Infrared Space Observatory

But the presence of these atoms is not sufficient to make possible the existence of water: it is necessary that specific conditions favor the formation and survival of their molecules. Overall, the formation of molecules requires a high density and temperature not too high. Two conditions are of fundamental importance to maintain the molecular bonds, whatever, the media and therefore astrophysicists to have a chance to find them H2O water molecule the temperature should not exceed a few thousand degrees so that collisions with the atoms of the environment is not too easily break molecular bonds, the gas need not be subjected to ultraviolet radiation that threatens to destroy the molecules the effect fotodisociador. Water vapor in the galaxies, is presented in a dilute gas of molecular hydrogen and helium. Its molecule is characterized, like those of all chemical species, by absorption or emission of electromagnetic radiation that cause spectral lines with a known wavelengths, primarily in the infrared and millimeter intervals. But these lines are very difficult to observe from Earth because, precisely those wavelengths of radiation that reaches us, are absorbed by the atmosphere.

Since it is just water vapor in Earth's atmosphere that causes this absorption disturbing. Even in the driest places, most of the spectral lines of water vapor are unobservable. Therefore one must await the results of the various observatories on board satellites, scheduled for the coming years, as the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) of the European Space Agency or the most modest of NASA's specialized satellite, to have a detailed view of the abundance of water vapor in the cosmic gas.

Best Top Model Of The World

When the famous fashion model Linda Evangelista said: "We did not get up from bed in less than $ 10,000 a day" throughout the world, it became clear that a new generation of models – is the top models or supermodels. The term came into vogue in the late 1980s and still enjoys great popularity in show business. One of the first model, which was awarded the title of supermodel and was an American girl Dorian Leigh. Dorian Leigh was born in 1917 in Texas, the state San Antonio. Dark-haired babe has worked in New York top model 25 years, successfully acted for various publications and uchuvstvovala in fashion shows, even became the face of Revlon. Subsequently successfully opened its model agency, which was located in the heart of Paris.

Family life Lee was just as interesting and varied, 4 times she was married to different men, who gave her five beautiful children. Gia Carangi Marie American model was born in 1960 in Pennsylvania, it was the forerunner of popular top models as Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer. Her career took off after an acquaintance with such famous photographers of the time, Richard Avedon and Francesco Skavullo. Her professional activities have been replete with shooting for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, which brought her an extraordinary meeting itself, because it was so different models that could change their images, as real actress. Although she was very rich and popular, in my personal life, it could not boast of their successes. She was lonely, and even confessed his love for the female sex.

Smile, We Change The World

Smile, we're changing the world. Tourists enjoy the views of snow-white smile in Budapest – and they cchastlivy for reasons known only to them. Already widely known is the fact that Hungary makes an undeniable contribution to world hygiene, offering foreigners in need of dental care and treatment at the lowest prices and virtually free stay in Hungary. As reported by an agency specializing in the organization of dental tourism for residents of Germany: "Our clients can receive dental treatment as a world-class for the price, down 70% than what is offered in Germany." For example, if a U.S. citizen for the uninsured costs dental treatment in severe cases up to 20.000 U.S. dollars, and for the whole family – respectively, the more it makes sense to go abroad where the cost of crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, treatment of channels or teeth whitening in the order below. Here, for example, Robert Muchchi, 55, manager of community services from the state of New York, asked the agency for dental tourism Dent Offer and booked a trip to Moshonmadyarovar, a small town on the border with Austria, which recently massively tourists come for dental treatment.

Together with his family. "I can not imagine how I feel after treatment, therefore, as the moral support I brought my family "- said Mr. Muchchi, who flew to Hungary with his wife, 24-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. In the course of treatment he should have removed several teeth, bone and prizhivili placed implants. "It turned out to be not so painful" – he said.