The Priority

Only the women call it love, and men – respect. Do not believe me? That asked women from their princes? – Do you love me? A tough men from each other over a beer? – Do you respect me? Why if men do not ask about it in women? The remarkable fact: for some reason, conventional wisdom, the love of evil and to love for no reason about that, but respect must be earned. In fact, this is a disastrous mistake. It causes a vicious circle: the wife does not show respect for -> the husband can not express themselves and to realize, because he fears that his wife will despise more -> wife despises him even more -> trying to hide the pain, it is fenced off from her rudeness -> she despises him for his rudeness and expresses his contempt for abuse … Etc. Both want peace in the family, understanding and acceptance! Everyone screams about it in their own language! One does not hear the other, because that speaks a different language. It's a tragedy there is in almost every family, relationships with students, teachers, in the relationship business partners. What do you do? Husbands need to understand that most have come to expect their wives.

The man usually thinks so: "Well, what it is not enough? – Earn money, spend a weekend at home, even helping with the housework, and she … ". He does not understand that women in the priority list, all of these things is not the first place.

Giving Away Swimming Pools

Online travel goals is now in a new guise and with gifts to customers eating (09.06.2010) – now available is the Internet travel portal in a new guise, and with new technology. With the side that is programmed entirely in XML and new structures with a bang wants to reposition nationwide itself. At the same time with the new page starts a radio campaign in many States (such as North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland). So a restart must be celebrated of course and that’s why there’s even gifts for the customers: since the summer just catchment receives wasted on the first 1000 customers at time of booking a swimming pool for children. The pool has a diameter of two metres and is best to sign up on the terrace or in the garden on the fly to cool off. Perfect to then again with Lahm, Saleem and co. to share in the excitement.

The previous website was completely reworked and redesigned after extensive analysis. In collaboration with technology partners Elcat service from Erfurt, Germany and Been the page completely newly developed from Wurselen. The result for customers: Reduced loading times and live offers, without constant, annoying price changes. “The whole layout of the page has become ‘adult’. The targets – were serious and clearly laid out, yet warm and inviting and we have achieved,”says CEO Heiko Rettke. And there’s just the paddling pool as a gift for the very fast.

Customers of the travel door must do nothing else than to specify the keyword “Swimming” in the field “Comments” when booking on the Internet. After returning his home swimming pool, the customer receives then sent straight to your home. The page is now online after a week-long “beta test” for regular customers and also the first bookings are already up. At the same time, the company gets new structures Licensor and owner of the domain is the interactive travel & Media AG (IT & M AG) based in Hamburg recently. Heiko Rettke is the New Chairman of the Management Board and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board has the Essen newspaper publisher Ralf Schonfeldt. According to a latest survey of the high-tech Association BITKOM, more than half of Germans aged 14 and above (55 percent) through the Web has already saved money for purchases and purchases. A motto of the “Compare” company description holiday directly from factory – incredibly cheap. is your correct address. The first factory outlet for your vacation is your inexpensive last-minute trip, your travel package with all the trimmings and turn, the cheapest line and Charter flights, apartments and holiday homes worldwide for the price of the mini and the rental car for your next vacation. Germany’s factory outlet for travel is characterized by highest usability, transparency and best offers for your holiday from the company contact: / new way travel GmbH Raha copper Twister road 181 45257 Essen Tel: + 49 (0) 2 01 / 48 89 67 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: New way travel GmbH Timo Krause copper Twister road 181 45257 Essen Tel: + 49 (0) 175 / 5 88 44 37 E-Mail: Web:

Wedding Agency

Turn on your imagination. Nice cozy office filled with the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Hang around photos of your favorite couples on the table – wedding magazines and enjoyable romantic trinkets. Phone call – and before you is the new happy couple. They share with you your desires and doubts, ask advice and are waiting with bated breath, when you okunesh them into a new unknown world.

