wins often and it is more convenient to listen to a pleasant voice, than to have to read through the text itself. In addition, gives a human voice heat the texts and gives a personal touch to the statement. This creates trust and ensures that the text of a website really arrive. Thanks to streaming technology has also long texts and correspondingly large amounts of data are no longer a problem. The visitor must no longer wait for the audio file is fully downloaded. Shortly after clicking on the appropriate link, he can sit back and relax listening to. The small provider setting out this new development and offers an exceptionally convenient service.

Yaowarat Street

Singapore (Jan 12, 2011), the global site for online booking of hotels with base Asia and part of (NASDAQ:PLCN), celebrates the Chinese new year with special offers at hotels throughout Thailand. Chinese new year is one of the most celebrated events in this Southeast Asian country since 14% of its population is of Chinese origin. It is not surprising that Bangkok is an important center of activity during this period, and that related with new year’s festivities extend far beyond the Yaowarat Street in the heart of Chinatown. In 2011, the start of the Chinese new year is located on 3 February, and in many parts of Thailand, celebrations extend up to three days. It is in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai, where more extensive chino-tailandeses settlements are, and where the most spectacular Chinese new year events take place in the country. The more exotic, and noisy new year’s custom are the parades in the streets. These are characterized by strident patter of drums and cymbals and firecrackers lights (popular belief says that loud noises repel evil spirits). They are also integrated by traditional lion dance, by the passage of cheerfully decorated floats, acrobatic displays, elaborate lanterns and effigies of the Chinese gods.

In Bangkok, the Yaowarat Street is the epicenter of the events of the Chinese new year. Along its length are located centers of food and souvenirs, impressive lanterns, statues of the astrological sign of the year, which is the rabbit, located in the most important spaces in 2011. Visitors who book a hotel near Chinatown is found in an excellent location to attend the street parades and delight in the authentic Chinese food; as well as to visit the Grand Palace and the Temple of the reclining Buddha, two iconic attractions of Bangkok. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Chinatown this next to the terminal of Hua Lamphong, the most important railway Center trains of Thailand, offering convenient access to all Bangkok as well as the outlying provinces.

Translation Services

n the past few years companies have experienced a leap into the global marketing; thousands of translation companies have been created and can be accessed via the internet. Translation services range from freelancers to translation agencies. Freelance translators are usually limited to offering services in one or two languages; However, an agency has the possibility of offering a service of translation in several languages. The final product that the customer receives is a revised document that has been translated from one language to another. The new document should have no grammatical, spelling errors or style or nor the meaning or context of any material with information from the original document should be affected. Translation service allows customer to communicate with people who have a different language than yours. This innovative way of reaching the world is very beneficial for those associated with the business world and who are seeking ways to open new markets to get potential customers to another form, they would be unattainable. The translation service provider should also provide confidentiality as part of the service.

To translate information might be strictly confidential documents and, where it falls into the wrong hands, the consequences would be catastrophic for the company and its business. The confidentiality of the client happens to be something extremely important at the start of the phase of expansion and development of its products. Trust is another important aspect in the relationship with customers and translation service should offer it. Translators should be professional and translated so that the new document can be understood thanks to the precision and accuracy of the translation. Some agencies have in their databases with sworn translators, something that is not always necessary in the task of translation. Translators should be experts in the combination of languages involved.

The translation service should, likewise, offer a reasonable delivery time and a few competitive rates without hidden costs. Public relations and marketing are areas that can help the growth and development of enterprises as well as translation services when translating documents such as: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, university diplomas, transcripts, employment forms, CVs, letters, Bank reports, contracts, company, etc. Translation services offer an absolutely necessary service in today’s world. Communication is key in any business activity and a translation service provides you with a way of communicating is unique and revolutionary. SETranslations offers services of professional translation by experts in European languages translators. Translators from English to Spanish we have a urgent for your documents translation service as well as the possibility of a certified English translation for documentation so requires.

