Headache and ringing ears are two symptoms that are intimately related. The majority of patients suffering from tinnitus in a chronic state, manifest feel migraines, cluster headaches and Migraines at various times of the day. Tinnitus is a word that derives from the latin and means hum or noise campaign. This feeling that suffer from hundreds of millions of people in the world, generates not only physical discomfort, but also changes in everyday life by affecting the mental and emotional health of the patients. Modern medicine offers integrators treatments to cure tinnitus that act not only on the consequences of evil (headaches and humming sound in ears) but also about the causes that led to it and that it’s provide relief from both the physical and the psychological. The first consultation with the Otolaryngologist is a long: the specialist must not only ask for routine analysis to rule out physical pathologies, but it must also perform an extensive questionnaire to the patient to determine which is the type of tinnitus that ails him, if it occurs throughout the day, intervals and know if this buzz is acute in some particular time of the day. Recent studies confirm that most of the patients say the relation of the headache and ringing of ears is made more acute at night, before going to bed and in the presence of silence. For this reason the majority of specialists prescribe, not only pain killers to combat headache, but it also recommended some techniques that may help relieve symptoms of zoom to the silence.

Among these, the most widespread are the generators of noise that can mask the buzzing and help patients to have a healthy rest. A break which is essential to assist in its recovery. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

Successful Enterprise

For each day that the buyer is a diamond trading floor of the Israel Diamond Exchange, it provides accommodation (4 nights) at Hotel Sheraton City Tower Hotel, which is located near the Diamond Exchange. The program allows buyers to meet with Israeli business community face to face, establishing new contacts, to help run a business. The program has been highly successful since its inception in December 2008. To date, five-star hotel, located next to the Israel Diamond Exchange, had already booked 250 nights for buyers from around the world including usa, England, Belgium, India, Japan, Italy, South Africa and Austria. A very large number Buyers took advantage of this special offer and visited the Israel Diamond Exchange to date. Bijan Haghighi (Bijan Hagigi) from Los Angeles, praised the project: "The program allowed me to attend Israel Diamond Exchange more often than I usually do.

I work with diamonds half to two carats. Israel's definitely a market rebounded, and he is actually stronger than the U.S. market these days. " He adds: "Every time When I arrive, I meet new suppliers to the Israel Diamond Exchange. During this visit, I also signed new contracts.

" Haghighi visiting Israel Diamond Exchange on a regular basis, but he pointed out one important thing: "To smaller companies and new entrants such a special program is simply vital. idi makes it affordable for them coming here and signing new contracts. No need to think about whether coming here, and the best – both sides receive their dividends from such a program. "

Two open days at the shelter – a world animal day of Naturno, 05 October 2009 – on the last Saturday and Sunday Naturno shelter opened its doors to the weekend of the open door. Not only on the occasion of the World animal protection day on 4th October, about 600 visitors found opportunity, proverbial insight in the asylum of the resident four-legged friends. Whether pet owners, those who would like to be there or simply interested. By Gross was thrilled to Klein the clientele. Also figures like Naturno Mayor Heidegger and Fahd Council took time for a visit. “The evil Word animal shelter” got a face. As the structure of the institution were convinced”the principles of the wearer, of the Association of friends of the shelter of Naturno.

A name with history that convinced finally polemisierende votes and the positive turn, 2007 took the animal shelter since the management change. The proper handling of dogs was one of the highlights on both days under the theme of “.” Many guests took the opportunity to let the volunteer dog trainer with each other to make tips and tricks for a respectful approach. “The trained therapy dogs by Karin and Liviana demonstrated how easy it is, if one of the other’s language” respects. Reason for this program point gave and give many of the featured individual stories of the residents. If too loud, too vital, or suddenly snappy, repeatedly man-made reasons, to get rid of an animal find it. Was released but recently a bitch, because she do their business in the House. The weekend was a success all along the line. In addition to numerous contributions to the welfare of the animals you pleased also new members of the Association. Of these, there can never be enough. How to contact with animal shelter: stone Street 28 / B 39025 Naturns Tel. 0473 / 660077

International Maritime Bureau

From hunger in the 1991-1992 year, killing about 300 thousand people. Entering UN peacekeepers failed to improve the situation. After the death in 1993, 19 U.S. soldiers in an ambush, followed by withdrawal of peacekeepers, the U.S. and then in 1995 all the remaining UN peacekeepers.

