Currently, it is impossible to count the number of organizations non-governmental (NGO), called Civil society organizations in more recent times by the tissue and the social and citizen participation that this type of entities try to build. In Spain have been posted more than 1,500 and, in France, more than 40,000. They act in the scope of social, environmental and cultural, volunteering in projects of cooperation to development in the countries of the South, but they also devote part of its effort to raise and commit to civil society to influence the problems affecting the poor, the disabled, the elderly who live alone, the sick, prisoners and all social excluded. By the figures, you could say that the phenomenon that emerged at the end of the 1960s has been a success and is well grounded. However, these organizations in changed in several respects. At its inception, Volunteering was more associated with militancy, protest against an unjust world and the search for alternative proposals.

The images of the Viet Nam war and hunger in Biafra, the exponential increase of University students enrolled in the world and with access to the information by different media penetrated the consciousness of thousands of young people in the developed world. The same technological development that allowed this decision of conscience has given the world of a complexity that hinders participation in public today. On the other hand, the operation of these organizations relied more on the commitment of its founders and its volunteers who not only aranaban time to develop their various programmes, but also the funds they needed to do so. Today, the total budget of the OSC in France equivalent to 2.6 billion and almost 41,000 full-time jobs. Projects are supported today more in the professionalization of the sector today there is debate if professionalization excess robs these organizations of their identity-, in the incorporation of private enterprise through grants, initiatives such as of Corporate Social responsibility, although some companies have used to the OSC to your image. On the other hand, budgets that handle many organizations today hinder the processes of transparency and open the door to fraudulent and unprincipled practices of ethics as those that have been uncovered in 2007. However, still giving priority examples of commitment to solidarity not only among young people who repudiate a model of unjust development, but also of retired people who are reluctant to be away from the fabric of society by having ceased to produce.

European civil society organizations have the luxury of the sustained commitment of people who had already witnessed the dawn of volunteering. There are even people who work in other sectors and, at the end of the day or during their weekends, undertakes to act together with the excluded against exclusion. These organizations pending task to take advantage of technologies to create networks influencing policies, to be well connected to the rest of the world and to provide spaces for participation when it the street It leaves each time more than be a public space. In it are the organizations of civil society. Carlos Miguelez Periodista original author and source of the article.

Working On Saturdays

Is that going to work at 7 am and only I will leave at five in the afternoon of Monday and not assume that I can rest a lot during that time. As you will understand I can not go later than that time. "At what time does to work on Saturday?" If he is the come looking here and we left for which you provided. – Okay. I'm waiting for an answer then, "Gladys – or thinking about it a little better at one-thirty.

This will give me time to wash up and dress up a little. "It will be at one-thirty o'clock. The'll be waiting in the parking lot. Until tomorrow, and sending a kiss goodbye in the air. Of course, Gladys turned and walked away, without making any gesture to catch the kiss sent. The next day was waiting in the parking lot, standing beside his car. When saw him coming, met him. "I was afraid that he had repented and would not have let me know because, foolishly, I have not left my phone number," said Andrew, while he drew a card which contained all his data, "so come on and now it I am giving. Gladys in his pocket book without looking at the card and giving him a pleasant smile said, "because we're going to have an outlet, which in advance and to make things very clear, is nothing special, it's better that we tuteemos. On Monday when you return to class, come back to you.

Cargo Transportation

Companies that do not curtailed trucking operations, even taking into account the global crisis and the difficult economic situation. Numerous news from various sources in the media have reported that transporters actively carry cargo on international and regional routes. That's just changed the price of services transportation organizations. In fact, to earn in the current circumstances, when the market transportation drastically reduced, the owners of firms are on a variety of tricks and apply new measures to preserve their own business. Reshaped the state employees and reducing salaries.

Even the fleets reduced. By the way, especially in the lease is not in a hurry to buy the car. In connection with the decrease in orders also sold off unprofitable automotive equipment. Loyal customers like gold, and many of them it's fine understand and take advantage of this situation. For example, sometimes delayed payment. The cost of changing the unit of transport, it does not matter tractor rental or gazelles, since last year, declined markedly. Adding to this reduction total number of orders we can say that transports today are working at the same level of profitability. Possible unless the grace to remember those times, about 5 years ago, when the haul was necessary, but no one, and scope once hauled freight Ekaterinburg carriers from other regions.