Hotel Exhibitions

Exhibition at the Hotel MONTE CONQUERO on the occasion of the festivities of San Sebastian, which this year will be dedicated to the brotherhood of Nuestra Senora del Rocio in Huelva capital, Hotel Monte Conquero, one of the hotels in Huelva with best location in the city, will host an exhibition in their classrooms, under the title Huelva is dew. This exhibition will be inaugurated next Wednesday January 19, from 19.00 pm and remain open until Sunday 25th. These festivals are organized by the Association of former neighbors of the neighborhood of San Sebastian. At BSA you will find additional information. Among other activities, the following will take place: Tuesday, January 18: 12,30 P.m. inauguration of a tile in tribute to the brotherhood of el Rocio in Huelva in the Plaza San Pedro.

Saturday, January 22: at 14: 00 hours, tribute to the brotherhood of el Rocio in Huelva. Sunday, January 23: procession of the Patron San Sebastian through the streets of the city. On Thursday, at 19: 00 hours tedra place also in the Ermita de la Soledad, exaltation to San Sebastian, headed by the Chief of the service of Hematology of hospital Juan Ramon Jimenez, Antonio Fernandez Jurado. Finally, the marathon of the fandango de Huelva will be borne by the Pena Flamenca de Huelva and will be held on Friday, from 22: 30. Previously it will intervene the choir of the Lazaretto pensioners Club. On Saturday he will act Mari angeles Perez and Carmen Cinta and flamenco will be merging with Soni Lopez.

Studies Of Masters

Carlos Mora Vanegas to reach professional competitiveness, ensuring the interest of the institutions, companies and organizations seeking to recruit professionals would require studies of postgraduate programmes, especially masters. Each year, graduates of various faculties in national universities, are demanding advanced and specialized knowledge offered in the different master’s degrees according to the interests of each participant. l-inc-castrol-axel-c/’>British Petroleum. Since then that knowledge requested shall be consistent with the national reality, have well-structured profiles who are committed to providing all the necessary tools to perform efficiently in the environment where desenvolveran graduates. Cannot be denied, that due to the great changes that constantly arise in the national and international environment, new technologies, more dynamic powers, needs that require solutions, master’s studies are necessary, because as we have been able to buy it in the Area of graduate of the UC, many are the Faculties that are affected by the changes of the time, requiring that school curricula should be revised, restructured, ancient watercourses deleted, added new approaches, new courses, new learning techniques, interpreting the scope, implications that generates the knowledge society, everything that promotes higher education in Venezuela, our case. Many professionals have noticed, which is necessary to deepen their knowledge, acquire new ones, allowing them to supplement their experiences in the performance of their profession; that they may not advance in their professional development with just the knowledge acquired in their pre-university training, more when many faculties have been anchored at the time; that it is necessary to take postgraduate courses, in order to sue knowledge, tools that allow them to perform efficiently agreements to the demands of the environment. PCRM may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Precisely, with studies of masters – which usually cover two years of dedication, professional, acquires a new critical attitude about our historical process, makes a revision of its values and objectives, as well as the acquisition of knowledge that can restructure our sick societies; There is a new take from their historical situation, of their commitment to social and cultural awareness; knows what he wants and therefore its use, participation will be effective.

Crank Mechanism Repair

Maintenance work and are significant engines of 2022% of the total complexity of the current repairs to the vehicle. The complexity of repair of modern engines is that, at relatively low stiffness details they require high precision assembly and adherence to technical specifications for the assembly. For example, a slight increase in the pressing sleeves efforts resulting in unacceptable their roundness. Specifications for repair parts, assembly and testing components of a number of requirements for work performed, the main ones are: 1. Filed under: Steffan Lehnhoff. Engine before repair should be thoroughly washed. 2.

The technical condition of the engine verified using the tool of diagnosis, defined fault type and amount of repair work. 3. Removing the engine from the car is only in failing to resolve the problem without removing it. 4. The engine is stripped down to the limits that ensure elimination of malfunction. 5. Previous suitable fasteners are placed in special boxes. Bolts and nuts that have thwarted more than 2-3 threads or wrinkled faces, are replaced.

