United Nations

We remember the paper of the international opinion, the importance of the conscience human being and the roll of the civic activities in the reinforcement of the bows of credibility and legitimacy for parents with characteristics of a nation, capable to offer optimum in progress and peace, security terms. Sara occidental person inside constitutes an integrant part historically justified of geopolitical limits of the Kingdom of Morocco, as United Nations, but our main concern is the conditions in the fields of Tindouf, against the unjustifiable allegations of a separatista group. Polisario a group of elements behind strangers who manipulate the destination of a innocent population. Searching facts to spot the image of Parents with them you practise desumanas and you denounce without beddings. The humanitarian organizations the world-wide level strengthen each time plus its rows, subscribing its initiatives to defend and to stir up to the people parked in the fields, unmasking the true intention of the people without artifice.

Ahead of the balance of the humanity it exists a reply with legal bases and legitimizes of the consolidation of the peace, as foundations of inspiration of the organization of United Nations. Remembering the case of the saraniano, Sidi Mouloud Salam, of Policia of the front of the Polisario, group that demands parents independent in the south of Morocco, after to have visited Morocco, and ahead of an interview, observing the development and characteristic of the autonomy proposal as reply to decide the problem of sara occidental person, having as proposal realistic and joust. such attitude excited the retaliation of the separatista group. appealing so that Algeria liberates its compatriots withheld and influenced in the decision taking. This provoked the front, hindering to it as responsible of the front in virtue of its opinion immediately to come back to the fields of Tindouf and to find its family. As part of this conscientious civil society of the rights so that this extremista attitude is banished and the world and the organizations they react to defend the life and to guarantee the freedoms, respecting the human rights.