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New project of the Foundation of the German economy and the Commerzbank Foundation promotes the economic future Berlin teachers at a ceremony opening the Foundation of German business (sdw) and the Commerzbank Foundation have launched the project “universe economy.” Given impetus for teachers of tomorrow”. This new educational offering is aimed at Berlin teacher training students and young teachers of all disciplines and types of schools. The first 20 participants now start in the project that puts economic relationships more in focus in the school and helps teachers to explore this topic. Current figures: only half of the young people in Germany know what “Inflation”. Six out of ten do not know is what is the idea behind the “social market economy”. The curiosity of students for the world of business to wake up and to give them basic economic knowledge – practical and varied close is required for future teachers this ability. In the project “universe economy” Participants in addition to economic basics received numerous impulses for the lessons: develop the project period of one and a half years ideas, at which points offer own subjects of points on the subject of economic.

In addition, they learn about successful collaborative projects between schools and companies. The initiative partners of the project understand the economic education as an important part of education. Dagmar Ritter, Executive Director of the Commerzbank Foundation, stressed: “education is an important focus at the Commerzbank Foundation. “With ‘ universe economy we can enrich our funding in this area to a facet: with the”teachers of tomorrow’ we reach a new audience of students and contribute to a better understanding of economic contexts in schools and society. ” The Foundation of the German economy can rely on a wide experience in the project: “we have numerous learning opportunities as a Foundation at the interface of” School and industry established”Dr. Arndt Schnoring, Secretary-General of the sdw, pointed out. “The participants of the project ‘ universe economy will immediately benefit from our extensive network of schools, teachers and business leaders.” Together with the Commerzbank Foundation, we can help to give young people a differentiated picture of the economy and to sharpen their views for the relationship between ethics and economics. “Because: the students of today are the consumers, workers, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.” The patron of the project “universe economy” Sandra Scheeres, took over Senator for education, youth and science of the State of Berlin.

Business Challenge

On each is a personal responsibility, not "fools" with money, everyone wants earn, win, win, but it is not the case when you can win one by one due to someone else. We must understand that we must all emerge from the crisis, save our economy, our market, our country, the victory should be one on all – or we will all find ourselves at the bottom, the whole country. In principle, we have in the country and the city has a large number of sensible and intelligent people, and now is the time to demonstrate their potential and to think. Yes now you can lose much of money, well, everything will be cheaper, so the relative standard of living does not necessarily change much. Most of the prices of goods and services have been artificially inflated – Moscow is no coincidence one of the most expensive cities world, the farther away from Moscow, the fall in prices is less pronounced. As a result of the financial crisis first hit the rich, then the director and top managers, but it's strong people, they have a head, has experience – they resurface, for them experience not necessary. It is no secret – in every company there are people who work from start to finish, but not at full strength, they will have to send home, ballast nobody wants, especially now. Business Challenge has always been a turn and turning, look for options, and it survives only because it shows the limits of mobility, flexibility and speed of decision making.

Vulnerability Information Security

This is due rather to the fact that information security management system are poorly designed and sometimes non-existent processes, covering the fundamental vulnerability. Below these levels, I mean the category of processes or foundation on which rests and operates the system IB. Once on which any of the levels arises gap immediately appears a loophole for the attacker. Levels of vulnerability – Physics – Technology – Logic – Human – Legislative – Organizing Physics – responsible for physical security and access. These are the doors, locks, windows, methods of access to information sources, security personnel. Technology – is responsible for technical means of protection. This alarms, video cameras, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, detection bookmarks, noise generators, etc. Logical – is responsible for logic or whether all the logical functions? Correctly set up access lists on the firewall is correctly placed guard posts on the subject, correctly placed sensors and cameras.

It is very often controversial issues, and sometimes these or other rules depend on object and the environment. Human – is responsible for the human factor. This level of vigilance and awareness of staff. This is how disciplined guards. The human factor is one of the most vulnerable levels, it is through people very often flowed and flowing out good defense information to foreign intelligence services and that this factor, many companies paid very little attention. Legislative – this level responsible for the legislation. This is how all the legal structure and functioning within the law.

