The Priority

Only the women call it love, and men – respect. Do not believe me? That asked women from their princes? – Do you love me? A tough men from each other over a beer? – Do you respect me? Why if men do not ask about it in women? The remarkable fact: for some reason, conventional wisdom, the love of evil and to love for no reason about that, but respect must be earned. In fact, this is a disastrous mistake. It causes a vicious circle: the wife does not show respect for -> the husband can not express themselves and to realize, because he fears that his wife will despise more -> wife despises him even more -> trying to hide the pain, it is fenced off from her rudeness -> she despises him for his rudeness and expresses his contempt for abuse … Etc. Both want peace in the family, understanding and acceptance! Everyone screams about it in their own language! One does not hear the other, because that speaks a different language. It's a tragedy there is in almost every family, relationships with students, teachers, in the relationship business partners. What do you do? Husbands need to understand that most have come to expect their wives.

The man usually thinks so: "Well, what it is not enough? – Earn money, spend a weekend at home, even helping with the housework, and she … ". He does not understand that women in the priority list, all of these things is not the first place.

Giving Away Swimming Pools

Online travel goals is now in a new guise and with gifts to customers eating (09.06.2010) – now available is the Internet travel portal in a new guise, and with new technology. With the side that is programmed entirely in XML and new structures with a bang wants to reposition nationwide itself. At the same time with the new page starts a radio campaign in many States (such as North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland). So a restart must be celebrated of course and that’s why there’s even gifts for the customers: since the summer just catchment receives wasted on the first 1000 customers at time of booking a swimming pool for children. The pool has a diameter of two metres and is best to sign up on the terrace or in the garden on the fly to cool off. Perfect to then again with Lahm, Saleem and co. to share in the excitement.

The previous website was completely reworked and redesigned after extensive analysis. In collaboration with technology partners Elcat service from Erfurt, Germany and Been the page completely newly developed from Wurselen. The result for customers: Reduced loading times and live offers, without constant, annoying price changes. “The whole layout of the page has become ‘adult’. The targets – were serious and clearly laid out, yet warm and inviting and we have achieved,”says CEO Heiko Rettke. And there’s just the paddling pool as a gift for the very fast.

Customers of the travel door must do nothing else than to specify the keyword “Swimming” in the field “Comments” when booking on the Internet. After returning his home swimming pool, the customer receives then sent straight to your home. The page is now online after a week-long “beta test” for regular customers and also the first bookings are already up. At the same time, the company gets new structures Licensor and owner of the domain is the interactive travel & Media AG (IT & M AG) based in Hamburg recently. Heiko Rettke is the New Chairman of the Management Board and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board has the Essen newspaper publisher Ralf Schonfeldt. According to a latest survey of the high-tech Association BITKOM, more than half of Germans aged 14 and above (55 percent) through the Web has already saved money for purchases and purchases. A motto of the “Compare” company description holiday directly from factory – incredibly cheap. is your correct address. The first factory outlet for your vacation is your inexpensive last-minute trip, your travel package with all the trimmings and turn, the cheapest line and Charter flights, apartments and holiday homes worldwide for the price of the mini and the rental car for your next vacation. Germany’s factory outlet for travel is characterized by highest usability, transparency and best offers for your holiday from the company contact: / new way travel GmbH Raha copper Twister road 181 45257 Essen Tel: + 49 (0) 2 01 / 48 89 67 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: New way travel GmbH Timo Krause copper Twister road 181 45257 Essen Tel: + 49 (0) 175 / 5 88 44 37 E-Mail: Web:

South Africa

And the court ordered the bank to return the stolen money. " So in this case, the actions of carders suffer mainly banks. Russia has seen an increase in the number of electronic attacks on information resources of banking institutions. Now we will try to figure out how to understand what carders captured your data. This question is very relevant today, as more and more people are using bank cards. Often find it only one way, this pay card at the store or try to withdraw cash from an atm, but to your surprise it turns out that your money "disappeared".

As I wrote earlier must first be addressed not to the police a statement about the theft or loss of card, your bank, so that the criminals had no opportunity to withdraw all the money from your card. According to bank employees, copy – the most common and painful for banks phenomenon. There are several countries that are the most dangerous are: Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and South Africa. But for the Russian holders of the most important are a favorite vacation spot – Thailand and Turkey. Oddly, the area of special risk for the Russians in this regard has become close to us, and Ukraine. And besides copying the magnetic strip, fraudsters know PIN-code of the card holder, this occurs when the holder uses his card at an atm. According to unofficial information, this proved to be involved with the Ukrainian banks and processing centers.

Indispensable Assistant

Catalogues – a thematic or obschetematicheskie directory stored in his hundreds, sometimes thousands of very useful links and articles, from which one can learn many new and interesting. There are three types of catalogs: 1) white directories – directories you put on the site recorded a direct link and do not need to put back. This is the most attractive catalogs. 2) Directories, which put the link through a redirect. This method of setting the link can provide only a very small increase in visitors to the site. He did not raise no thematic index of citing or page rank, because search engines Yandex and Google do not consider them in ranking sites.

3) Black directories, which put direct link to the site, but require the placement of the reverse link. Most attention was chained white catalogs, because they are gratuitously put a direct link to the site. Directories of links and articles are very useful for Webmasters, Internet users, and for the owners themselves directories. Internet user can easily find it necessary to target highly specific site in the directory and do not spend much time searching for information in search engines. What makes a webmaster, when launching a new site? Of course, register it on the bases of the directory. Recently more and more gaining popularity registration papers in white directories. The articles can be leave a link, for example, the source whence it was taken.

Such links are usually counted as more important than the links in the usual theme directory. Registering a website, the webmaster receives a certain amount of visitors to it and the first long-awaited increase in the thematic index of citing and page rank. Therefore, the directories are very important for webmasters. In return, the owner of the directory gets a lot of interesting articles, and, therefore, content. Thanks to this directory increases the number of visitors and profits from the owner. All of the above suggests that the presence of the directory on the Internet is a very important phenomenon. It helps everyone: who to spend less time, who make a profit.