One Memory

With this trick, not only read your texts, but learn the information really; One of the most common problems in learning is that the read information are forgotten very soon. Targeted reading breaks can be used to counteract this phenomenon. Perhaps check out Nieman Foundation for more information. It is often very laborious and time consuming to read information in long-term memory. Source: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Straight after being read once barely 50 percent of the information in our memory are available. After two days, there are still 10 percent or nothing at all. With a targeted reading technology you can remember much longer but much more information: our memory works most effectively when it gets a moment to rest every three to five minutes. Regular reading breaks increase the likelihood of the information to get a memory level deeper. This article shows you how to effectively use such reading breaks.

“Too many read information out-competed them each other much helps a lot” is only useful in the area of reading, if You have a targeted reading strategy. The greater the learning material, you need to get in your head, the portions should be smaller to share it. Because the human memory has only a low storage capacity with the exception of the variants. After approximately three to five minutes the short-term memory is full and new incoming information displacing the previously learned. This can be compared to continue filling with water with a full bath.

The bathtub is not full, but the water already is being superseded by the incoming water. This is read as well. Our memory remembers the incoming information as that displaces the previously read. So, the goal must be to get the read information in long-term memory, before you read further. Reading pauses facilitate the flow of information in long-term memory to store information in the long term and to be able to rely on them, it is important that this in the Land long-term memory.

Classic Internet

The cost of the products and services are an important factor in the bath building, the bathroom renovation or the bathroom renovation. Online stores promise cheap or cheap bath products such as bathtubs, showers, faucets or bathroom furniture. Many customers buy therefore online, but often forget that is not necessarily the most saves for Classic Internet providers. Without hesitation Dr. Neal Barnard explained all about the problem. In the bathroom, which will keep many years and decades, a bargain, cheap purchase or a pure online purchase can quickly become an expensive matter. No bathroom is like the other.

Differences in the plan in the technical conditions and user requirements make each bathroom unique. It ignores these factors in the bathroom planning and product selection, a classical purchase can become costly tripping. Who do not like to buy the pig in a poke, which opts for expert services and on-site support to secure wood and designer bathroom furniture quality at reasonable prices with the possibility, on request. So bad has directly a consumer-friendly Concept developed at the bathroom furniture buyer takes advantage of online stores, but with his questions and wishes will be left alone. And the highlight: the cooperation of the bathroom furniture customers with product selection and order process is rewarded with 20% discount on the bathroom furniture price. No online store thanks its customers with an attractive discount, because has entered the customer his order correctly, completely and without any personal advice and support via the Internet and shipped. In practice, it looks like this: the customer can all alone on the right his desired bathroom furniture from over 300 front and body colors online choose bath homepage, product and price information gather and compare quality and technology. Has he chosen bathroom furniture combinations, a seamless wash solution or individual bathroom furniture and accessories (such as mirror, mirror cabinets, folding mirror cabinets or lights) for a he can about a plan and order form in the bathroom directly Central order or requests in writing.

Bathroom directly this order completed by the customer are ready or the request directly to one of over 600 bathroom directly next, which the voucher promotion usage rewarded retailers!”in the region of the customer takes part. Thus every online shopper has a qualified personal contact person on the spot and can check so its order for possible errors. This directly developed by bad customer-friendly concept from online shopping and before on-site support is unique in Germany and can now cheaper than used in the online-shop – for convenient purchasing of quality bathroom furniture.

The Day

I will never forget that moment of despair, my heart beating with more momentum that never and not emotion, was beating that way by the desperation of wanting you to take my arms, embrace you, pray that you stay, me cuidaras, and I juraras that you were never going to go. Unfortunately not always what we want to internally is what life gives us, but everything was pure perfection and happiness just like fairy tales where everything ends in a happy always, more sad still is knowing that will not love you like you crave, to not give you what so exasperadamente want to give to others. And although humans inquire into the sources deeper to please those who love and make their dreams a reality, extent of our ability, and that they end up feeling a complete paradise, don’t you realize that the only thing you reach is to build your own hell, an abyss in which your das and das without limits and continuing with strategic hope that sometime you will be which will receive a Paradise disguised in the form of gift. But at the end of the story you discover that although that didn’t interest you receive that immense gift, you only mattered lifting a huge eden at his side, but now is that this is the enormous price we must pay. Even today when the sun rises I wake up thinking that I can forgive, cleanse my soul, and return to the forces and energies that previously characterized my life, and spent the day convinced that more than a challenge is an obligation in my pardon that both cost me to deliver, but at night, home, drink a glass of water, I read my favorite book, and I go to bed on a bed for two, close my eyes and my only mind are images of his departure, images that haunts me and will not let me fall asleep, images that cost me overcome, and born in my hope to be together, talking for hours and hours without stopping, telling us jokes when it was small and remember how much I love him, and at that point in the night they roll tears down my cheek, and blame him for all the unhappiness that sits in my, blame him for my sadnessblame him for the damage caused, and they do not appear in my desire to forgive, nor believe in second chances, and I wonder that second opportunities if this so far me, anyway if is not in the moments more important to my side, if not find it to get home, if not can advise me when I need help, if leave me without repentance, as being able to forgive everything if in spite of this I can remember that he was to who I most admired, who played with me without thinking of tiredness, was the love of my life and being that I most wanted to among all the men in the Galaxy, he was my hero, I believe in my love for sports, made magic in his hands, and useless wooden toys, how to forget all this if you still are that the is and will be my fatherHow?

