Atom Quality

Albert Einstein, ever expressing his point of view about reality saying: God is in the details. He was convinced that nothing in the microscopic level of existence left at random; everything was still a plan. We can paraphrase Einstein for our purposes: the quality of the service is in the details. I.e., the relationship between suppliers and buyers exists in many individual points of contact of the true area of contact with the customer. This fact makes the service key inevitably something different from the traditional. If one is making a physical product, such as a car or a TV, you can control the quality of the product conducting whole manufacturing at a single site, and inspecting products as they come out of the manufacturing line, as happened with the FORD at its peak. But this is not what happens with services, such as opening savings accounts or be cared for, a service is factory at the time of delivery, and in almost all cases there are many points of delivery. For example, in a fast food job there are several moments in which are produced and delivered the product of service; Since you receive money, when the product is delivered and even when collects the container or trash left by the customer; itself, all physical products that are sold at a single site can be manufactured, but it is not possible to manufacture the interactions with customers in a central site.

This means that traditional methods of centralization, inspection and quality assurance, are no longer valid. We need a new conceptualization of the quality of the service, one that responds through the process fundamentally human interaction. In Colombia, it has been tried that this paradigm of the manufacturing process at the beginning of the industrial revolution today is the panacea to gain more customers; We really know that this is not so and instead understand thanks to the praxis that customer want satisfaction now, now, at this very moment and not when organizations come on them the focus of the concern by them. We must recognize that our existing customers are more demanding, more analytical, more observers and above all measure the response time to your needs by the companies to respond to a single concern: does really care for my?. But the answer to this question can only be found as the organization provides to the customer true moments of truth and especially when it comes graceful of the critical moments of truth in which projected its full potential to achieve loyalty to clients yesterday, today and tomorrow. But it is a moment of truth, and by organizations today are so concerned about making them most marvel in remembrance of their customers. Well, according to the service management terminology, a moment of truth or decisive moment is: an episode in which the customer comes into contact with any aspect of the Organization and has an impression about the quality of their service. The idea of the service management suggests that these numerous crucial moments are the key components of the service. The moment of truth is the basic Atom service, the smallest indivisible unit of the value delivered to the customer, is the essence of the business and especially the tip of the iceberg for the development and overall growth of the Organization Oscar Javier Zambrano Valdivieso consultant business 3003007683 original author and source of the article.

Flower Delivery

Yes, on the scale of one to ten, of romantic gifts, flowers are the best to achieve the first places. In fact, between shoes, purses, accessories, or jackets and many other details, only jewels outweigh the beautiful flowers. With a great added value when you send flowers to home, ten is rounded. Of course, you’ll want your flowers stand out from the rest. Only has the taste, distinction and elegance of design the bouquet which will steal a long sigh your love interest.

Buy a beautiful bouquet, it will put you ahead of the competition of the romantic Gallants and the final touch, the flower delivery, only imagine your beautiful smile upon receiving your expressive I love in your home or workplace, reward your great effort. Insurance, where the encounter, awaits a big smile, there is an emotional kiss and endless hug in the middle of an I also I love women always go to deny, but to receive flowers at home in the Office, will both raise their self-esteem, as high You will be the envy that wake up in your coworkers. Nothing more simple, eloquent and infinitely grateful, like some beautiful flowers at home. They will be subject of conversation for weeks. When giving flowers at home? Easy, anytime. Spontaneous flowers is described as one of the most romantic gifts that are. Women love to be pleasantly surprised by a beautiful bouquet, especially, in the Office, where it will be cause for jealousy from their female counterparts, and giving a valuable lesson to their male counterparts.

What size is appropriate for the floral arrangement? With the spontaneous flower gift, you don’t have to be big, not small. Ideally, be tasteful, stylish, harmonious, joyful, as which they can find in, in flower delivery, good taste is not problem. Flowers on the first date? Only on one occasion. When have your shyness not you talk about your feelings. It is the ideal occasion to send flowers at home. If you choose a beautiful bouquet of red flowers combined with pink roses, she will have no choice but to call yourself, almost immediately. And won’t you be who touch the topic necessarily will be she who take the initiative. You’ll be as more romantic Heartthrob, and if it was only a matter of shyness, from that moment, they will be the most tender in love couple. Surely not cease to count their friendships, as this chapter originated in their lives. There are more moments to give flowers? What you think after especially romantic night, is the best opportunity, excellent to send flowers at home, which she wakes up receiving your bouquet of fresh flowers, will reach the limits of love. Being romantic is question of being creative and choose the time, since the flowers at home, will the rest of the task. Keep the romance in the environment, is easy, just is a matter of loving her.

Journey Available

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3 Keys To Creating A Web Site

The creation of a Web site is not currently so difficult. You can create interesting and attractive Web pages without much knowledge of codes or languages. New technologies and software already have your your site ready to publish it. Uses templates templates are some pre-built pages that you can use to create your Web site in minutes. Different companies and Web design companies make these templates are available. Create pages by encoding and stored them under different names. If you want to use a template, you can choose any of the list. The preview of the templates also available of these services being offered.

You can choose from the list. To apply these templates to be displayed in your Web site. You can use a single model for the entire website or different templates for different pages of the Web site. Uses different software there are many programs nowadays to create Web sites. Some are tools for any language and others already have done code. You can use a large number of these. Some of these programs are Dreamweaver, Macromedia, Flash, Ajax, XML, Ajax, DHTML, HTML, etc.

Such programs make the work easier. In some cases, to use these programs you need to have a knowledge in particular, but in other cases it is not necessary to know all the codes. You simply follow the instructions and the website is ready. You can also use Web Wizards, there are many on the Internet, with just a simple search will find all the information you need. Original author and source of the article.