Starting with this time, Somalia has become a final base of pirates in the Indian Ocean. Piracy off the coast of Somalia is becoming more threatening proportions. Along the coast of Somalia, the length of the coastline is almost 3000 kilometers. Never in the history of the modern world shipping anything like this has happened. Pirates was actually under the control of the entire Gulf of Aden, is under threat from a major sea routes of the world – Suez Canal. Somali pirates in their bulk 15-16 year-olds, many former fishermen.

In the fully unemployed Somali pirates get in – it’s the dream of every young man. “Each ship is accompanied by several captured small pirate ships. They are very maneuverable, but in fact the seized ship is the protection of a few pirates. If we start to attack, we will lose all the hostages, “- say representatives of the International Maritime Bureau. Pirates usually divided into three groups. One of them is in the sea and over the courts, which can be captured. Two others are waiting their turn. Thus is achieved clock mobility and 100% ready to capture. Money received as compensation, are divided among all, not even involved in this time of the operation. In June, the Council UN Security Council passed a resolution authorizing military vessels from other countries to enter Somalia’s territorial waters to fight piracy, but these measures have not yielded the expected results. Stories always grabs end the same way – pay a ransom to pirates, but they released the hostages. Pirates do not burn the money and invest them in the vegetable trade in the drug “cat” (khat), and other businesses. Most of this money is in the hands of pirates Somali breakaway autonomy of Puntland in the north. Many of the pirates because of trade are enriched. Wealthy pirates have built on the bank similar to the palaces of the villa, driving around in expensive cars and give birth to large harems. They did not care what the international aid the rest of the starving population (each year drought) can not reach the sea, and other ways to virtually none. Experts say the kidnappers are becoming bolder in court. “They have gained experience and now swings to big ships, for that request a lot of money – said Andrew Mvangura, a program manager with sea-going vessels in East Africa. – They are getting smarter and more sophisticated. “Without a doubt, while for captured by the attackers will not stop the ship to get a good bribe, attacks on merchant ships will not stop. Put an end to this war can only be punitive operation in the area or maintenance truck ships warships. The international community can not yet solve the problem of piracy, even so far not scheduled as a significant ways to combat this danger.

Foundation Wisdom

Every one is free to think and to feel under which many call " it frees albedro" , reason why my desire is not that they create in the existence of UFOS or extraterrestrial beings, the unique thing that attempt is that each of us is able to turn around towards the sky and who we pruned to analyze our life through present which we lived day to day, to try to understand which is the distance between us and " that belleza" so that we pruned to feel which is the intention of our existence and what as much we are fighting so that he is harmonic and happy. We contribute our energy for the change For this reason, this so significant year by the events that will arrive, is the perfect one to prepare to us towards the change of year 2012. We cannot let pass the opportunity to generate love and harmony at such levels that we pruned to transform intentions of which is in the dark of hatred and the lack of affection. Even though it is heard fantastic, is possible, if all we united the force greater than it exists, that is the force of the love. Contributing our energy of change will be an action that will be united more to many and than it will generate the force that this planet needs. I hope that all this is a spark that ignites a small light in the hearts of each and that can illuminate that way of the heart that all we have. That light activates in our fight to know and to know more each of us so that the ignorance takes step to the wisdom, that is the one that will help us to unite us to our reality of Love and Harmony with our surroundings and the infinite and beautiful Universe Before finalizing, I want to during the past few years be thankful for deeply all the support received on the part of all you, our friendly faithfuls and companions of the heart. Thanks to all and to fight yet the love of our hearts by a world again better! Rocha flora Foundation Wisdom of the Heart Original author and source of the article.

Romanticism Returns

golden age Romanticism Gets or "physics" and "Lyrics" immortal theater of the absurd life around us is not new, but in its own way, original. In one form or another it always was. Now, one-sided bias towards the deification of life technological advances and life, and peculiar and not without a certain appeal. Human life in this fenced off the world is definitely interesting as a new stage of struggle and survival. But, as taught by history and reality shows, with On the one hand – another "Atlantis", on the other – the natural world. In the middle – a man restless, seeking a foothold. Us deviators have much to think and do even more in favor of parity relations enclave of human and nature.

Search for a middle ground – no longer a distant goal, but a vital reality. In such circumstances, attempts to overcome one-sided rationalism and modeling of an integrated, harmonious personality acquire special significance. This topic has aggravated the difficult, transitional moments of social life and cultural development. Sprang a new look at the world of art, per person. There is a new style, known as romanticism.

There were other names according to age, but the essence remains the same. The primacy of poetry over prose, dreams over reality, a sense of the mind – its main features. The term "Romanticism" has arisen in Europe at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries. This ideological and artistic movement has replaced the ideology of the "Enlightenment", has arisen as a consequence of frustration of the and all the progress in general.