Classification Of Toys

Classification of toys in the pedagogical and psychological science have been varied criteria to classify toys, which is closely related to the assumed theoretical position. In this sense is among the first classification of Buhler, for whom the toys could designate into three types:-toys designed for movement and the provision of motor activity, with a view to the muscular development. -Toys suitable for constructive play and creator, whose stage signals the start of the conquest of the child from the materials surrounding it. -Toys that lend themselves to dramatic action, fiction, and imitative play and train the child to penetrate into the world of fantasy. This classification of Buhler, seemingly so simple and little updated for this era, underlying an approach as seen under the light of a new-type analysis, offers edges interesting to consider, something that has to resume when valued the relationship of the toy with the stimulation of the intelligences. J. Piaget establishes a classification of toys and games already mentioned at the beginning of this material, which is very organic and consistent with his theory of the development of knowledge, so it reinforces the approach towards the intellectual sphere.

There are classifications which refer to the chronological age, linking a series of toys appropriate for a particular stage of development, and discusses so toys for infants, for children of early age for pre-school age. This type of classification has many limitations, because as already stated above, the age may only constitute a general guide, most important to assess processes and mental properties that at a given moment of development are promoted and stimulated by a given type of toys. This leads us to classifications that rest essentially on processes and qualities that are involved, and so we have, for example:-toys for listening and concentration. -Toys for perceptual discrimination. -Toys for the development of the activity with objects. -Toys for the formation of fine movements (pressure, grip, etc.) – toys to stimulate motility thick.

-Toys for the development of the language. -Toys for the generalization of relations. -Toys for stimulation of positive emotions. -Toys for sensory development. -Toys for stimulation of the associative processes. -Toys for the formation of representations. Another similar classification, in the conceptual line of H. Page, is as follows:-toys for the development of the force and the driving skill. -Toys for creative and constructive actions. -Toys for representation and imitation. -Toys for the social development. -Toys for artistic ability: Arts and crafts. -Toys for the acquisition of knowledge. -Toys of scientific interest and mechanical relations. -Hobbies or special cognitive interests. These classifications have a foundation designed basically to the stimulation of certain processes and qualities, but do not include all the potential likely to be stimulated, or all areas of development. However, its conceptual principle home, stimulate the own psychic or physical, actions that mean the essence of its approach, constitutes a direction in the study of this problem, and is closely related to modern positions, which can crimp in a very natural way.

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