For them, you fabulous fairy whose magic wand sweep turn their dreams of a wedding into a reality. You demonstriruesh them with their work: numerous photos and video clips, accompanied by fun stories you can trust. Start an exciting period of preparation. A later time you see them again. It is like the queen, dressed in white. He is perfectly ironed suit. They are laughing and smiling. They are happy! That means you did something special.

These feelings can not be transferred. It's a world of your business. I do not I know a more suitable business for a girl. And now, if you're looking for your favorite cause that would like to dedicate their time and energy, I suggest you stay longer on my site and take a closer look into the section. Constant communication with a friendly mood with happy people are very happy and gives a powerful charge of positive energy. Many of my brides in preparation for the wedding so accustomed to come to my office, which After continuing to regularly running too for a cup of tea. Share stories of their family life, are interested in my projects and continue to read my blog. And, of course, recommend, recommend, and again recommended. You must make friends with other members of the wedding industry: restaurateurs, photographers, florists, artists it's wonderful people are in love with her profession. To work with such people – it kicks! During his time in wedding business I have gained countless friends, colleagues, students, readers, admirers and loyal fans. Of course, there are critics. But if you criticize – it means you care about and really something you are. I do not regret a second of your choice!


Pluses laminate conscientiously laid laminate flooring is almost impossible to distinguish from the floor made of natural materials – marble, pine, oak or other more expensive flooring. In this laminated floors have many important advantages over natural wood floors and tile materials: 1. Versatility Want wood floor in your bathroom, or in a room with a high intensity movements? Any expert will tell you: no, it's impossible! Wood (imitating natural wood) laminate floor – that's your decision in this situation. Since the panels are laminated flooring protected against moisture ends and edges, your bathroom floor will not be damaged by spilled water, which is constantly in the bathroom or shower. Panels laminated flooring will not expand, and at the same warp when released into the joints water, whereas with hardwood floors all this is happening. As for those areas where there is intense movement, the laminate floor will resist abrasion and indentation so that your children can even organize races on skateboards, which typically you do not allow. is likely to increase your knowledge. 2. Ease of care you probably had to read the care instructions for the natural hardwood floors.

Bringing the surface to a shine by polishing, lubricating and waxing, it seems that you can spend half your life on it to keep a fresh look of wooden floor, which, of course, in this case will look great. Stone floors: Ask any doorman public institutions, how much effort and time demands of their daily polishing. All this does not apply to laminated parquet floors. Just sweep them regularly to remove dirt and sand from the surface and from time to time do wet cleaning. That's all it takes to maintain their luster and shine for many years. 3.

Allergy and flavor stability of one of the most commonly-called reasons for replacing the carpet floor coating on wood or stone cover there is a need to get rid of allergens and odors, which are well retain a fiber carpeting. Hardwood laminate floors have a high resistance to the conservation of odors, penetration and reproduction of mites, and thus, unlike wood or stone surfaces do not require a lot of time to care for them. 4. Ease of repair in everyday life and it happens all if something hurts your wooden or stone floor, then replacing one section, you can easily find themselves in a situation that is comparable to overhaul the entire floor in the room. Restoring the same laminate flooring is usually reduces to the rapid replacement of one or more panels. 5. Easy installation Installation of a new stone or parquet floor is impossible to categorize projects diy. This requires specific knowledge and skills that most homeowners do not have. Laying laminate flooring is fundamentally different from the above, and usually does not cause any difficulties. 6. Durability outer layer laminated flooring good resists wear and tear that takes place in wooden parquet floors in the form of deep scratches and indentations. This requires regular repairs consisting in pereshlifovke parquet flooring and restoration of the layer of lacquer coverage.

Call Center Services

In a nutshell, the main task and function of the telephone information center, call center – it is primarily to give the company a customer to communicate directly with customers. Ability to keep abreast of the market, always be aware of the needs of its customers, always be relevant. Call Center allows you to solve for the firm a number of very important tasks associated with the problem of efficient search, recruitment and retention of its customers. Center for Responsible Business takes a slightly different approach. Solved the same way, and questions of effective promotion of new products and services to your company. Services of any call center is very useful to integrate into the general advertising policies of your company. Such technology, as telemarketing, which allows direct phone sales and simultaneous monitoring of your target audience can not be ignored.

