Credit Cards

Between the benefits of the credit card and the applications of Internet it is that they are better and easier to fill the formal red tape. The life is full of stress and the activities that wear away the people. To be able to rest and soon to complete the information of the best thing of this treatment. Who wants to be estresado and tired after filling fifteen pages of information, many people do not dirian that if. There are interesting things much more that to do with the life that the red tape that takes hours in completing itself. As much she is so the people stop filling the information and nothing is obtained.

They tend to put the papers to a side and say that they are going to fill them later. You know a thing, never he completes themselves then, when it memory, has disappeared. When in the sweepings, he pushes himself underneath another pile of papers that never were finished. And if that is what usually happens when filling the paperHow to eliminate this terrible test? the answer is the Internet. The Web, wonderful world of the things that allows a person to do.

To fill applications means less work by that there is paper no at issue. One eliminates the use of pencil and paper, the errors and never to finish the work. Also it reduces the hours to be seated there trying to understand the financial information. The cards are emitted by the banks that the people trust to pay the amount of the purchase that they give to his cards. For the people with excellent qualifications problems do not habrian to obtain the financial freedom. An excellent thing to have in the today world is the financial freedom, to select and to buy what an individual needs. Many do not have that advantage reason why they are left by chance by themselves.

Charity and Responsibility

At least a time per year if it can attend, in some television channels and some different styles, dedicated hours and hours to the captation of resources for altruistic ends, as: construction of asylums, fisioterpicos hospitals for deficient physicists, hospitals for physical deficient children, centers of I assist the devoid communities, etc. It is pretty, altruistic, generous and noble an action, and the senders inhabit have it always to try making in to perceive them this mounting a beautiful spectacle. E, such spectacle, are so pretty that it distracts in them of the fact of that all this action is enormous placebo. Later that an sender started, turned fashion. A great net of television cannot be considered ' ' grande' ' if it will not have an annual program that viza to benefit one definitive partner-beneficient entity.

He seems until a boy mimado with its mascote? mascote which it only feeds a time per year. Celebrities fight with nails and teeth for a vacant in a program of the sort, therefore if it cannot lose a chance to head a program that, normally, is shown in noble schedule, for more than one day and in national net, and still to leave with fame ' ' good humanitrio' '. Real millions are expenses in the infrastructure and sets of ten are collected. Financially speaking, projects of this way are functional and viable. Without forgetting them rostinhos smiling them criancinhas that, beyond making an enormous one for the conscience of certain individuals well that if feel carried through when making its annual act of charity completely, they help to pass the image of ' ' good programa' ' for the world. Of the one until will to all applaud of foot such initiative of the private capital if this ' ' bread and circo' ' who did not deviate the attention on really would have to arcar with this responsibility.


One of the main problems of practises of the medicine sales is of pharmacies are the self-medication, since it does not have orientation or any control the medicines are consumed by pure indication. In the City of Empress the medicine sales can be verified are of pharmacies in the most diverse places, as markets and boards of ambulant, these medicines are stored and vendidos without any criterion and orientation regarding its use, therefore it does not have responsible druggist, thus being able, to contribute for the increase of the risk of poisoning of people for the self-medication. This article has for objective to verify if the medicines that are being vendidos outside of pharmacies are obeying the current law, giving approach to the storage places, the types of medicines, the forms of sales, the dates of validity and the origin of vendidos medicines. METHODOLOGY In the accomplishment of this article, had been used the methodology that encloses bibliographical research of field/, with the elaboration of questionnaires directed to proprietors controlling of the respective establishments you deal as: mercantile, mercearias that commercialize the calls ' ' Medicines of Livres&#039 Sales; '. The elaboration of the cited questionnaire was made by means of the consensus of the elaborators of the article, whom they had looked to enclose subjective questions I deal to it of free medicine sales destined in its majority to the population of little purchasing power, aiming at to clarify the pertaining mechanisms and artifices to the fiscalization, storages, fracionamentos and exposition of medicines. The attainment of the data of the research was through the answers of the questionnaires directed to some traders for parts of the researchers that had left in pairs that if had directed it strategical points of the cities of Empress and some pertaining surrounding cities the tocantina region. This research is of explorativa character and qualitative, since the intention and the main focus of the researchers are the clarification of the indifference of the competent authorities to the fiscalization deal of it parallel of these medicines and the risk that for happiness comes to cause the health of the population badly clarified on the consumption and self-medication of these frmacos.