Physical Education Teams

ORGANIZATION, ESTRUTURAO AND FORMATION OF TEAMS OF FUTSAL IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL. ROMERO, Cleine Mara Barbosa MIOTTI, Ivana Lamberti Maria SUMMARY This project is being carried through in the School of Average Education Prof Naura Teixeira Pine, located in the Quarter Is Jose in the city of Saint Maria? RS. It was created with the purpose to provide the organization, estruturao and the formation of teams of Futsal, for being this the practised precursory sport and more in the school. Also objective to identify talentos and to prepare the pupils to participate of the pertaining to school competitions as the OESM? Pertaining to school Olimpada of Saint Maria and the JERGS? Pertaining to school games of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul. Initially the participants from the groups of Physical Education of the Project of existing Porting Initiation already in the School had been selected.

The teams had been formed in accordance with the categories mirim, infantile and youthful in naipe masculine and youthful in naipe feminine. For the accomplishment of the activities a program was elaborated of training two times in the week, with duration 1h30min. each session. The developed activities had focused the training of beddings technician and tacticians, as well as the physical preparation and regulation. In elapsing of the training they had been carried through friendly it are of the school and matches intersries. As result of the carried through work can be evidenced the good performance and income presented for the teams in the competitions where they had participated, as well as the improvement of the qualities techniques and physics of the participants. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Futsal, Competitions, Team. 1ACADMICO () OF the COURSE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION OF the FAMES. 2ORIENTADORA PROF MS. OF the COURSE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION OF the FAMES.


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Ken Wilber

When we started to inquire about our spirituality we questioned how could evolve our consciousness, either, that should transcend, precisely, we must transcend our ego, that mask social that us ata, which generates an attachment to material things to make us dependent on this, generates us suffering, therefore, prevents our happiness. We know that genuine spirituality is expressed through the perennial philosophy; the perennial philosophy, is the set of truths universal spiritual that are present in the essence of many traditions and religions more beyond forms, therefore, with the perennial philosophy never is it collides with systems of belief, the perennial philosophy has no churches, even dogmas, myths, or rituals; the knowledge of the spirit takes us dogmas, fears, leaves us with what it is, leaves us in a creative vacuum, empty of ego and full of truth. Therefore, the perennial philosophy has never been cause of discord or wars because it is rooted in truths kosmicas, such as universal beings, we are the universe this interconnected, among others. At the beginning of this century has taken great boom in the need to transcend levels of consciousness towards thinking of second degree (yellow meme and turquoise meme), since for not developing a comprehensive vision of the universe the continuity of the human species is endangered. Spirituality is the Foundation for the evolution of consciousness, and thus be able to walk in the deployment of the Kosmos, consolidating the noosphere and reached the lighting through a holistic-spiritual vision, to establish the transmodern age, as Ken Wilber points out in his study on the evolutionary development of consciousness. Without a doubt, that this series of lectures on topics of holistic education have initiated a process of self-knowledge, developing the learning principal, inside me learn to be allowing arising out my values or my virtues, hidden by ignorance, indifference and lack of compassion for my fellow.

Foundation Resources

Teamwork, was fundamental for us develop the power of team, develop the creativity that was enormous. We invented all sorts of things. In Mountain didn’t have clothes, didn’t have practically nothing invent blankets, making machines water, hammocks for the wounded, sunglasses, and all that with the resources of the aircraft, because the resources that we had were practically absurd. With what resources we had? We had three empty bottles, a Swiss army knife, a cigarette lighter, an old radio, and rugby, which was quite important ball. If you want to then you explain why. And well, with those few resources we had to invent everything a little backpacks, sledges, sticks, sleeping bags. Creativity was very important.

I guess there is a before and an after this experience. How has it influenced? How you has changed, Ramon? I think the most important thing was everyone is knowing that there is no impossible in life. Know that you can, there is always possible, out of the crisis. The important thing is that when one is in its own ranges (we all have every day) is lifted, Actuate, and give it to forward and not stay complaining in life. Enjoy life, be supportive. We were super supportive in the mountain and now create among survivors living Foundation. We are doing a campaign donation of bodies at the level of the entire South framework and want to transmit to the rest of the world. We are very grateful to life, to the guys that they could not out of there by a thing of destiny that wanted to be some die and others are salvasen.

As it happened in the avalanche. Those who were at my side were killed and I incredibly after feeling and witnessing death managed to save me. The avalanche was the most terrible that we spent. We first fell from an airplane, it was at that time the worst thing at the beginning…