The Idea

Attachment and emotions. Factors of emotional responses play a central role in the attachment theory. The differences in the style of attachment are associated with variations in emotional expression and regulation of emotion in children and adults. N. Collins (1996) proposed that the attachment style would be directly and indirectly related to emotional responses, and that the link between attachment style and features of the conduct would be mediated by emotions and subjective explanations.

According to the attachment styles would have differences in appreciation and interpretation of events with emotional components. Thus, for example in painful situations, ansiosos-ambivalentes people have a low pain tolerance and they tend to respond with fear and anxiety whenever there is any break in your environment. While the confident adults and with Avoidant attachment style, they have lower levels of negative attention. In addition, confident adults recognize moderate levels of pain, change adults with Avoidant attachment style deny pain actively. Insecure people feel more distressed emotionally than any other style of attachment, since they tend to see situations in a more negative way (Collins, N. 1996). The different strategies to regulate and express emotions, evoke automatically according to the style of attachment of the people.

(Fiske & Pavelchak, cited in Collins, N. 1996). In one study more specific about emotions, discussed the idea of Bowlby on the critical role that they play the styles of attachment on the experience of anger. Bowlby postulated that anger is a functional reaction of protest to others and insecure attachments to transform this neuronal response (wrath of hope) to a dysfunctional anger (wrath of desperation). (Mikulincer, M. 1998 a). Attachment and personality variables. Several researchers in different studies have tried to prove that the different attachment styles are associated to personal circumstances. Thus, Shaven and Brennan discussed the relationship between attachment styles and 5 large factors of personality, finding that certain individuals were less neurotic, more outgoing and more compliant than the insecure that were more shy, uncertain and anxious (Bourbeau, l. et al 1998). Conclusion the theory of attachment, especially the one proposed by Bowlby, has been very useful, since it has engendered various researches and studies on varied aspects of human behavior, which corresponds to what social psychologists consider as a good theory, i.e., guide and stimulate research, generating various scenarios to verify them. The theory seems quite useful, since it allows knowing, inferred from knowledge of the style of attachment of a person, many of their personal characteristics that are not so evident. However, the classifications cannot be considered as strict or rigid, so while they represent a frame of reference, do not determine a specific behavior, therefore, are not always absolute predictions. This is reflected in many studies that give account of the personality and ways of behaving, often independent of the attachment style and more closely related to a situation or specific scope, as happens in the interpersonal area * references…-Baldwin, M., Keelan, j., Fehr, B., Enns, V. & Koh – Rangarajoo, e. (1996). Social – cognitive conceptualization of attachment working models: Availability and accessibility effects.

Naked Lunch In Krefeld – Texts From The Body Soul

Gerry X & Heidi ad Hoc performance of a different kind already in the 80s went poete Maudit Gerry X at its borders and gave insight into what he calls his soul meat in a bizarre way. After a long silence has charismatic avant-garde artists with the new poetry anthology night sweats chants “and his novel Chomsky silence that broken and returned on the stage. Speaking candidly Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine told us the story. The eur440 language lovers should make a prebooking. In the Cafe in Krefeld bankruptcy is the Poete maudit from 20.30 night sweats songs read. The depths of human existence are lit to excess in lyrically expressive language. The word artist creates a wonder provoking atmosphere due to his performance. Taboos are broken human existence is blown up in the tension of the issues of trust/fear and love/death. Gerry is accompanied X by the poet Heidi ad Hoc.

Her lyrics can be self experiences take part in us, which are known, but hardly anyone dares to be so openly and clearly. The Author sprinkles salt into the wounds of the soul with its cascades of set of. Nothing may be left unspoken. Desperation, fear, love, but also hope – culminating in their texts to finally on the Zenit to look for possible ways out of hopelessness. The Embassy Heidi, ad HOCs is: you put your self, your fear and your passions. Who is blind to themselves is deprived of his freedom. Their debut band LilSchwarz appears in late summer 08 Culex Verlag.

