Enrique Ponce

Q: Beverages? You drink alcohol? A: No, well if I take, but very little, only social. Q: do you smoke? A: No. q: What type of exercises you do? Are you going to the gym? A: Yes, gym, almost everything is cardiovascular, run, bicycle and be strong. Q: to follow any model? A: Yes, that would be more so, Enrique Ponce, of Spain. Q: have you won any Bullfight? When and how many? A: Yes, well, right now as I’m going for 5 years of novillero, I’ve been already 75 novilladas, plenty (laughter) and so I have been a winner, because I do not remember, but yes, in most.

Q: do each when they are? A: depends, because there are seasons that many in a row and others that is come and stopped right now to say I started the year the first week of January and I’m not back to fight, and believe that you MI until March and speak before January, I toree in October and well it was there from October until January, but suddenlyso to speak, in June, July, if I toree 3 or 4 per month. ES Depending on the season. Q: do you remember how it was your first experience, now that the first time? A: Yes, was tiny but yes, as 15 years I think, and therefore fear for the first time, and the nerve (smile) but I liked from that day. And it was that day that I told myself that I wanted to be a bullfighter, but because my parents did not accept it. Q: and that why? A: well, I think that by fear, or thought he was playing. I was in elementary school, I finished primary, finished high school and was when I told them that I wanted to be a bullfighter, but they ignored me, told me that ending prepa, if finishing prepa still liking me, me they already supported.

Michel Foucault

We confess confundid@s or perplexed. And is that Emma transports us to an asylum but at the same time shows us the vision of society, the paradoxical reality, facts and attitudes of automated until madness, until the alienation, human beings, man and women and speaks to us: I’m for you what I was once desocuparon circular spaces of your madness. But you know very well now, I am my own circular space that is your madness. But what madness? According to Michel Foucault’s thinking, those who have power are what define it is normal and that it is not. Any society can define insanity in such a way that certain people fall into that category and are isolated. But power not only determines normalcy and madness, but also knowledge. Many times it has been said that knowledge is power; but Foucault asserts that in the same way the power produces knowledge.

So that those who have power are those that determine what is normal, what is fair and what is true. We have alternatives: I say things such as, I say things as I see them or I say things that I decide to (as the history of the three umpieres). As well says Guinness: the first referee represents the traditional point of view about the truth: something objective, independent of the mind of the connoisseur and that must be discovered. The second referee represents moderate relativism: truth as seen each, according to their opinion and how to interpret it. And the third arbitrator clearly represents the radical relativist or postmodernist stance: the truth is not something that exists and that we must discover; each of us must create it for himself. The fact that there is no truth only is accepted as truth in the postmodern world. We know that an artistic object is unique and unrepeatable and decision always will be the reader’s consideration as such depending on your taste, however nobody can deny that to deliver this set of texts, Emma Sepulveda reminds US to two great authors: Camus and Cioran.

Ski Aquatic

Water skiing is a sport that increasingly takes on more adherents around the world. This is because it is a sport which is quite attractive for people who like adventure and the risks that are increasingly in the whole world. It is also due to many of the practitioners of water skiing are also practitioners of skiing on snow and these take advantage of the summer season to devote himself to skiing in its mode of water skiing. However, when talking about water-ski not is this talking about one kind of skiing, since there are several types of water skiing. To enter the world of water skiing you’ll find several types of water skiing, that is, water skiing’s speed (strokes), waterskiing of pirouettes, water skiing on ski and water skiing of hops. All these types of skiing are very different and most have a different audience, as well as an is needed from a different computer to be able to practice them. Water skiing’s speed is a type of skiing over the water where compete in racing speed, but not in the conventional way in which are presented the speed races in other sports.

Indeed, in other sports speed races involve all participants come from a line-out at the same time and which comes first of all will be whoever wins the race. It is possible also in other sports that will compete to see who makes a journey in the shortest time. None of these two modalities are water skiing races. Rather than racing, this water skiing seems more like a competition of resistance at speed. So, as in waterskiing of racing the skier is dragged by a boat at high speeds while is clipped the cable which is suspended, this makes to increase the speed of the boat tour will be more difficult and will win who better perform in this respect during his tour with the boat. This modality of skiing aquatic is practiced on two skis are rather thin.

