Environmental Forum

Besides them, environmentalists, represented the Rostov environmental organizations 'nonprofit organization of green alternatives' ('Storm') and co-chair Helen Tolstoguzova 'Ekozashchita' Vladimir Slivyak. In addition, the picket came representatives of Volgodonsk NPP and Information Centre several policemen in uniform. 20 minutes after the start of the meeting the representatives of 'Thunder' collapse began vigorously protest banner with an inscription. They approached the leaders of the Ecology Movement – Elena and Vladimir Slivyak Tolstoguzova. Emphasized loudly she began to tell a funny story about the rest of the sea. Journalists began to fuss, collecting equipment, and began to disperse from the area – they made it clear that the show is over.

Did not support … But not everyone supported share, so, the chairman of the All-Russian Public Movement 'Environmental Forum' Vitaly Lebedenko said – 'protest against nuclear power development is meaningless – it is a policy that will lead to nowhere, to disintegration and destruction and the environment, and economy. Our movement believes nuclear energy the cleanest type of energy production. There is no burning of fossil fuels, which is becoming less and it expensive, do not burn oxygen, is to prevent the greenhouse effect. Protest against nuclear power development is meaningless – it is a policy that will lead to nowhere, to the collapse and destruction and the environment, and economy. This is the path to a dead end ', – said chairman of the All-Russian Public Movement' Environmental Forum 'Vitaly Lebedenko. "We believe that the strategic direction in the development of nuclear energy will create reactors of new generation with a closed fuel cycle, which completely eliminated the generation of waste '- the chairman of the' Environment Forum '.

Moscow Ring Road

Now a free and suitable for the construction of buildings, undeveloped land outside the Ring Road close, almost no left. Sly developers realizing that a separate road for the entrance to their facility construction cost too much, "of course it is absolutely deadly to their budget, and even physically impossible, as so seriously everything is sealed, as an independent road to build nowhere. So enjoy the 5 – 6 organizations, and with them residents of the highway designed for 1 or 2 objects. The presence of bulky and long trucks are among the causes of congestion, both in the vicinity, and on the Ring Road itself, is conditioned by the location near the ring road a large number of transport companies, freight terminals, and other transport and logistics terminals. All this a few times and so complicates the tense situation involving the exit and entry to the Ring Road. In addition, because of constant congestion highways near the Moscow Ring Road, own transport and construction companies are suffering financial losses. So, for example on long-large vehicle, carrying heavy or bulky goods may carry from 4 to 5 flights for the whole working day, a distance of 15 – 20 km. Despite the fact that the loading and unloading of the vehicle by means of lifting machines, and will be from 20 to 30 minutes. In real terms during the daytime, such services are carried out for 1, in rare cases for 2 flights. As a result many companies are rightly rejected such traffic during the day and carry them exclusively at night.

International Centre

Well, how? After all, tourists come, they pay money for something to rest on the sea, and now Nate you some kind of creature heads to their scare! Demolish all – because they just dumb animals, and we … PEOPLE, proudly calls himself a man, all for our good, for our pleasure! And for our actions, we will never meet, but we are inviolable and infallible! Pictures of fishermen – are sitting with a dead fish, happy faces, shining simply, happy. But nothing – this is normal, it's a matter of course, they are not murderers. But the shark – a killer. Hunters … this is generally a topic for me especially painful, too painful. People not to die of hunger and they need to kill to die, but just for the sake of entertainment, for fun, pursue and kill defenseless animals, and then photographed with them. They get pleasure from it – from murder.

But then again, no one is condemned, they quietly walk on this earth, happy, happy, dear maybe … These are the morals here is a moral in this world. Where?? Why?? This is too difficult topic. This can be a lot of talk. Just very painful.

For example, I do not eat anyone. I'm absolutely not proud of it, no, nothing to be proud of here – because I'm doing this not his entire life, but only some two years. Previously, I was also blind and could not understand what I do. Received his sight, that's for 28 years. So if I suddenly eat shark or a bear, I know – for that. Well, I do believe in some sort of universal justice, I believe … This is found on the Internet. Think about it. According to Environmental organizations, annually in the oceans are caught more than 100 million (!!!) of these marine predators, mainly for fins. According to the International Centre for Information on shark attacks last year, their attacks were 55 people, killing four. Do these figures are comparable? … Generally you can find a lot of numbers and what you will, most importantly, they do not, and scales. The scale of animal being killed (which you like) and people affected by the animals (each case of which becomes the sensation of the first observed absolute silence). Someone even care about these numbers? They did not shock? But the fact that Egypt is ruined and miserable tourists have nowhere to swim (!) – Yes, this is a serious problem to be solved by all the forces thrown. People who come to their senses. What are you doing? It has long been known that the man most brutal and cunning predator of the planet Earth. Blood, carnage, murder, pollution … in that we are making this a perfect the world with their filthy greedy hands? … You do not have to do with it? … Someone who consumes food dirty murder, raises his hand the one who kills.

