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The founder of the Christian Kabbalah has become one of the most interesting representatives of the Renaissance, Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494). Christian Kabbalists seen in Kabbalah revelation by which to comprehend the mysteries of Pythagoras and Plato. With this Kabbalah, which existed until 18 century, is also related to the name of a Christian mystic Boehme. After work De Arte Cabalistica (The Art of Kabbalah") in 1517 by Christian mystic Johann Reuchlin (1455-1522), Pope Leo X recognized the value and usefulness of the Christian Kabbalah. In particular, Reuchlin showed the unity of God's name, a great love for God, arguing that the Messiah is referred to in Kabbalah – Jesus, though Jews and did not recognize him as the Messiah. His book has become fashionable among the aristocracy and clergy, as a form of occultism, without fear of accusations of witchcraft and heresy. The library's contemporary Pico della Mirandola, Pope Sixtus IV, There were many Kabbalistic works. Lurianic Kabbalah has spread to Poland and became the basis of the birth and development of Hasidism.

Many Christian scholars have been studying the Kabbalah, some of their ideas reflected in the doctrine of the Trinity. Popes did not see the contradictions between the Lurianic Kabbalah and Christianity. In contrast to the Lurianic books, the Talmud, Maimonides and other books by the Inquisition accused of slandering the Christians of heresy and burned inquisitors. Some historical sources say that by supporting the spread of Kabbalistic literature, the pope wanted to attract Jews to baptism! And they were not mistaken.

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University of CARABOBOFACULTAD of Sciences economics and SOCIALESESTUDIOS superior to GRADUADOSESPECIALIZACION in management of quality and PRODUCTIVIDADCURSO introductory 2009-2ALUMNA: GABRIELA TORO questions FORMULADAS1-how management should know use the talent of its staff that promotes productivity, professional growth? Where considered the obstacles may be? When the relations of the Organization cease to be only internal and begins to involve and to take into account as a system you need and is influenced by the environment, the human talent begins to see as a mixture of experience, knowledge, values, principles, abilities, skills, contributing to the growth not only of the Organization but also of societythus becoming the human talent in the Intellectual Capital of the companies. Companies need the talent to innovate and stay ahead of the market, that’s why organizations should facilitate that talent that persons possess may be released and provide maximum value possible. So therefore you can define a person with talent, that that is a committed professional who puts into practice its capabilities to obtain superior results in an environment and organization specific. The role of the Manager of the human talent is to select professionals with skills, potential for action and commitment commensurate with what the business needs and can manage; but mainly you should generate an environment in which create value to the professional who motivates you to contribute and continue and to believe in the company. To achieve staff to share their knowledge with the Organization, human talent manager should foster teamwork, maximize the satisfaction of staff, treat them with fairness and equity, provide them with the necessary resources for the development of their knowledge, in addition to reward their performance when they are above both its activities, foster innovation and leverage creativity that each who can aportar.por consequent human talent Manager is responsible for developingdirect, lead and encourage to the staff by increasing the value, people skills, also explore its capabilities and delegate responsibilities within the organization in favor of contributing to the achievement of organizational objectives.

Replenishment Webmoney Through Sms

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