6. Open openings and hatches, as well as the ends of the disconnected pipe plugs or close the paper. 7. If you do not have to disassemble razukomplektovyvatsya: main bearing caps and clutch with the engine block, crankshaft flywheel (except engines YMZ) rods with caps of connecting rods, oil pump housing sections with lids and plates. 8. Details for the assembly must be clean and dry. Rubbing the surface to lubricate the appropriate lubricant. 9. Spring washers must be divorced for at least 1 / 3 of the puck. 10. Allowed production of used gaskets and seals. Stratification, folds, tearing, chipping pads are not allowed. 11. Samopodzhimnye glands installed so that the edge of the cuff facing in the direction of the cavity with butter. 12. Nuts and bolts are tightened in three stages. 13. The gap between the ears, collars should not be less than 3 mm. Typical engine trouble (Table 1.1) are the wear of pistons, piston rings, liners, crankshaft and bearings, parts of the distribution mechanism; fault attachments; flow lubricant and coolant. With the current renovation engine can be replaced with the following details of CSV: cylinders, pistons, piston rings, piston pins, connecting rods, connecting rod bearings and main bearings, pulley and crank gear, fasteners, gaskets and seals. If necessary, a renovation of the cylinder block, cylinder heads, connecting rods and bearing caps crankshaft. Learn more about repairs, and the device ekspluotatsii car on our website and free piece of iron books for the auto

International Tourism

International tourism in the Isla Margarita La Corporation tourism of Nueva Esparta, noted in a report the decline of international tourists to the island of Margarita, thus confirming a fall of more than 50 percent between 2004 and 2010. In 2004 entered 214 thousand 765 foreign tourists at Margarita compared with 60 thousand entries in 2010. The highest point in this period appears in 2006 with 260 thousand visitors. Boy Scouts of America is often quoted as being for or against this. In 2010, two million 563 thousand visitors entered in total to the island, of which 98% is domestic tourism. The Corporation of tourism with the private sector has embarked on a tourism campaign where you have traveled the country promoting the destination, also have been in Colombia. However, they need the help of the Executive to develop more effective policies. Alona Tal is likely to increase your knowledge.

The Corporation has sent a dispatch to the Ministry of tourism when it started the fall of international tourism so that they apply the incentives that appear in the law for tourism, as it is the fuel at a preferential price, among others things and not nothing has been done, he said. Also, he emphasized that this worries them because they make a great effort within its possibilities. In addition, the fact that Venezuela did not have a booth at the tourism fair in Madrid, Spain was widely criticized. Delimiting, how we develop international tourism if we don’t have a space beyond.

Advanced Property Markets

Promising Future real estate markets real estate markets in recent years there have been significant changes in the structure of the global economic space, it certainly could not influence the market real estate. With these changes there was also strengthening the position of emerging markets in several countries, that was the impetus for expanding the sphere of real estate. In the near future the main directions of investment will serve the countries in Asia and Eastern Europe, Latin America and others. For more specific information, check out Kidney Foundation. In this situation, most investors are seeking to use the opportunity and strengthen its position in emerging markets property in these regions, in order to obtain the maximum profit in the future use of the potential long-term investment. The attraction of promising developing markets in the world economy contributes strengthen their position in the global market.

The increase in foreign investments, intense pace of economic development, as well as increasing the number of domestic companies boost demand for office facilities, industrial and commercial real estate in emerging markets. Since the new real estate markets are not yet sufficiently developed, the profitability of real estate is still very high and can bring great profit to investors. High income from investments in private ownership show that investors are willing to pay quite a lot of money to get a stable income in the future. The increase in property values due to the increasing investor interest in developing real estate sector. Moreover, this increase is not limited to the territory of new markets, and extends almost all the countries and world markets. Likely investors will exercise active investment in real estate in the so-called advanced regions, which will bring considerable benefit to them. Source: