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Another difference is the number of estimated parameters. In an earlier publication entitled "What are the plans for sales," I cited the example of a plan for Sales for the year, which consisted of 29 indicators! It is clear that such a plan is more of a landmark, not a clear task to be performed. After all, in order to actually implement a plan for each of these indicators, and even on each month of the year, it is necessary again to each of them to plan their own, separate events, calculate labor costs – time, money, etc., make schedules, etc. Ie implementation of each measure – it separate business project with all the ensuing consequences. In this context, is not superfluous to reiterate the words of Jack Stack, founder of escalating today the increasing popularity of the concept of "open governance" that "give people a long list of goals still that does not give anything," says practically the same in his book called symbolically "Syndrome haystacks" and Eli Goldratt – "Focus on all and sundry means that we do not focus on anything, "Thus, considering the process of organizing the work of sales department, planning can be identified as a specific organizational goal-setting process. This goal should be achieved, not only can it orient other words, if the target is set – it must be done. Put that in fact acts as a prediction of the intermediate operation when determining the goal.

In particular, based on sales forecast is determined by the volume of sales to be achieved. In other words, the forecast and sales plan does not necessarily coincide. At the same time they should not diverge greatly. Typically, the sales plan is somewhat higher forecast. In conclusion, we note that putting such a problem – up to a certain extent, the above possible – we are, thus, form the following important quality of the sales process – namely, its controllability. 1 In this regard, recall joke of one of my friends, a doctor by profession, that "medicine – the second on the accuracy of science, philosophy, since" It seems that sales forecasting is also in this list.


Is it important to plan? If answered negatively, then now you’re quenching fires, vives saturated with activities and you can not cope with change or unforeseen circumstances. Not planning means low productivity, confusion, poor quality, and add to this stress that produces does not have the situation under control by lack of organization. What prevents you begin to plan? You surely have the false belief that you don’t have time, or that knowledge need you to undertake. If we see it from this point of view, may seem simpler: old habits are part of this journey without output if you start to plan sustituiras the concern by reflection. PLANS and MANAGES the success of your business what having a good planning? Better coordination effective Control delegation high productivity greater personal efficiency.

Plan is a proactive process. Means that you have control of the actions that you intend to exercise, how are you going to reach your goals and what you need to achieve them. This process should help to anticipate what can happen and what will happen. What you need to plan and launch this business project you have in mind? Allows your business to reach success and become a real business owner. The key is to know how to plan, to have the tools so that everything is under control.Not planning means low productivity, confusion, poor quality, and add to this stress that produces does not have the situation under control by lack of organization.

The Life

Because Yes this Almighty of my partner, dawn of good, then I am wonderful, but if it dawned with the twisted foot, then, I’m a genuine nullity. And my day emotionally elapses between the fullness or hell. Yes well the couple is an important point that leads us to feel valuable, not to say, that by having or not having this couple, stop being people with a personal esteem. But not have taught us to wanting us to appreciate us, to know that we we live with ourselves throughout life, and through that just done, I need to learn to be with me, with or without a partner. I am the rector of my own life, only I can give me that value, I can only understand yes my life not is respected, in every sense, then, that couple does not suit me. But we want that love us all.

Love is only a very small part of the vine as a couple. Demonstrations of amorous acts are every day. I.e., with my presence with my details, be suppliers, having well House, with sharing roles and activities, to give our point of view, to say at times, this does not. To regain the trust in love, we need, first make a personal reassessment. There is nothing beyond ourselves.

What you see is your partner, is exactly like you you’re dealing. -Yes you couple abused it. Ask yourself: in where I am abusing myself? -Yes your partner is unfriendly with you. Ask yourself: in what I am being inconsiderate with my person? Make this little exercise with all and each one of the complaints that you have of your partner. And you’ll have a super revelation about the concept that you are your own person. The love of the couple ever, exceed self-love. If that is your case, perhaps, it is not love, is addiction, dependence, recognition, need, but not love intelligent and healthy. Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life Cecreto. Inc. Cecreto is a centre dedicated to the quality of emotional life and boasts series diverse topics like relationships, parents and children, the relations in couple, etc. Yes some of the topics find you interesting it would be good for me to write and if not, also. We also have electronic material where here more about this topic and how to overcome it. How to recover trust in love: wounds and scars on the couple relationship. Find out here you subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive free of charge: the ten commandments of the life partner.