Water skiing stunts is the modality of skiing which consists of participants to do pirouettes while touring with the boat a particular stretch, in this form of water skiing ability is what most matter. Similar to the powers of gymnastics, where participants deliver a guide to judges of the movements to be carried out during his presentation, waterskiing of pirouettes becomes previously showing the judge a guide of the stunts to be performed for the assess the execution of these athlete makes. This modality of skiing is done on two tables like the previous one. We hope that the little that has been water skiing will be of interest and encourage you to practice this fascinating sport. The truth is that water skiing is a very interesting sport, however you must have in mind for the practice of this sport you must have a good physical condition, you must above all strengthen your knees, the lumbar area and back to avoid injury. Original author and source of the article

The Information

Not I took a decision without all the doubts that had me before removing, nor nor contacted me with sponsors who sought to join me at any cost and which was not even an image created their own experiences or their work in the web otrosnegocios. No way I would have begun in this multilevel if he did not at least as the best among the existing, nor nor if the submitted idea had viability for me would have not done if my sponsor wasn’t able to show me how it worked and that would achieve. My experience and my ability to forecast made me understand that this business is good, but in addition, I decided to start because the information was serious and could be checked. From 5 years ago when I launched my first product on sale on the Internet, I never participated in a MLM; When in recent months later received a personal advice that would be my sponsor, not a moment I hesitated in taking my position, but that process was achieved later when I understood the potential of the proposal and after that my doubts became undeniable certainties. If I would have started this business compulsively, as unfortunately many entrepreneurs do, and if it had not analyzed everything with detective and worst look even, if you had chosen the first proposal that I presented, probably this post would how he lost money in unmultinivel, as there are thousands today on the web by people who have failed to find or search in the places that should be. 2. The bad sponsors: Greed makes people forget its also moral, and ethical commitments those values with which we were raised and that surely as I did in my family, were delivered to you in small chunks, demonstrative, his grandparents and parents. I was listening out there that money doesn’t change people but that they reveal what they really are.

Duties Of The Landlord

Within burdens posed by the conception of a lease, we found a part of vital importance so that the same will be carried out with total clarity, we are talking about in this opportunity the duties which the lessor must comply to before the law this contract is legal and can be carried out in its entirety. The duties of the lessor as mentioned are crucial part when doing a lease contract, as they ratify by the lessor some minimum parameters that it must meet before and during the contract is effective, why then we will mention some of the most important duties of the landlord, with the purpose to prospective tenants know some things with which the landlord must by legal obligation to comply. The lessor must be respected first and foremost the contract. The lessor is obliged to deliver the good furniture or property in the State, which the same specified in the previously signed contract. The lessor must provide the necessary information of infrastructural damage that owns the property; this to enable the lessee to carry a daily life with total normality. The landlord must keep in good condition the property, so that the lessee may avail himself to it without any difficulty. The landlord must prove legally that the good furniture or property is free from debt of any kind. The lessor should perform necessary improvements to good, in order that it can be used properly without any mishap.

In the case of housing, the lessor must comply fully with the private life of the lessee. The lessee is in right to ask all keys and elements which can give access to the property and the landlord is obliged to comply with such a request. The lessor is obliged to inform the lessee with a previous time and via written contract termination date or the date of the renewal of the same. The lessor if you wish to make any kind of modification to the immovable must request prior permission to the lessee, since signing the contract the lessee would become the interim owner of said property. The lessor is obliged to provide to the tenant a receipt certifying that the same, if I cancel punctual and timely economic sum previously agreed in the contract. Although there are many other duties to which the lessor must welcome, previously-sayings are just some of the basics to take into account when making a lease contract. It is very important to recommend that before signing any type of agreement, it is very good to read very carefully, because in this way we have means by which legally defend ourselves in the event the lessor fails to comply with some of the requirements that were previously mentioned. Original author and source of the article