IPEA Squid

Together with this research of the IPEA the mamata was disclosed also that the government Squid offered to the bankers in only five years of government. A made survey enters 2003 the 2008 (period of the first mandate of Squid and beginning of as the mandate) evidenced that the Brazilian banks had had the biggest profits of all history. Greaters until the eight years of the government of Fernando Enrique Cardoso (1995-2002). Only in the period of March of 2007 the March of 2008, 18 searched Brazilian banks had presented a yield on the equity two bigger times that 94 North American banks. While the Brazilian banks had profited 21.94%, the banks of the United States had had income in 9,72%.Esta research of the IPEA display in the way most accurate the pr-imperialista politics it government Squid that is to flay until the bone the diligent classroom and the poor population while money rivers go to stop at the hands of the bankers and national and international capitalists.

The humbug every day divulged for the government Squid on the growth of the economy and ' ' prosperidade' ' of the diligent classroom and the poor population, with the indices total invented of the research of economic growth, it is completely evident by means of the constatao of that the population is spending each time more to survive. Already the minimum wage of hunger is not enough that the workers have that to receive still they are bombed with higher taxes each time. Together – to this all an offensive one of the government and the masters against the labor laws. Same more than paying to one tero of the wage in taxes the workers still is obliged to suffer with pssimas conditions from life as the lack from hospitals, doctors etc. what it is resulting in the epidemic of affection in all the Country, beyond the trashing of the schools and university, in the public transport each more expensive and inefficient time.

The Lie

Can I give you a friend’s feels well?-the man accepted, not with gesture very friendly, as if you were guessing the lie of Alex. At least that was what it seemed. He gave Henry phone and again returned to rejoice to have thought him when he left Ibiza and having it called as soon as he had done. -I have to talk to him tonight without fail – he said on leaving office but before, I need to buy me a mobile-. He had no fear of having one. In the evening, explained Henry what had happened.This laughed with desire.

-Of course, friend – replied, – you are the rarest of the universe bug to the refuse to use mobile-. -Because already I refuse, I just bought one. I’ll give you my number so let me know if you have any news-. -Can’t believe that at the end you’ve agreed to buy one! -Enrique said amazed. -Because I have already done so, and if you want to jot down the number, you can verify this, calling me-.

Henry took note of the phone’s and promised to call him if had any novelty. By the afternoon of the next day, Alex went to see the Department indicate Enrique. He was of agreement with the price. He went immediately to the pension in search of his suitcase, paid off its debt and moved without loss of time. It was a very similar Department to which Henry lived. His room was the last aisle. She was small, but was well furnished and above all, had a comfortable wardrobe where Alex could hang their clothes clearance and not in conditions that had done so the past two years. During the two days that passed, until Henry called him to alert him that they cited him for a second interview for the post of seller that had applied, he was reading the newspapers was in the bars where he was to have breakfast, in search of a job.

Publish Books In Other Languages

As I have already forty-four years, two Herniated discs, married in second marriage, a son, and some published papers, I have decided to share this lame Decalogue which accompanies me everywhere. Before you sit down to write you sweep the House and water the plants. You can start to do so even before breakfast or before your first drink, but never before sweeping the House and watering the plants. It uses a little comfortable chair. No ergonomic products, Italian designs or reclining artifacts. Always ensure you some discomfort. A comfortable body writes comfortable things.

When you write fiction you read poetry, when scribes poetry read narrative. When not scribes nothing walks. Walking is the sport of the writers. Never correct too. How much is too much? No matter, he continues, corrects. But correct is not removing or polishing, it is to find something. Correct is not matter of couturiers but detectives.

If you write about the city get as if it were the field, if you write about the field get as if it were the city. If you write committed books get as if they were books on Swedish (bubok.se), Norwegian (bubok.no) books or books in Portuguese (bubok.pt). When you do not write anything, walk, get sport. Read only what is necessary and writes only the essentials. That translated to the aberrant language of writers to say: read everything you can and write without stopping. Never say what you’re writing. Never say you’re going to publish a book. Nor tell otherwise. That’s what they are social networks. You always get this question: why devils do this?. Each year renews your answer. Each month if possible. This will develop your muscles more than sport. Flee from the truth of the plague. The truth is the scab of your book. She loves the lie. To it you must. You consagras to it. Lies, lies always


Then, certain specialistic Literatures in human sciences recover decorating the man to try to make it an object that seems scientist. They took from science, not his oxygen of formation, but its language and its appearance, neither the more nor the less. Therefore, certain psychologists, baptize neuropsiclogos, use white mandiles, have their laboratories, measure, inform, etc. Or, in his laboratories, are some touch to verify them the volunteers, but voluntary who never they are defined! As far as the sociologists, they make statistics! They did not have, they, underlying models to the phenomena that they describe, cannot either, evidently, make nothing else that describe them (and not to explain them). But they describe how them? With numbers (of course that makes more well-known). But the statistic, is like computer science.