Does the storage of information, for example, which is state. secrecy laws and standards set state. Organizing – is responsible for organizing all the processes and functions. It's regulations, policies, guidelines, regulations, incident response plan, protocols, etc. This level is in essence similar to Legislature. These five levels are interrelated with each other, they complement each other and should be controlled, otherwise, the infrastructure is poorly protected against current threats. Why? The thing is that in the real situation is usually targeted attacker attacking and penetrating into the infrastructure company, operates on the principle of the easiest to most difficult. If he fails to break through the perimeter network, it will try to steal passwords from employees, playing on the human factor, and if that fails, he tries to get physical access to information sources and so on. In this case, the attacker operates on the principle of flexibility and sooner or later finds a loophole. Personally, in my opinion, the most poorly protected companies present the first three levels are: first – physical, which in fact turns out to be vulnerable due to lack of rest. Second – technical, which is imperfect and needs strengthening, due to lack of rest. The third – the logical, which is imperfect.


Symptoms: Lameness caused by spat does not occur at even strength, because the nature and scope of the movement disorder of pain periods involved, which are determined by the intensity of the stress. Symptoms are a mixed lameness with step shortening due to inadequate flexion of the ankle and avoid a maximum stretch, a tense back, difficulties in the change of pace, schwungloser trot and an increased jump at the gallop. The symptoms are immediately after starting work prominently as after a long movement. A bone rout on the medial surface of the ankle joint can be seen only occasionally. Is in the advanced stages of the disease usually no lameness more by the then occurred ossification. Spat is incurable as a degenerative disease.

Diagnosis: the preventive test and assessment of gang behavior or the existing lameness of the horse is used for diagnosis in addition to x-rays. Causal causes: the emergence of the disease is promoted by an incorrect position of the hind limbs (hocked and wide stand), also due to error in the hoof trimming and farriery. Also a too high energy and protein-rich feeding, as well as imbalances in the mineral balance, promote the spat at youthful age. “Spat can occur so early if the feeding of the Reclaimers to mastig” is designed, on the one hand with regard to the energy, on the other hand especially the protein portion of the feeding. Too much to feed the small tarsal can affect unfavourably in their design (shape and size) as well as in their inner structure in the course of skeletal maturation.

The spat is only in later years, so can He is based on a wear and tear of the articular cartilage surfaces. Therapies: Therapy should be justified with a correct hoof nippers and a hoof fitting provided on the disease as a prerequisite. A further prerequisite in the therapy of horse suffering spat is an optimal feeding; which should be meant not too good; in other words, no excess supplies, protein and energy should take place, the calcium to phosphorus should be as optimal ratio and the overall mineral balance. The horse fell ill in late requires a continuing possibility of free movement; misplaced a boxing stance for many hours would be here. It offers an open groom with spout or a spacious box with attached (not too small) paddock as the optimal form of attitude. Local measures such as sharp circulation Liniments are recommended.


The Heilbronner consultancy IBSolution promises additional software AGIMENDO “Play and have fun” for the use of its proprietary SAP. Heilbronn, 27.07.2011 – we can right now say that the internationally-based supplier for radiator and air conditioning MODINE proves that it less than 1.5 hours lasts from buying the first usage of the application. The company opted for the module AGIMENDO.edit. This allows the independent maintenance of master data for the purpose of meaningful reporting or a full Planning Department. This involves among other things the creation and changing of master data, data that are not continuously updated by the source system or the addition of data with attributes. In addition, the software can be operated not only timely, but also intuitive.

It has been estimated a project for the introduction of the application, nor was it necessary to train the future users. More information at Webinar series:-16.08.2011. AGIMENDO at a glance – 23.08.2011 / / AGIMENDO.edit – 29.08.2011 / / AGIMENDO.calc – 05.09.2011 / / AGIMENDO. process more information under: the IT consulting firm IBSolution events company description was created in 2003 and currently employs over 100 people. The IBSolution teams are spread over 5 sites in Germany and Europe and cover all requirements of companies using SAP technology. The research and Development Department, and partnerships with high profile consultancies like Horvath & partners and innovative universities in whole Germany complete the company profile. Company contact: IBSolution GmbH Linda Vogt Salzstrasse 140 74076 Heilbronn Tel: 07131649743000 E-Mail: Web: