Great Planes

In this case the mind is connected to the new program, which has become the leading one. The human brain is included in the new mode of operation, subject to the highest commands in search of the ultimate goal, which is merger with the Spirit, that is, it is the search of his spiritual path and purpose. From the book "Transient and Eternal" All the civilizations of the universe Svetokodirovanie Maleon before they were conceived of as the Creator for biorobots service to God and His Sons in the knowledge of life in the lower Great Planes of the Cosmos. In the process of various civilizations, it became clear that at these lower "orbits" of the space available the spiritual life of the cosmos. It was then decided find a form that could reflect both external and internal state, as well as energy form of the Creator and the Creator of Worlds: – that it reflect the laws of the trinity, and was manifested essence of all processes in the universe – to internal form (thin body) reflects the spiritual life – to the external form (physical body) is an expression of the foundations of life, frame, foundation, on which all things above – set them to was to reveal a multi-dimensional creature, ready to serve God and become his employee. This is a very bold plan was revealed to him who is the head of the Pyramid Hierarchy of Light. This is – His dream, which is carried out by children of all generations. David Bershad New York is a great source of information. .

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