If the data that we trusted to him to the computer are idiots, because the computer is going to treat those stupid data (the computer is ready to treat absolutely everything). For the statistics, he is the same: to a stupid question, stupid answer. Briefly, having not taken from the science that only the appearance, that is to say computer science, the statistics or the laboratory, the object man (in small letter) spirit of the also virgin one who has entered. Although his human sciences do not have anything to do with science, but outside the flatterers whom they simply testify of the pretension of being literary and that they have never been able to construct his object scientifically. It was a frank gunner, Edgar Morn, that removed benefit from its concept of complexity. I do not say that he is idiot, on the contrary, but he thinks that there is to forget the past and to begin on new bases: the lost paradigm is definitively lost, but I, I am going to invent everything! .

The Establishment

It is possible to reduce the cost of rent for call Center: the transfer of the office in the region with cheaper price to pay for accommodation and cheap wages for employees. In the apparent benefit in terms of money in this decision there are some downsides: more difficult to find qualified staff, increasing costs for transportation at the organization and monitoring of call center employees, the complexity of the remote control and reduced controllability of staff. Before you decide which room to rent for a call center, it is worth consider the possibility of placing a channel of communication, and the cost of a subscription fee. When choosing a service provider should consider several factors: more back channels of communication and connection additional alternative operator in case of failure of the primary. Of course in case of failure of the basic operator efficiency, the extra will not always be able to pull the call center job, but it's worth to think about and work through this situation and be prepared for the rapid solution of such problems. * The number allocated for the work of call center channels should be one and a half or two times more than the number of operators. Free help line Calls can save and put them in a queue for processing at a high load on call center operators.

The exact number of required operators and channels and to calculate the load on call center at different times by using Erlang formulas or special programs, calculators. Over time, peak load on the call center will be seen from the statistics of processing calls. * The ability to use numbers 'hot line' (numbers 800, 803, 809) and the use of intelligent network services (analysis of the call until the start of processing a call by the operator). * Convenient and affordable tariffs for the establishment of communication channels with access to urban and international traffic. * Own numbering capacity of the operator.

* Ability to change the service operator for the numbers. For the successful implementation of a business plan and the call center concept of development should be the availability of specialized software software and hardware infrastructure. To do this you must prepare the technical project on creation of the future system for call center. Terms of Reference – a document with a list of requirements for software vendors software and specialized telecommunications equipment, implementation of which will help organize the previously planned development concept call center. The basis for the creation of technical specifications are characteristics of the future call center, a list of future services and the opportunity to expand the list. It should be remembered in a call center must work not only operators, but also ordinary employees and managers are also required telephone lines.

Group Reactions

1.Definio of enzymes: They are proteins with chemical structures special, I contend a called active center apoenzima and some times a not proteinic group called coenzima; they are you substantiate solid, but difficult to be crystallized; water and diluted alcohol are inactivated by the heat and soluble in. biological 2.Atividades: the capacity of enzymes to react with definitive constituent of the cells, called substratum; forming complex or same composites with covalentes linkings; Components of the reactions: E+S = YOU ARE = E+P the activities depend on the structures of the protein, nature of the substratum and structure of the prosthetic group. The speed of the enzymatic reactions varies with diverse factors; as concentration of the enzyme or substratum, temperature, Ph and 3.Teoria etc. of the enzymatic especificidade: the narrow correlation enters the structure of proteins or peptdeos that are part of the enzymatic molecule and the substratum; Fischer developed the especificidade concept enzymatic; that it compares the especificidade with a set of key and lock. The fraction of the responsible enzymatic molecule for the linking of the enzyme with substratum and call I besiege asset.