Cargo transportation in Russia were also not as profitable. Dumping and competition there was a huge turnover. Although a benefit for our customers here conversation does not go, because, as general rule, the cheaper ones do not guarantee the security of transported cargo. There are, of course, good news. At the end of the year had been suspended many large-scale construction. Especially it concerned commercial construction. By the 2 nd quarter of companies have re-emerged finance and construction resumed. To the delight of our customers are now renting the building of transport costs by 5-10 percent less than in the year. You can also win on the transport if ordered him on the weekends. At the weekend the cost is sometimes more beneficial than on weekdays. Transport companies want to earn at least some money, if only technology did not fall on simple. Repairs and vehicle diagnostics additional obstacles for drivers was the increase in the cost of repairing vehicles. Special transport needs continuous maintenance. The extensive list auto parts comes into our country from abroad. Due to the rise of the dollar increased the price of spare parts. Keep in mind, and customs duties. Because of this, many organizations have refused the services of large stations maintenance services for the benefit of its own or inexpensive workshops.


A business plan is necessary for everyone: you personally to better understand their perspectives for and to achieve this goal, he needs your staff who wish to learn more about the company and define its place and problem, certainly, it is necessary to banks and foundations that give credits or grants, and foreign investors to establish joint ventures. Therefore, for any company The presence of a business plan is necessary condition for its successful creation and functioning of the perspective of its development. The personal involvement of the head of the business plan is so important that many foreign banks, funds and investment firms in general refuse to consider applications for allocation of funds if it becomes known that the business plan was, from beginning to end has been prepared by the consultant and the head just signed. This does not mean, however, that we should not use the services of consultants. Quite the contrary – the involvement of experts is most welcome investors.

Speech on the other by God. Writing a business plan requires the personal involvement of the head of the firm or person about to open the business. Center for Responsible Business is likely to increase your knowledge. By engaging in this work personally, you would like simulate its future activities, testing the strength and self-closure of the villages, and myself – Do you have the power to bring it to succeed and move on? Talking about business plans is becoming extremely urgent for three reasons: first, the economy comes a new generation of entrepreneurs..


E-books read on a personal computer or an electronic book reader DRM restrictions typically used to limit the copy, print, and share them. These types of books are usually limited to a number of reading devices and some electronic publications oral prevent any copying or printing. Therefore, many consumers have been reluctant to buy and use electronic books. It is believed that DRM is a major reason why the electronic book market has had a slow takeoff. E-books are finding their place, but it is taking too long, and that is affecting the suppliers who were expecting a boom to survive. Many of the leading suppliers and publishers of electronic books have not survived and in 2003, Barnes Noble stopped to offer support content and eBooks.It also took several years to produce a successful e-book hardware: Sony released the Sony Reader in 2006, Amazon launched the Kindle in 2007. Two of the most used to display electronic books are Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Reader. Each program uses a slightly different approach to DRM. Boy Scouts of America will not settle for partial explanations. The first version of electronic book reader to have Adobe Acrobat encryption technologies was version 5.05. In the next version 6.0, were combined technologies PDF reader book reader and electronic components, allowing to read files so restricted as not restricted by DRM. After opening the file, the user can view the Bill of Rights , which outlines the actions available for the specific document. For example, a PDF freely transferred, printing and copying to clipboard and other basic functions are available.However, when viewing an electronic book with more restrictions, the user can not print the book, copy or paste selections. The level of restriction is specified by the publishing or distributing agency. The Microsoft Reader , who reads only books in electronic format. lit, contains its own DRM software. Microsoft Reader, there are three different security levels depending on the electronic book: books stamped, inscribed books and rare books to the owner. The sealed books have the fewest restrictions and the amendment only prevents the document. Therefore, the reader can not alter the content of the book to change the ending, for example. Electronic books listed are the next level of restriction. After purchasing and downloading the book, Microsoft Reader puts a digital identification tag identifying the owner thereof.Therefore, this discourages the distribution of the electronic book because it is inscribed with the name of the owner making it possible to trace back to the original copy that was distributed. Other electronic books using similar DRM schemes. For example, Palm Digital Media, now known as Ereader links the information of the buyer’s cr card to the copy of the electronic book to discourage distribution of books. The strictest form of security that Microsoft Reader offers exclusive e-books is called the owner, who uses traditional DRM technologies. To buy the book the consumer must first open Microsoft Reader, which ensures that the book is downloaded when this becomes bound to the computer Microsoft Passport account. Thus, the book can only be opened with the computer on which it was unloaded, preventing copying and distribution of the text.