The event naked lunch texts from the body soul bankruptcy, Issumer str. 8, 47809 Krefeld-Linn takes place at the eur440 from 20:30 at the Cafe. Open the location from 19:00, entrance is free. There is information, reading & auditions to the authors under and. Monika Bottcher by the Culex – Verlag

Tuition For The Football World Cup

From 1st to 10th June, columnist Marie Beck is a small private lesson in terms of football daily. One thing seems certain: Mr B. and I are married since six years, but honestly count you can not more than half. The rest is down. Because of football. Any Championship or any important preparation game on a Championship takes place always. Since I love Mr B., my life is a single sequence of important matches.

With horror, I am thinking of the next month. At the World Cup four years ago was all over Germany in a frenzy. This is no better this time. I see it before me, and I see nothing: no common walks, no common restaurant visits, no common movie night. Except for the quarter-finals in the multiplex cinema. I know what I’m talking about. At the last European Championships I ceded definitively the family living room after weeks offside foul gate roar in 120 decibels on the football. Then I was sweating very lonely in extinct sauna landscapes, hung around despite perfect mane at the hairdresser and stromerte by ghostly department stores until the bleeding blisters on my feet.

Mr. B. and his two sons, first realized that I was no longer exists, as the refrigerator was empty. Finally I started to hate Jogi Low, due to which and his tailor-made suits I my best friend had lost at the last World Cup to football. In my desperation I tried the hopeless: persuading my husband to a schedule, also I have my place. First, I presented my blank-eyed husbands psychologically model I-messages. Then I threatened to put another man me, at least temporarily. Mr. B. grinned gleefully: the guy who hangs around at the World Cup on the road, which I should be in the show but time! I’m afraid because he is right but I have sworn one anyway: as a World Cup as the last not with me! I want a life with Mr. B. just without football is nothing sure.

White Pearl Necklace

Before she took me in the cabin, she gave me the Council to do everything the men I require. Please visit Boy Scouts of America if you seek more information. I trusted my mother. I believed her when she said that I will from now on have much power in the village. The first man with whom I had sex that night, was her brother. It is not uncommon for Devadasis. He stayed with me for a few years.

He took care of me. Today he’s coming less often. My two children are by him. But the horror for me started with the day of my initiation. My friends left me. The women of the village abused me.

There are middlemen who constantly tried to provide me free. Until today the men harass me, when I go on the market.” Basammas hope: through the SNEHA Selbshilfegruppe she has regained confidence. Together with the Andheri partner problems be discussed openly with other temple dancers and normal women of Devadasis. Thanks to SNEHA Basammas children get the chance to school to go without discrimination by teachers and classmates. Basammas Hope is to set up a sales booth at some point with the help of a small loan by the self-help group. Urugonda Mathamma, forty years: As a child I was dedicated to the goddess. My mother had no other choice. “Urugonda comes from a low kast-family, it is a so called Dalit. She has experienced priests and elders in their previous lives only exploitation and oppression by the Hochkastigen. Training could not make it. Already as a little girl, it was consecrated of the goddess Mathamma after she was very ill on measles. Her mother brought her in desperation to the priest who spoke to her, that only the consecration of the child to the temple would bring about healing. Only after the initiation ritual at the age of 14 she learned bitterly, what it meant to be a consecrated life. All the men of the village wanted to sleep with her. As a Mathamma she could not refuse. (Here the superstition comes into play, that all men worship this deity, practically regarded as husbands of the Devadasi are.). Grid lock external character of a Devadasi women and young girls wear characters are considered a red and White Pearl Necklace in older women, that the goddess has taken possession of the woman a band a leather pieces at the end is wrapped the girl around the neck. It is hereby considered married with the deity and therefore no other man can more separation.