Call centre will be able to organize and run a hot line for you to work with clients who have already have bought your product or service. Retain existing customers is much easier than attract new ones. Call center provides a variety of services – telephone surveys, market research, case studies and surveys direct telephone sales, telemarketing, promotions and information about planned events, mailing lists, updating existing databases, reminder service, after-sales service hotline (permanently The phone with the ability to make free calls from anywhere in the country or the world). A new proposal of some call centers – rental operator's workplace, the provision of modern equipment. More some services. Virtual room – the phone number that will forward all your incoming calls to numbers that you specify, and in the order that you specify. To install the virtual number is not required new telephone lines and special equipment on your part. Still stands elaborate on the elements of advertising campaigns and actions that can be entrusted to specialists call centers.

Today, they provide integrated service, called Virtual Office. It often happens that during promotions or any firm load on her phone line is greatly increased. Interested in the action a customer calls, specify the conditions discounts and so on. Virtual Office, which offers a call center is the ability to completely eliminate the callers are not customers. Additional virtual office will become the company of great help in these moments and promotional propaganda activities, will assume the job of telephone conversations with all the caller – telemarketing. Virtual Office provides forward incoming calls to a given customer phone list, performs the call forwarding schedule, working with black and white lists, sends voice mail to e-mail, betrays the individual voice messages for greeting, notify of missed calls, notify the posted messages on the e-mail and so on. Additional services, which provides a good call center typically includes a single multi-channel phone number, be sure to open 7 days a week and a full 24 hours a day. Highly trained operators, prepared to suit your project. Guaranteed no missed calls. Necessarily accurate statistics of all calls. Audio files – files with the recorded conversations of the operators Call Centre with your customers. Personal Manager, managing your project. Test period for the projects.

African Trade

For 30 years, African countries were used as dumping sites for hazardous toxic waste from developed countries. Many African countries have been tempted by potential financial gain, which some cases significantly exceeds the GDP of the country importing toxic waste. Dumping of dangerous toxic waste implies a serious environmental threat to the inhabitants of the African continent. Many do not know about those dangers and consequences of being exported from developed countries of toxic waste. The problem became so serious for the global environment that has caused two global attempts to regulate and create the ability to control international trade and export of hazardous wastes. Signed in 1987godu "Basel Convention" is the first global attempt to control the export and dumping of hazardous waste. Boy Scouts of America follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

The second is to adopt a program of environmental protection UN to monitor the trafficking of hazardous waste in Cairo. Then the solution of the governing African Unity import of hazardous wastes. This regional effort as possible is an important step in protecting the environment. Despite to curb it so profitable, but risky business such trade still continues. So, again, for the past 30 years, many African nations served as a place to dump toxic waste (pollution sewage pollution of air space with ashes from waste incineration, dumping of waste oil, chemicals, acids, toxic solvents, expired pharmaceuticals, construction fertilizer plants). Rigid regulatory standards and the high cost of hazardous waste in the west have led to increased export of toxic and hazardous waste to countries in Africa due to the dumping disposal of such wastes. All this is possible thanks to the huge amount of used and unused land available in many African countries.

