Baptist Schooling

Sown evangelizao in the south of the Piau, arrived later the Teresina the missionary Baptist E. the Nelson, making conferences to the outdoors, that also visited Amarante and Floriano; At last, it was in 1913 was that the permanent work of the baptists in Teresina, Amarante, Floriano, Jerumenha and Solido started. In 1918, the Severino shepherds Baptist in Amarante and Floriano and. the Brando in Jerumenha and Solido had been in charge it evanglico service, developing it. The Chain Church was isolated some years, without shepherd, being visited rare times for missionary C.J. Jackson, of Rita Saint, in the Bahia, until in 1915 it had its first shepherd, August Mr. Fernandes, who also assumed the direction of the school. In 1917, a mission baptist of the north ordered a meeting of missionaries of which it was part the Dr.

Mairhead, president of the college and seminary baptist of Pernambuco, to travel for the zone of the river San Francisco and south of the Piau, similar to study the subject and to choose the place adjusted for the center of the work; Binding to this mission the city of Chain, was this the point chosen because of its ameno climate, of its geographic position (next to the states of the Bahia and Maranho) and mainly of the predominant influence already of the religion baptist. Established the plan and chosen the center, the Chain Church assisted in 5:00 the $000 enterprise, giving more the fruition of a composed farm of cattle of 200 heads beyond other donations and some lands yielded to the particular ones; Later similar of good organizing the work, for it followed another commission of missionary under the direction of Dr. J.B. Terry there, of which the E. Haye (Agronomist) and Doorming (Doctor) with its respective families is part the Drs., they had established the Industrial Institute Baptist. Although the persecution of some priests catholics, evangelho obtained to all establish in the Chain city, penetrating in Parnagu, Gilbus and Gurgia, Philomena and Alto Parnaba, spreading baptists in the south of the state. The protestant evangelistas had not been limited to practical the religious ones, therefore, they had established colleges for the primary instruction and secondary, they had made special fields of culture, having professors to teach practical agriculture, they had opened proper schools to lecionarem Arts and Crafts; Great it was success the reached, not only for the practical side, but also for the religious side, main longed for end.

Organized the Church, she was necessary to fight the illiteracy thus, exactly because the protestant, in contrast of the Roman catholic, it needs to know to read to examine the Holy Writs, and, for better development of the evanglico work. Benjamim colonel Walnut established the first School Baptist of the Piau, getting a North American teacher, Mis Julieta, organized that it. Times later, was Mis Julieta substituida for the Sandra teacher Saints, and finally, after the being the school directed for other professors, already having the Church its first shepherd, the minister and August evangelico Fernandes, pasou this to direct the school. The Evangelho, thus nailed, penetrated in all the homes, and had its divine light, correntenses had been abandoning the superties and other things, as the vices of tobacco and the alcohol, predominating today the element baptist there, in same way that in other cities of the south of the State.


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Literary Agency Help

De Antonio Machado read all his work and I marked those lines of "Everything passes and all is …." They became virtually self-help in a sentence. Becquer I also read all the "Rhymes and Legends." Quintessential romantic author whose poems are easily recognizable, I rose to dream love. But also think about death. This also happened with Antonio Machado. And finally, since you ask three poets Juan Ramon Jimenez I mention, because with "Platero and I" discovered the poetic prose. – What are your future projects at the literary? The steady growth of the network of writers that I founded and direct, as well as the need to reach many readers, first made me think of an editorial. This project did not succeed because the Latin American writers, who are the majority in the network, have to afford the financing of their work in euros. Earlier this month I wrote asking for some authors to help them get to the publishers, and if possible, without paying for publishing.

I only had to ask my help to be clear that the project should complement, and that's how I opened the Literary Agency that bears my name. The success was immediate, as created on 11 June and as of today, after just two weeks, I have an incredible number of writers as around the world that resorts to me with the hope that it may send their manuscripts to publishers. My projects usually gestate always on the go and are always complemented, to fit like a puzzle.