Cinematographic Writers

Six have been the awards obtained by the largometraje Also rain, directed by also the actress Icar Bollan in the prizes offered by the Circle of Cinematographic Writers in the Palafox cinemas of Madrid. Of this form, and with a view to the next prizes Goya 2011, the film has become the unquestionable favorite of the Spanish cinema. In spite of not taking control of the recognition to Better Actor, Luis Tosar raised by the award that in this occasion was for its rival and companion of profession, Javier Bardem. Contact information is here: PCRM. The actor could not pick up his prize because at the moment Cross is in Los Angeles due to the recent birth of its son with the Penlope actress. In spite of remaining to the doors of the nominations of the prizes Oscar 2011, Icar Bollan feels like proud and thanked for the cinematographic writers who have given a push him to their last tape to obtain to the Goya to the Best Direction next the 13 of February. The finery also pronounced names like those of Petra Martinez, like Better Actress, and Miki Nadal ( Burried ( Buried )) and Eva Santolaria (Heroes ), by its papers as actor and actress of distribution.. to be a useful source of information.

Visconde Books

The art to like to read the family and the school was the beginning of everything. Happy infancy? Ah I lived. I was happy child. It knew stimulated for my mother with love to devorar books that had allowed me to live deeply lost moments of extreme happiness and joy, hours and more hours in innocent thoughts to turn pages books of the library of my house bought for adored mine, wise and saudosa mother acquired of salesmen who for those lands walked vendendo knowledge and amusement. Boy Scouts of America will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Not, it did not have television at that time and nor if it wants we dreamed of net, however we had, a pretty library thought and planned for the adorable teacher Alade, my mother, woman of vision the front of its time years light.

Ah silver-plated years! Illuminated for the pleasure of the discovery of books. As it was happy! thus we discovered first Lobato Hunter my passion of infancy my mother we read for and I continued reading everything of this great writer we I had the collection Vov Felcio a gift of our genitora. Valley to remember to my beloved father also great reader its image I keep with me that seated man to the side of the radio (television still did not exist) to devorar periodicals. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In the public library idealized by a great educator Stela teacher of my small native city I looked and I discovered more books of Lobato Hunter: The Reinaes de Narizinho, the Hunted ones of Pedrinho, Visconde de Sabugosa, Emlia, Blessed Owner, Aunt Anastcia and for I walked and I loved there very, much Lobato. Yes the poets! Humberto De Campos the workmanship of to this great impressed me man. I took knowledge of the author in the gymnasium through the great educator of mine cidadezinha marcante Eliane teacher and competent master I will forever take the souvenir of its lessons of Portuguese (interpretation of texts) at the time young inteligentssima poet of our small land. .

Associate Information

How we are going to be on a par of countries where has been very many more time working, like France or the United States? . The space of also Manages Radio dedicated to this enterprise model it made a review of the present time, with the news of the beginning of works of the new logistic Handle park, the arrival to Spain of the fashionable company/signature youthful Forever 21, the first Contest of Thorns of the network of taverns Lizarran, the agreement of collaboration of the standard the Thimble of the Tata with the Foundation Prince of Asturias, the one that Almeida Trips has signed with the insuring Asisa toilet or the imminent opening of the third commercial center and greater leisure of Europe, in Corunna, next the 14 of April. To listen to program (Can unload the file of audio puncturing the connection the right button of the mouse and choosing the option ‘ To keep destino’). The next program is not lost, Tuesday 15 of February, to 11,30 h, in Manages Radio. Click Boy Scouts of America to learn more. More information: Associate to the group manages Radio is a wireless chain CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET, that emits a programming specialized in economic information from 2009. At present, She manages Radio has dial in Madrid (94.8 FM and 108,0 FM), Valencia (100,7 FM), Seville (90,8 FM), Saragossa (98,3 FM), Malaga (98,5 FM), Bilbao (107,9 FM), Valladolid (88,9 FM) Shortly will add points of the dial in other capitals of province. The program Gestiona Tax exemption is the first space of radio, specialized in tax exemptions, emitted by a great national chain in Spain. Led by two journalists with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, like Jaime Bosqued and Jaime Parrondo, it can also be followed in direct by Internet (