Many African governments have ignored the obvious danger of such imports of hazardous waste because of the desperate need to earn income in the form of hard currency and ease economic hardship. Another not unimportant reason for this is greed of several large African the owners of this business wanting to make big money in hard currency in a relatively short time. Unlimited export of toxic waste into Africa from developed countries has been tracked since 1970 a secret deal between African countries and companies from USA, UK, Italy, Switzerland and even the Soviet Union. This is due to high growth industries in developed countries. Since the production of by-products contain many chemicals and toxic substances that can not be recycled, and get rid of that rather difficult. That's one of the biggest challenges for the industrialized countries is the problem of getting rid of unwanted material (Industrial waste), because places where you can remove and bury the dangerous waste is becoming smaller, the price of such waste recycling increased from year to year. Here is an example: the cost of disposal of hazardous waste industrialized countries may reach $ 5,000 per ton, whereas, on the export of toxic waste in an African country the price could reach $ 10 per ton. This is – roughly 1 / 1000 of the cost of processing debris in any industrialized country. Hence the tendency to make huge profits from the export of industrial waste for firms exporting. Africa – a viable alternative for the removal of toxic waste, thanks low cost of landfill, low public awareness about the dangers of such graves, willingness to such transactions of local government officials and businessmen in exchange for financial gain. This short-term gain, ultimately, does not justify the consequences for the ecology and environment for people living in the area.

Stay Away From

The free Advisor informs about dubious trends and products in the capital market of Seligenstadt September 2011. A new form of asset investment finds its way into everyday sales: the share loan. This variant of participation may be unknown to most small investors, has mainly rogue distributors of but increasing popularity. Good reasons: the share loan requires no prospectus according to the sales prospectus Decree. The free Advisor informs about this questionable product type. Again and again, reported various forms of involvement of free consultants and informs about the risks. Now the free consultant has all common variants analysed for its readers, including rights – seem, silent partnerships and also Kommanditbeteiligungen. Now comes with the so-called profit-participation loan”a new variant on the market.

Hardly an investor has ever heard this word, hardly anyone can explain what it is. Traditionally, provider looking for a Investment that is easy to sell. And that certainly applies to the share loan. The free Advisor knows the reason: providing a profit-participation loan requires not even a prospectus referred to in the sales prospectus Decree of the Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BFin). This saves you effort, cost, and of course also the arduous task to meet the requirements of the State the provider. But what is now actually a partiarisches loan? The share loan is a normal principle”loan, rather than the usual either exclusively, or at least for the most part is granted a revenue share.

The lender is although not involved in the company, its revenue but nevertheless directly depend on company profits. Usually, the company admits a fixed interest rate on the artist in addition to the profit-sharing. In this way, he has the opportunity to achieve more than the usual loan interest, the Companies, however, is only obliged to pay a rate adapted to the company’s profit above the fixed rate of interest.

Listen Miracle Of Freiburg Found Open Ears

Successful charitable action for establishment of Stegona hearing-impaired briefed about implantable hearing solutions, it is not a wonder that nearly deaf people with an implantable hearing system can hear again? To inform about the opportunities of latest hearing implants, cochlear launched world leader in implantable hearing instruments, within the framework of the 82nd annual meeting of the German society of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery e. V. (1st to 5th June in Fribourg), a charity campaign. When the listen miracle of Freiburg”, all participants were invited to photograph their ears. A large pop art collage formed hundreds of ears photos at the time of the Congress.

For each participant of the action, cochlear donates three euros per ear abgelichtetem. The achieved amount totalling 2,000 euros will benefit from establishing a much-needed boarding school playground in the educational and Advisory Centre for hearing in jetties. Repeatedly tell us highly hearing impaired people that they experience it as a miracle, to hear once again thanks to its implantable hearing solutions”, as Thomas Topp, head of cochlear Germany GmbH & co. KG. Neiman Foundation can provide more clarity in the matter. “That gave us the idea, to draw attention to the visitors of this year’s annual meeting with a special action on the possibilities of hearing implants with the listen miracle of Freiburg”, our photo project for a good purpose. “you give us your ear; together we make something wonderful from this”, was the motto of the charity action.

Numerous doctors and audiologists, who visited the international event at the Konzerthaus Freiburg, accepted the invitation of the company cochlear to photograph your own ears at the booth of the company. A large, animated by the computer collage in the style of pop art emerged from all the photos during the Congress days before the eyes of the international visitors. It is connected to the original photo-action with a good purpose. For each scanned participants ear initiator cochlear donates three Euro for the educational and Advisory Centre for the hearing impaired in Stegen (BBZ).

