Free Classified Ads

In recent years, have become quite popular message boards vinternete – even on television advertising. A lot of them, or little, kakayaraznitsa? Newspapers that accept ads for publication, We compare the boards free ads and newspaper ads. Advertisements in the newspaper: To place an ad in the newspaper, you need to come into the office redaktsiigazety, and only then to place an ad. Placing ads vgazete often – a paid service and have to discard nekotoryeslova and use abbreviations. A newspaper advertisement placed only one issue, if further allocations will not be paid otdelno.Bolee to my posting someone read – he have kupitgazetu.

Advertisements on the Internet: For placing ads on the Internet should only have access ccay Internet. Place an ad at any time of day or night, regardless of calendar days. Advertisement is hosted free of charge and renew ads, and you can write a complete without any cuts that would be more readable irazborchivee and read my ad will be completely free. It turns out that placing an advertisement on the Internet is much more profitable and sfinansovoy hand, and on the part of the economy of forces on the march to the editor, the availability of the iso announcement.

Pakistan Needs Us Now!

Pakistani Honorary Consulate asking for donations for the needy Pakistani population. On the organisation of the Lions, sustainable direct assistance is guaranteed. Munich/Islamabad, August 19, 2010 donations must get there, where they belong. To ensure that the victims of the flood disaster in Pakistan receive direct support, the Pakistani Honorary Consulate for Bavaria launched a fundraising Lions organization together with the. Pakistan currently experiencing one of the largest floods in the country’s history, whose long-term consequences are incalculable. According to current estimates, home to over 20 million people was destroyed this is equivalent to about a quarter of the total population of in Germany.

Children in particular can nothing counter homelessness and undersupply. Food and clean drinking water reach only a fraction of the population concerned. The country’s infrastructure has been destroyed over time. Ken Cron may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The extent of this can only using our all Disaster be contained and prevents further misery of the Pakistani population”, so Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis, Honorary Consul of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for Bavaria. The flood has claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people in Pakistan.

Hundreds of thousands lost homes and livelihoods. The acutely poor care represent a much greater threat but with food, as well as by the looming flood disease. “Prof. Robert Schmucker, Vice President of the Lions Club Munich-Solln: we as lions will ensure that the donations directly benefit the victims of the tsunami.” To ensure that donations directly and effectively reach the needy people in Pakistan, which has Lions Club Munich-Solln set up an account for donations (keyword Pakistan direct aid”, Commerzbank, account no. 06 11 13 24 00, BLZ 700 800 00). For questions, background information and images we are gladly available: contact: INES Rossler honorary Konsulat of the Islamic Republic Pakistan have loss 13 82049 Pullach Tel.: + 49 89 75 90 05 57 fax: + 49 89 75 90 05 59 E-Mail: Web: additional information the Pakistani Honorary Consulate in Pullach is managed since 2009 by Consul Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis. The Honorary Consulate has the task, support the development of cooperation between Pakistan and the free State of Bavaria by encouraging Pakistani German cooperation in the political, economic, technical, scientific and cultural fields. Also, Consul would like to contribute to the better knowledge of the history and culture of the Pakistani people Dr. Poetis and promote friendly relations between Pakistan and the free State of Bavaria. “The Lions Club Munich-Solln operates over 40 years to help, true to the motto we serve”. The Lions support the fundraising of the Pakistani Honorary Consulate by a guaranteed, direct forwarding to the needy in Pakistan. Donations are welcome at the relief of Lions clubs “Munich-Solln welcome: Commerzbank, account no. 06 11 13 24 00, BLZ 700 800 00, keyword: Pakistan direct aid”. To issue a donation receipt please enter your full address. The amount you donated will benefit the needy in full. All those involved in this action are volunteers, all promotions are created free of charge, no administrative costs.

Original Gift Packing

Properly and successfully choose a gift – that's half the battle. Now, because of his need to pack the original! Why? Suppose you want to make a gift of an interesting surprise, the original packaging in this wonderful help (details – just below). Or you just can not stand the standard paper and ribbon bows, on the box. Or do you want your gift is (at least in its presentation), among dozens of memorable gifts donated by others. Or do you have just no time or opportunity to go to the gift wrapping department.