Jazz Theory Books

A great jazz solo is something magical from 1% to 99% which was understandable and analyzable Classifiable perhaps even feasible. “Spacious this. When we hear a jazz solo, the musician who has studied jazz can explain what is listening but does not reach 100% of the explanation. For example if we listen to Chick Corea, asked What are you doing? What plays on the left hand? What touches chords? What scale is used in the solos? When you study jazz can accomplish understand what makes Chick Corea, but we will not reach 100% of the explanation, because jazz has thousands of variants takes time to study and understand its operation. Compared with other jazz styles, has that ultimate freedom of improvisation that makes every great jazz artist incorporating new ideas and proposals within the style.

Why I say that jazz is an avant-garde, which is not already done so, but looks variants continuously and each player can put your stamp. Learn more at this site: Childrens Defense Fund. Here we get that 1% which is what can not be explained or perhaps only those who propose these new ideas could explain them. Let me explain a book 99% of what you do in jazz is more than enough. This does not happen with other styles, if you are 100% understandable why songs become predictable. The jazz musician, particularly those who play jazz, suffer from that sort of thing, we bore certain styles, because the harmony, rhythm and melody always turn to the same side, the solos always fall in the same place, not depose and without putting these styles below, I describe what happens to me, and I respect all styles of music and musical style well done he deserves the honor and respect. From there the music and artistic and commercial but I want to expand much. If you have read about Dr. Neal Barnard already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But the style of jazz has many variations and so it is very interesting because not only have to know the 99% explained that since it takes years to understand, but then you put a little piece of sand in the implementation, our personality, our touch, our proposal as an artist. So is Chick Corea Chick Corea, Bill is Bill Evan Evans and Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett is.

They probably know 99% of all knowledge, but after these jazz greats, he put his touch, his distinction and his proposal, which is precisely what can not be explained. Do jazz books help? There are books that explain everything that is done in jazz with examples, and others, but when it is not easy to study the idea of us going to play like Bill Evans, in this case would have to find a book by Bill Evans and know that methods used to study. I think the theory is true when run it is as if the words will take the wind, or to talk we are all commanded to do, the important thing for me was always the detail of what is done, the plan of study, the every day and the methods and strategies to reach the goal, which is to play jazz. One thing I learned was that to play jazz as best you can do is to transcribe what they hear, and at the same time trying to explain with our words so we are playing. If we mix the knowledge our perception, we are on the ideal way. I am currently a digital book called “The Pianist Who Plays Jazz” in the future I will put it on the Internet Greetings! .

Best Photographer

It chooses to the best photographer for your wedding the news article of your wedding is a very important election and the majority of the times occurs less importance him of the one than really it has, since thanks to the photographic news article and from video you will return to live that so special day. It is very important to contract a professional photographer in news article of weddings and fianc2ees and not to leave it into the hands of well-known friendly or. There are many aspects to consider: 1. It is fundamental to ask to him the photographer of weddings if it has the date of your free wedding and how long advance it needs to reserve his services. 2. If contracts to an agency that realises photographic news articles, to make specific which will be the photographer who realises your news article of wedding. Many photographers command nascent, reason why the final result will not be the awaited one. 3. It’s believed that Viktor Mayer-Schönberger sees a great future in this idea.

To know what experience has in weddings. He is recommendable to choose a photographer who has experience in weddings. There are very good professional photographers in other categories, but the photography for weddings requires to know the matter very well. 4. In order to know which it is the style of photography for weddings that uses, we recommended to him that the photographer of weddings shows the news article to him of a complete wedding, thus will be able to value if it fits and so it is looking for. 5.

Preguntadle if it has possibility of moving outside its locality. For example if he is a professional photographer of Seville and has possibility of moving to Cordova, Huelva or Cadiz. 6. There are many photographers of weddings that do not remain until the dance, would be recommendable that you made to clear east agreement with him not to be a misunderstanding of the wedding. 7. Once you have chosen the photographer of your wedding, to facilitate a list to him with the moments that we want that they are photographed. 8. Pdele a contract in writing, to have everything fixed and that no discord brings about an increase to you of the budget which you have fixed for the photographic news article and of video of your wedding. We hope that with all these advice you choose to the best professional photographer for your wedding and benefits of your news article of fianc2ees all the life.