They are four types of especificidade: Low: Acts in type of linkings (lpase? hidrolisa? acid? alcohol); Absolute: It acts in a composition I specify (urease? tripsina); Group: It acts in chemical linkings you specify of group (quimotripsina); Stereo especificidade: It acts in isomers (L? D? Cis? Trans). 4.Efeito of the Ph: The enzymes generally have Ph of activation in the band of 4,5 the 8,0; extreme values of Ph, desnaturam proteins and consequentemente they inactivate enzymes. 5.Temperatura: The speed of the enzymatic reactions increases with the temperature increase; the speed duplicates with the increase of 10C, when to reach a maximum speed (40C), the speed starts to decrease, when they arrive 100C are exterminadas completely. 6.gua: Surrounding the very dry one it makes it difficult the mobility of enzymes and when it has a very great amount of water the enzymes also are immovable. 7.Reaes of enzymes: An enzyme first if to join to the substratum, after the two if to join happen to the separation of the two elements, but now the substratum this hidrolisado. it 8.Classe of enzymes: Amylases, Proteases, Pectinases, Lpases, Catalase and Lipoxidase. 9.Classificao of enzymes: Oxidorredutores: they function with reactions of oxidate-reduction in biological system; Transferases: They are enzymes that they catalyze, the transference of groups of a composition for another one; Hidrolases: Enzymes that catalyze hydrolytic reactions, being between them to proteolticas and aminolticas enzymes; Liases: It belongs to the classroom that modifies the substratum, cindindo composites or removing groups of molecules of the substratum; Isomerases: Enzymes that they catalyze of reactions of the isomerizao; Ligases: Enzymes that cause the degradation of the molecule of the ATP, using composites, joining two molecules. 10. Enzymes. Competitive: It concurs with the substratum for it I besiege asset of the enzyme; Not-competitive: If it binds reversiblely, independent I besiege of it that proper it and; Incompetitiva: If it binds reversiblely, to one I besiege proper to the complex enzyme-substratum; Irreversible: They can promote the destruction of the functional group; the inhibitor if combines with a functional group in the molecule of the enzyme that essential for its activity.

New Real Estate Tax

Of average, one will receive about 4 Euros by square meter. " It is the unique measurement that can be implemented &quot immediately; , it said to the minister of finances heleno, Evangelos Venizelos. The civil service politicians and stops will resign to one pays monthly of their wages. The minister of Finances of Greece, Evangelos Venizelos, announced east Sunday a new tax for all the owners of any type of real estate property, with the aim of collecting about 2,000 million Euros from now until end of year. The extraordinary cabinet of this Sunday, that extended during four hours, " he decided to do against a especially crucial situation in Europe and the world-wide market, and is necessary to deliver an attack nacional" , Venizelos said before the press in Salonica (North of Greece). a>. " The unique measurement that can be implemented immediately is extraordinary an additional tax on the real estate property by two aos" , it informed.

Of average, one will receive about 4 Euros by squared meter, like minimum 50 pennies in the poorest zones and at the most 10 Euros in the wealthiest areas of the country. In addition, the civil service politicians and stops will resign to one pays monthly of their wages. Recession superior to the predicted Venizelos recognized that the recession that undergoes Greece is superior to the anticipated one, with a contraction of 5% of Producto Interior Bruto (PIB), against the estimations that spoke of 3.8%. If Greece wants to remove the head from the water, added, must assume " decisions inmediatas" in order to fulfill the goals of deficit for years 2011 and 2012. Greek prime minister, the Socialist Yorgos Papandreu, already said east Saturday that Athens will fulfill the reforms exactly structural and a program of privatizations to collect about 78,000 million Euros until 2015. This Sunday reiterated in Salonica that will advance with the structural reforms necessary to remove to the country from the recession " We will assume all the measures that are necessary. The way that we chose is very difficult, but he is the unique one that can guarantee one to us seguridad" , it indicated prime minister in press conference.

In view of the agreement reached with the European partners and the International Monetary Fund (the IMF) the past 21 of July after a new rescue of 160,000 million Euros, Papandreu declared that " all the necessary one will become so that they accept the 400 the national banks and parliaments (of the deserving countries) ". " We were in the middle of a storm, but we will not allow that nobody us amenace" , it indicated prime minister, who added: " Two years ago we had a deficit of 30,000 million Euros and now a small deflection of a single is not forgiven to us nor euro". Papandreu affirmed that the program and the changes will cause that the debt, that at the moment surpasses the 350,000 million Euros, is " completely sostenible" and it added that " the objective is to secure a primary surplus in 2012 (without the return of the debt and I interest) ". " We are determined to advance and to protect the July agreement because we do not have the right to leave to the efforts &quot halfway; , it asserted prime minister. Also, it discarded the call anticipated of legislative elections, anticipated for October of 2013, because " the town wants changes and not elecciones". Source of the news: Greece announces a new real estate tax to collect 2,000 million Euros