Chinese Emperor

Reality that the poet searchs to subverter through the words. Dreaming ' ' to go of Brazil to China to cavalo' ' , Murilo Mendes discloses a cosmopolitismo that does not respect walls and borders, as in the poem Filiation, of Time and Eternity, writing in partnership with Jorge de Lima: FILIATION I am of the race of the Perpetual one. I was created in the unfolded principle and in many generations Through the space and of the time. I feel myself above of the flags, Stumbling at heads of heads. Way in the sea, the land and air.

I am of the race of the Perpetual one, Of the love that will join all the men: You come me, orphans of the poetry, Cry on the mutilated world. These multiplications that they aim at to be in all part, as we can see in verses 3 and 4, ' ' unfolded in many generations/Through the space and of tempo' ' , they send to the nomadismo of that they take an erratic life. In the verse 5, ' ' I feel myself above of bandeiras' ' , it can be interpreted as the natural condition of that it takes a nomadic life, that is, rambling of one has left to the other does not belong to no native land, then it is not submitted to no flag. To follow, in verses 6 and 7, ' ' Stumbling at heads of heads. /Way in the sea, the land and ar' ' , the insubordination of that, the spite of the authorities is transparent, not taking in consideration the borders, laws and the walls, it circulates for all part, despite it has that to embrenhar itself among the cracks of these walls, as the nomads who pierce, or skirt, the barriers imposed for the Chinese Emperor, in the assay ' ' To be able on the life, powers of vida' ' , of Peter the PAL Pelbart.

Some Legislative Acts

It was assumed that in the future in Russia must change GP GP practice and family physician. And here it is not a name change, but the essence of his work, improving professional skills, commitment and responsibility. A key figure in the reform of primary health care should be doctor, a well-prepared for clinical work, has mastered the specifics of the first and subsequent management of the patient who is able to provide urgent medical care and a multidisciplinary, specialist healthcare organizations, Management and Economics, as well as in legal and financial problems, which is responsible for providing medical care to all its etapah.V according to state qualification requirements for the profession, general practitioner and family physician must not only provide effective medical care to adults and children, to carry out basic diagnostic and treatment procedures, and methods to own the primary and secondary prevention develop and implement activities aimed at preserving and promoting the health of all family members. However, further development of general medical (family) practice at the regional level is still not found wide application in practical meditsine.Sleduyuschim who have not received the approval of the public, health care reform step taken by the Government, was the publication of the Federal Law August 22, 2004 N 122-FZ "On Amendments to Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation and the Invalidation of Some Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in connection with the adoption of federal laws" On Making amendments to the Federal Law "On general principles of organization of legislative (representative) and executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation" and "On general principles organization of local government in the Russian Federation.'' Or, simply put – the Law of the replacement of benefits in kind into cash.

New Kindergarten In Berlin Spandau Creates 95 Places

FRoBEL opened a new nursery with 95 childcare places in Spandau on August 1, 2013. The need for high-quality child care is high in Berlin. Already in July, many parents from the district visit the new kindergarten. Flexible service models, as well as an innovative educational concept of FRoBEL kindergartens and creches make FRoBEL been a competent partner for families, communities and businesses. In close cooperation with companies, FRoBEL designed, for example, family-friendly care concepts for parents and businesses. Generally forgoes closing times during the summer holidays.

In the new FRoBEL kindergarten health promotion revolves around. For this reason our House offers a modern living space for game and sports, as well as age-found and healthy food from the hotel’s own freshly boiled kitchen”the children, says Khay Wallis, Managing Director of the FRoBEL Berlin gGmbH. The new FRoBEL kindergarten in the Seeburger can now Street be visited. Parents please use the below contact to the Device Manager Barbara Kohrt to the appointment. The FRoBEL Group operates in several non-profit societies in the Federal States of Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, and Schleswig-Holstein kindergartens, nursery schools and family counselling facilities. Currently, nationwide more than 11,000 children in 130 facilities of over 2,150 FRoBEL staff are served (as of July 2013). Starting in the autumn, FRoBEL in Bavaria and Lower Saxony, Germany (Braunschweig) is represented by new locations. Address: FRoBEL kindergarten Seeburger Street Seeburger 9-11, 13581 Berlin Web: contact: Barbara Kohrt facility

What Do You Know About Factoring Wanted

“Vantargis factoring information bulletin publishes for the middle-class Munich, 26.11.2008 – the Vantargis factoring GmbH is a free info booklet to factoring titled what you wanted to know about more about factoring” out. Many questions arise in our daily conversations with a person interested in factoring. The TOP 20 questions and answers we have compiled for medium-sized companies and offer the opportunity to learn about factoring compact”, explains Marco Frohlich, Manager of the Vantargis factoring. Factoring as alternative financing has gained in importance in recent years. More than 10,000 German companies already use factoring to secure their liquidity. Comparing the German factoring market abroad, to countries such as England, Italy and France are however meaning far forward. Many entrepreneurs do not yet know the service or are only partially informed about the advantages and benefits of factoring.

Since we want to remedy”, so cheerful. Interested parties can register the free info booklet, infoheft_top_. 478 / order. With factoring of the financial crisis, before braving the background that current financial crisis is a perfect type of alternative financing to liquidity to provide factoring for medium-sized companies. The entrepreneur receives an immediate inflow of liquidity through the sale of its assets. He does not wait until the customer pays the outstanding bills, but gets paid about 80 percent of the total within two business days. The remaining sum serves as a reserve for the case that the customer reduces the invoice and will be paid minus a fee, when factoring the Vantargis received the total amount of the Bill by the customer. Factoring is a sales matching funding and so continuously brings liquidity, without the position of additional collateral.

Especially in economically turbulent times the failure protection is in addition to the assurance of liquidity”a decisive reason for the use of factoring, explains Marco Merry one further advantage of the service. In addition, we relieve the entrepreneur through the acquisition of customer management. He has the head and can concentrate on its core business”. Many companies use the effect of the reduction in the balance sheet with factoring and the resulting increase in the equity ratio effect on the balance sheet. The claims eliminated from delivery and performance from the balance sheet, as soon as they are sold on the Vantargis factoring. The equity ratio is an important factor when assessing creditworthiness in the framework of the ratings when applying for a loan. More equity in the company is, the rating score is better. Readers also in the info folder or directly under find how it works, how factoring in day-to-day business and how much is the service. Background to the Vantargis factoring the Vantargis factoring GmbH is a bank-independent factoring company. The company financed nationwide as a full service provider in the factoring small and medium-sized Companies with an annual turnover of up to EUR 10 million. Here, the Vantargis factoring GmbH with finance, insurance of bad debts and Receivables Management combines all aspects of factoring in any service. For companies from 10 million Euro turnover is factoring also implemented in the in-house procedure.