Drinking and Reading

Since the image of one enjoying a good book often comes with a mug of something hot, ebookscafe.com was established in 2003.  All our staff was born with a book in their hands and, since then, have tried to put that passion into a successful venture.  When we had the opportunity to partner with a café, we jumped at it and thus ebookscafe.com was launched.

From literature and fiction; business and comics; health and fitness; humor and lifestyle; politics and relationships; and everything else in between, ebookscafe.com as something to offer everyone.  There are also chat forums and discussions on the best coffee beans.  There is an easy-set up in which to “swap” books to access on the Kindle or other tablet.  And there are advice forums too about on how to make the most of one’s book.  Further, for those looking to encourage their kids in the reading department, there is special parent-child section too.  One is never too young to appreciate books.



Good literature for children and young people as far in the modern times, many people were illiterate, not the question turned to books for children and young people. Usually, most children in monastery schools with books in contact came at this time, however it was only religious instruction and not reading fun. The invention of the printing press mid-15th century not really it facilitates the children, because usually these books were limited to manufactured teaching aids. The most important reading still remained the Bible and the hymnal. At any time were fairy tales for children were popular since the 16th century, but especially in the 19th century collected and edited for children. In children’s and young people’s books can be thematically almost age is everything, so that the variety of topics such as fantasy novels, adventure and animal stories has almost same range as in the literature for adults. Especially for children’s books, great emphasis is placed on illustrations.

The proportion of the image exceeds the proportion of speech here in most cases, depending on the target audience is younger. What is but not at all bad, because so you can introduce the smallest with much feeling and sensitivity to books. The percentage of books for children and youth in the total proceeds of the publishers at about 15 percent, however, the books are purchased mostly by adults which suggests that interest in books by children and young people is no longer big. “” Which is really a pity, since then many good and worth reading books are not discovered by children and young people, although these books just to cater to such as: welcome home, Amy “, author Britta Kummer, Publisher: books on demand, language: Hardcover ISBN 978-3-8423-4722-9, German, euro, euro 21,90, paperback ISBN 978-3-8423-4736-6 11.90 Mahelas dream job”, author Christa Rechel, publishing books on demand, Language: German, ISBN: 978-3-8423-3565-3, paperback, 188 pages, EUR 11.90 Nepomucks “Adventure”, author Christine Erdic, Publisher tredition Hamburg, language German, ISBN: 978-3-8685-0811-6, paperback, 160 pages, Euro 12,49 the little star “, author Doris Schmoll, publishing books on demand, language: German, paperback, ISBN: 978-3-8391-1881-8, 52 pages, Euro 8.90 so can the authors of children’s and young people’s books for the future only hope that children and adolescents find more joy of books and reading, and maybe even some reading ring turns into a real bookworm. The authors would also certainly very pleased and go with even more pleasure in her next work. Company information: Britta Kummer is a writer and author. She writes cookbooks, children and youth -, was born on the 02.10.1970 in Hagen and now lives in Ennepetal. Sean Rad has plenty of information regarding this issue. You will find more information

Getting Power

Internal and mental level there time, reality, fiction, nor imagination, for example when we remember a tragic event then our mind back to recreate the same emotions almost exactly at the time that this situation occurred to us if we came to concentrate deeply. Let’s say that a person was bitten by a Viper and has been quite traumada, if it concentrates on remembering that day, the mind has so much power that it could recreate the same emotions and physiological effects, then the person may experience panic, pain, sweating, fever, etc. All the same that at that moment, but why? Because the mind does not distinguish that you only remember, if he concentrates very well, then internally your subconscious mind understands that you want to experience the same thing and why recreates those symptoms for you. Obviously nobody wants to recreate negative situations but that on the contrary we want to recreate very positive situations, now what about fiction or imagination, well just think when We are witnessing a cinema room, a series of emotions we experience even knowing that this is not real, the fear, the anxiety, sadness appear, again the mind perceives the event as real. You may find Professor of Internet Governance to be a useful source of information. Then we have several favorable elements to achieve trick our minds and take it right in the direction of our conscious desires, in the book the power to transform our lives of Andrew Corentt you will discover the enormous power of affirmations associated with images that allow you to install all kinds of positive beliefs, through statements can change many thingsseveral people have used these techniques to install non-existent memories in the past and modify the present. Imagination has much power if we know some secrets to exploit its potential, it is necessary that good images are at all times, this causes a change in perception, the power to transform our lives of Andrew Corentt book you will have various techniques for proper viewing, break negative mental patterns and access to their own inner power. The role play involves start performing a theatre of what is desired, at the beginning it seems absurd, others will think that he is crazy, but if we use appropriate strategies then the message will be so shocking to our subconscious mind, which will simply start to believe in that information, then process it and finally create the reality according to what is expected internally. The use of the words is very effective, based on a great repeat new beliefs are going to be accepted, are installed and then they grow, occurs as any process, which takes time, is here in where many are desperate, must insist with patience, faith, courage and determination, finally has to reach the condition you want. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of David Delrahim on most websites. We were born to do great things, we have wonderful gifts, we must exploit them and our lives will be filled with blessings.