Selling Your Car

Of course you can put an ad in the newspaper or apply to internet. And you can just take to sell in the market. What to choose? As we see, tough questions swirling in the minds of our countrymen. Especially, the number of people having a friend on wheels, is growing every day, all thanks to a growing economy. For the time being is growing and thriving car market. Slide down to its price, there were Korean and Chinese "foreigners", affordable, but it 'does not stand on her knees' before the German and Japanese leaders.

Everything is changing and people are no exception. And despite auto magazines or advertisements on television, many are realizing they no longer want to sit down driving his old car. Some sell the car because they think that after 3 years of service, it will not work correctly so, as it should, but to ride on the garages, there is no time. Many car owners are selling is available at their seven-ten car, while trying to get 3-year-old. This is what happens auto-exchange (turnover) in this market. Check with Dr. Neal Barnard to learn more.

It is growing by leaps and bounds. And as time to enjoy all the beauty of your car if you are already Soon you will see or hear advertising that went on sale more than a fancy car? What are the ways to sell your car most likely and profitable? 1) maximum, which will provide for your car agency if you go see it 80% of problems will not find them because they are very, very much. And for those who time and nerves more than 20% of the price of the car, it would be the optimal choice – to turn into modern offices for purchase of cars. 2) More cheapest way of selling – auto. But we must remember that while markets have already gone, buyers now are not very fond of this unreliable method of purchase. Man by nature lazy, for example, to go on the market to find something for yourself indeed appropriate, while losing a lot of time and effort. 3) Newspaper ads. And the place is better than one, but in many newspapers. Will be much better if you decide to publish an advertisement for the sale of machine with beautiful photos, because the other proposals usually pay about 90% less of their attention. But be aware that only one newspaper you leave seven hundred rubles for ensuring that it publish your advertising. Another problem – A minimum period (7 days) after which your application will be published and will be available to the masses. Want to quickly sell the car? Hence, a variant of the newspapers does not suit you. 4) effective and free in comparison with other methods – commerce over the Internet. For the best value should make announcements in a few large sites. It is mandatory to publish advertisements with the photo, the more the service is completely free, unlike the same advertisement in the newspaper. Want to have your ad read by many people as possible, then it should be a photograph, or nineteen twenty visitors simply skip one turn the mouse wheel. It is therefore not is considered unnecessary for a lot of work to print a wonderful description and photograph the mirror clean car, than then long days and nights in vain wait pealing mobile phone from a possible buyer.

Tips For Glowing Skin

Do you know how and where to moisturize? a Those are some helpful tips? Hydrate our skin is essential to maintain young and beautiful Ela “look. Learn more at: Eliot Lauer. On another note, it is necessary to moisturize all areas of your skin? The answer is NO. Many of the models are really going to private” beauty “classes to learn how, when and where to moisturize your skin. Therefore, learn your skin type, not “afraid to try many products before settling on one. 1. Nieman Foundation is often quoted as being for or against this. Do not over moisturize as it can lead to clogged pores. His forehead and cheeks tend to be drier areas. No need to moisturize your chin if necessary.

2. Most women misdiagnose their skin type. This can cause incorrect hydration. You also have to change their techniques of hydration with the changing seasons. Learn more about Moisturizers – 3. When using a moisturizer, always apply to the skin in a circulatory movement. Pat the skin with fingertips gently as if playing a tune on a piano. This is also a great stimulant for the skin.

4. Tired of buying moisturizers too often? Here is how to make them last longer. Use a small amount of natural vegetable oil as first base. This will help your moisturizer last much longer. 5. Use a moisturizer as a base before applying your foundation. For best results, wait until the moisturizer is dry and then apply the foundation. However, if your foundation is a bit dry, apply immediately, the moisturizer will help loosen a little. 6.To best results of any facial products, rub it between your hands, which contributes to its heating, and therefore, it becomes easier to apply.