SME Industry

The event was organized by the Indian Association of trade and industry in collaboration with Google India for small and medium-sized enterprises. New Delhi/Mumbai Crimson interactive was awarded the first prize of the “India SME heroes challenge”. The nation’s first event of this kind was carried out by Google and the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and industry (FICCI). Quality, technology and innovation are the relevant points for the Crimson since foundation of the company. These important principles led to the recognition by Google and the FICCI and strengthen the faith of the company on the success of ingenuity, hard work and dedication. Crimson interactive as the winner for a strong vision, innovation, growth potential, profitability, inspirational values and a competent core emerged from nationwide selected 970 companies. Crimson has made essential contributions to the industry in a short time, set standards and benchmarks are followed by other companies. “We are very proud and feel us privileged the” Industry through our technologies and innovations have advanced,”said Sharad Mittal, the owner of Crimson interactive.

Crucial not only the joy about the success of the joint efforts, also the recent innovations in the edit text industry, which led to this price and are Crimson’s trademarks, be stated briefly. The manuscript of rate card (MRC) in June 2007 and the advanced manuscript rate card in October 2008 a brief summary of the lecturer to the impressions of the manuscript in a report for the author. Due to increasing demand for “Advanced editing”, advanced MRC with a detailed analysis of the manuscript and the suitability for the publication was offered. PDF to word processing in July 2007 convert PDF documents to MS Word and the subsequent editing of the manuscript in MS Word format. Direct TeX editing in July 2007 the direct editing of TeX/LTeX files and delivery in the same format.