Note * certain names are contradictory, so in this document are used the most common. The art of Kempo, also spelled Kenpo, is unique throughout history in two aspects: 1) is considered by many the first eclectic martial art, 2) its foundational roots are stretched backwards up to 520 B.c. The person who acted as a catalyst for the path of the Kempo was a Prince and Warrior of the South India named Bodhidharma. According to the records of Lo-Yang Temple, Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk under the tutelage of Prajnatara and thought that he was on his deathbed when Prajnatara asked Bodhidharma to travel to China since it believed that the principles of Buddhism there were in decline and that the knowledge of the Dhyana (the koans or paradoxes of zen) should be disseminated. It is believed that in 520 BC, during the Southern dynasties, Bodhidharma went into China and crossed northward path of the Kingdom of Wei where a meeting was held with Emperor Wu of the Liang dynasty. This meeting was recorded thanks to they talked and discussed intensively on Buddhism and the Dhyana. Bodhidharma anyway not got that their words were heard the powerful Emperor and thus, embittered by this, he abandoned the Emperor’s Palace and travelled to the province of Honan where entered the Shaolin Temple and began the history of martial arts. The sadness of Bodhidharma grew when he entered the famous Shaolin Temple, if what counts Prajnatara is true. The monks were in a disastrous condition physical and mental due to the excessive amount of time they employed in meditating and little else. Many of them sometimes fell asleep when they meditaban, while others needed assistance in their basic needs as weakened as they were during a period of unknown time Bodhidharma meditated in a cave on the outskirts of the temple looking for a way to renew efforts in search of Buddha’s enlightenment, as well as to get the monks recoverd control of their lives.

Mobile Phone Audio

People always enjoy the melodies, sounds and songs, because through these sounds you can pass pleasant moments of distraction, as well as generating environments much more pleasurable to enjoy the music, so much so that there are those who at any time they want and need to hear any melody that makes them feel more happy, freeing itself from certain tensions; therefore have different devices for playback of sounds and better than something comfortable, which does not present many problems to carry from one place to another and that of itself must be loaded, as occurs with mobile phones, which thanks to the development of various technologies in the playback of audio formats, give scope to hear different sounds for media players designed for mobile phones. In response to the above, if you are someone who greatly enjoys music and want to be able to hear at all times their music and different melodies from the mobile phone, it is best know the various applications that can be have from the mobile phone and the mode to be able to make the most of such applications. So the first point to bear in mind with the melodies and sounds for mobile phones, are the formats of sound reproduction commonly supported mobile phones. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine may find this interesting as well. So it’s worth remembering the first sounds of mobile, which currently have already passed from fashion since its implementation and results are not the best, but at the time they were liked by all, since they were the innovation of the time but over time they were replaced by higher quality sounds, and such sounds and melodies are monophonic and polyphonic ring-toneswhere the monophonic were very simple sounds played by the chime of the mobile and sounds polifonitos offered higher quality by providing the use of several instruments, but without voices, these were also known as the midis. Currently sounds that dominate mobile phones are MP3 format and other similar that offer a very good sound quality, well difference referred to in the previous paragraph, this kind of melodies are actual sounds which, thanks to its transmission and sound quality, offer people the chance to hear perfectly different songs and melodies, besides are very lightweight in terms of its weight in MB. Allowing to hear different melodies in mobile, is the integration of a system of MP3 playback for appliances such as mobile phones, thus extending its action means to receive and make calls to many other fields such as music and digital audio playback..

Gonzalo Rodriguez

To the thirty and seven minutes, the German doorman saved a Camuas firing miraculously and a by hand later hand with Rossi, stopped the Danish goal before the astonishment of the launching slip. In this way, the Villarreal that dominated but to that it needed continuity in the game, it went to clothes without a goal that deserved, in spite of not being playing its better encounter. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Neal Barnard not as a source, but as a related topic. And they arrived ‘ premios’ The seconds forty and five minutes, began with an overturned Villarreal and looking for portera rival. And either to the minute or it had stopped two Wessels firings, of Joan Oriol and Marcos the Seine. Camuas sent a ball to the wood for desperation of the liking of Castellon de la Plana, until finally, in the 50, Rossi took advantage of a center Nilmar, and beat to Wessels. With the goal, the spirits were tranquilized and the Villarreal moved better the ball. Thus, Cani looked for a distant center behind dnsa, that found Rossi, that it ended of volea from the center of the area to mark golazo that gave the classification.

The goal displaced to the Odense, that saw how to the seventy minutes, he was expelled Kadrii by one hard entrance to Zapata. With a man more, the Villarreal looked for to handle the party and to hold the possession, in the hope of an option that sentenced the eliminatory one. But Bullet mold, put another one the time the emotion to the result when autoexpulsar itself by to respond to a rival entrance (m.76). When it seemed that he could to happen hardships, Marchena appeared, who already warned in the first ball that touched and, for want of eight minutes, marked the goal of the tranquillity and the classification. With a distant and flat firing, that ” trag” Wessels.Borja Bullet mold, with red direct attacking a rival (m.76). Corresponding party around the previous one of the league of champions. Encounter disputed in the Madrigal and with the presence of 24,000 spectators, in the launching slips.