Installation Of Suspended Ceilings

Our organization works with various types of suspended ceilings, each of which has its own particular installation. Suspended ceilings with decorative layout of fitting or ceiling, in which the seams between the plates are closed layout width of 10 mm. Format plates 31. 5 * 31. 5 cm or 39.

5 * 39. 5 cm so as to residential premises such size plates visually perceived as more successful. Installation of ceilings of this type is based on the metal frame (Tigi Knauf) with major fixture on the walls and a reinforced frame hangers to the support ceiling. Requires installation of carefully enough flatness profile during installation, especially for the mirrored ceiling, to avoid breaking reflection. In addition to track the contact pressure on the fastener. Installation of the ceiling starts with a wall profile. Further verification center of the room and installation of central series.

From it exhibited other series of profiles with a step size tiles. First of all fasten all the integer ceiling tiles, and then followed by individual lateral undercuts just in size, taking into account irregularities or curvature of the walls. The standard ceiling mounted symmetrically on the main walls, but depending on the design space can be chosen reference angle or abutment. This type of suspension flows allows for disassembly-assembly if necessary, access to devices located in the ceiling space. Suspension system allows round corners and any curved surface mount multi-level ceilings, turning and multi-faceted product. Illumination of a ceiling by spotlights, the approximate amount of which is determined by a simple formula: 1m2 = 1 lamp, power 40-60 WT.

State Standard

Among the publishers, of course, should be classified and universities, because they are engaged in publishing activities. From this it follows that the rules of this standard are mandatory Application for all universities published printed works, including student theses and term papers, essays, etc. Thus, solved another problem that is being addressed to students themselves: how to draw references in the thesis. But here it is reasonable to speak only of the partial solution to this problem, as not all universities in Russia give references to the visitors in their guidelines for writing theses and term papers. Often they can see the requirements that somehow seem departments more acceptable than those indicated in the State Standard GOST 7.1-2003 "System of standards on information librarianship and publishing.

Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules for compilation. " Finally, the third component of the problem under discussion in the title of this article: design of the thesis text. What is it? The structure of the work, its chapters, parts, etc., about the size of the font, line spacing, indentation, registration tables, formulas, applications, etc.

All of these factors as usually covered in detail of college and university training manual. But this is – again amateur, and not follow uniform requirements raised to the rank of the state standard. But such a standard, by the way, while not. True, There are many standards for the registration of documents in various spheres of professional activities, institutional organizations, as well as a whole in office. But one can hardly count on the fact that students find these standards and will follow their requirements. In fairness it should be mentioned here GOST 7.32-2001 "System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Report on research work. The structure and rules of registration. " It sets out general requirements for the structure and rules of registration of scientific and technical reports, as well as rules for those cases where a single application procedure will facilitate the exchange of information, improving the handling of the report in the information system. However, such reports and theses of students – not the same. Also enshrined in the standard requirements for registration of scientific reports can be applied to the design of student research papers is very conditional. So what about applying this standard, there is little serious. So what we have today: a) Standard 2010 and any registration diploma work does not exist, and this – a phantom, which acts on the graduate students in their quest to magically find the truth in this area, and b) there are two real existing state standard (GOST 7.1-2003 "System standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of making "and GOST 7.1-2003" System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of making "), which solve two major problems for students – registration of footnotes and bibliographies of registration, c) standard texts on design of student work – thesis, term papers, essays, reports, and so there is no practice. The conclusion that logically follows from the above is clear: today need a public standard texts on design of student research papers (diploma, course, etc.). Maybe it will complete the search in the Internet space with thousands of Russian students answer the key question: "How to graduate work according to GOST 2010? ".


In the first part (), we looked at some on the brink of a foul, the methods of recruitment used in a U.S. bank. Such as "recruitment poaching," "personnel raiding", "buy yourself a new job" "Employment without an interview," "mystery shopper-recruiter" and others …. All are based on the premise that: Recruiting in our time – a real "war for talent 'and appropriate weapons to be used (of course, intellectual, rather than fire ..:-). Poaching staff from competitors – a key tool of competition. This strategy of selection as a result has become one of the most aggressive and effective on the market.

Their motto: "If we constantly luring customers from other banks, why not do their best employees," then we will look at other features of such a strategy. The structure and priorities of the "aggressive" department Staff: As part of HR-department selected group of "internal direct search." The group specializes in finding talented leaders within the company: a network of branches across the country monitored and evaluated the results of staff of employees who have distinguished themselves encourage managers to move up the career ladder. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Brooke Harlow. The result: thousands of dollars saved on an external search and recruitment agency fees, the search is faster and efficiently. Forecasting and planning. Developed long-range plan needs talented employees in 6 months or more. It is based primarily on the career plans of its employees, as well as on growth forecast company. HR-department enters into a written agreement with internal customers, other departments and branches of the service quality and manner of interaction.