In any case, you decided to pack the original gift, and on their own, I mean hands. Well, if the gift is small, then you can do even without the box such mangled little "wood" in the literal sense – the mangled branches poraskidistee and without leaves. Stick them in a pot with soil, it is beautiful chains and make your hands Tree Surprise: hang on the branches candy crackers, and a postcard, of course, a gift. Add tinsel or ribbon – ready, gift wrapped, and even how original! Also a small gift can be put in doll, instead of the smallest or more of the small dolls, depending on the size of the gift. As you can see, small gifts make room for imagination in devising the package. More ideas, see the article The original packaging small gift. And what to do with the gift pomassivnee, who did not hide it and doll on the tree does not hang? Gift wrapping can be a little more "doll" yourself! It is well-known version, when the box is packed in a box, then back in the box and so further.

To such a "doll" was even more unpredictable and original, do the non-standard: in the end put a few boxes, but no one, and let the birthday boy guesses at what kind of gift (the rest can be invest small surprises). Learn more about the original packaging gift. Originally a gift pack with their hands can help a large box and a dozen balloons. Gift bind to the ball, inflated helium – and he will take off spectacularly out of the box, filled with "normal" balls. Or, conversely, inflate the balloons with helium everything, then open the box and the birthday boy gets sea flying ball (painted different pleasant greetings and wishes), and at the bottom – a gift. More ideas with balls in the article Happy surprise. Balls. Good luck and inspiration in your gift package!

Liver Cleansing

In folk medicine, there are many ways to cleanse the liver. First let's consider the structure of the liver, for which she is and what it clean. Liver in the body plays a very important role – it protects us of toxic substances that we get from food; gate Vienna, which carries the body of matter from the intestine, first enters the liver. Therefore, alcoholics, and cirrhosis of the liver, because they are systematically subjected to your body effects of toxic substances – alcohol. A liver – a reliable defender and a brave soldier on guard our health, is forced to take strike first. There is also the phenomenon of drug cirrhosis. It’s believed that BSA sees a great future in this idea. Herbal cirrhosis develops in people far removed from alcohol, but nevertheless, abusing the use of medical-pharmaceutical preparations. Sometimes this abuse is necessary for human life, and yet it also leads to disruption of normal functioning of the body. Spm Llc has much to offer in this field.

However, the timely care of your liver will help to postpone or even completely avoid the causes of many pathology with which man tries to cope with pharmacological drugs. But just from the toxins coming to us with food, protects us liver. For example, it can help the body get rid of bilirubin (the end of their term blood cells, red blood cells). She is involved in protein metabolism, the formation of urea. The liver is also involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, in the formation of acid and phospholipid in the exchange holisterina. See how many body functions may be violated with violation of the liver.

Bashkir Bolsheviks

” More than three years as head of the Orenburg ataman Alexander Ilyich Dutov its armed struggle countrymen, Orenburg, and united with them Serbian and Bashkir volunteers with the Bolsheviks. His name and his work became better known on both sides of the front that divided the country into two irreconcilable camps. Long time it remained impervious to the Reds, escaping from the enemy’s networks, and again causing an unexpected blow. Dubbed him fight “dutovschinoy, most chieftain, however, like all White Guard leaders, the Bolsheviks tried to provide almost the devil incarnate, blaming unimaginable brutality. Price of these charges is known, especially against the backdrop of the Bolshevik atrocities, but the smoke, as we know, there’s fire.

Bitterness that engulfed the entire country, could not affect the operations chieftain. According to contemporaries, Dutov mercilessly cracking down on sympathetic to the Bolsheviks. When the saboteur-braked locomotive fireman, stoker Dutov ordered to bind him, and he immediately frozen. For a similar misdemeanor driver was hung on the pipe locomotive. Ataman himself explained the cruelty and terror of war as: “When at stake the existence of a huge state, I will not stop and before executions.

These shootings – not revenge, but only a last resort action, and then for me anyway, the Bolsheviks and the Bolsheviks, the soldiers and officers who own and others’. Autumn of 1919 the army of Kolchak, which included the Cossacks Dutova, retreated under the blows of the Reds.