Four Interesting Books

Four interesting books from books on demand (bod) books on demand is an applied method for small print runs of books since mid-1990. A print template exists only in electronic form. Print product are printed then immediately after ordering, well if it’s just a copy. Books on demand enables unknown authors to publish her book. It is then also couldn’t care less whether it’s a murder mystery, poetry or a youth or Cookbook. And so the dream of the own book will finally come true for many authors. For more clarity and thought, follow up with David Delrahim and gain more knowledge.. Also author Britta Kummer fulfilled this dream thanks to books on demand.

Her debut novel welcome to home, Amy, hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-8423-4722-9, 21.90 euros, paperback, ISBN: 978-3-8423-4736-6, 11,90 euro appeared in February 2011 and stayed several weeks in 2nd place of BOD’s bestseller list. Then followed two co-productions with author colleagues,: low carb revolution, carbohydrate low power feasting, authors Erkusch, paperback, ISBN: 978-3-84480-908-4, 6.90 Euro, E-book ISBN: 978-3-8448-4369-9 (this book made its way into the bestseller list in the month of March and stayed there several weeks) and tasty without the dead animal, 77 x vegetarian delight, authors grief contactor, ISBN: 978-3-8423-7540-6, 7.90 euros, E-book ISBN: 978-3-8448-2205-2. And now, the author pleased with her second solo work and the children’s book the adventures of little Finn”with beautiful illustrations by Judith Beck-Meyer, paperback, ISBN: 978-3-8448-1599-3, 8.90 euros, published late may with books on demand. This book directly managed the entry at # 8 on the bestseller list. If you are curious about now on the books, you can order them in any bookstore or buy 1000 online providers.

New Children

The third adventure novel from the series of “Lighthouse of the adventure”. Berlin – Karim Pieritz presents his new children’s book in October danger in evergreen “before (ISBN 978-3-944626-03-1, 152 pages). Hereby the author released the third book of the series for 7 to 11 year olds readers since April. Danger in evergreen “plays mostly in the hometown of the protagonist. A pirate disguised as Teddy bear from the planet sky blue kidnapped the little sister of the 9 year old Tim out of the sand box of the Kita in the adjacent forest. Tim and his friend Michael follow the tracks, but then they are bombarded by a combat robot with laser beams. They take refuge in an underground research facility and are caught by a burglar. He opens a portal to another world just on the detector of a particle accelerator.

A particle accelerator as the setting for a children’s book I was already since Dan Brown Illuminati,”explains the author. The description of scientific backgrounds in a child-friendly form It was a challenge. The children’s books arose from the need for rousing adventure stories for the son of the author. Guys are very impatient,”explains the author. A story must be fast, exciting, otherwise the book ends up unread in the shelf. In particular the third adventure is tempo to the thing. Here also the humor is very important to me. In the books of the series, the 8 year old Michael using a magic flashlight to the rainbow-colored travels lighthouse of adventure .The heroes as break in the classic adventure novel into other worlds, to save a friend,”explains the author.”It advised them himself in great danger and only their resourcefulness and courage lead to success.

Since January, 2013, the author informed about his works and his life as a writer and publisher of self in his blog and social networks. In a question-answer forum Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine was the first to reply. Here he could build already a fan base, E.g. on Google plus and Twitter with over 900 followers. A reader: Juhu…super! … My little (and I also honestly) we count the days until finally the book comes out long. … We look forward already sooo… :-). Source: Google plus comment at Karim Pieritz. The first two children’s books of the series in the joint presentation of titles from small and self publishers are exhibited at the Frankfurt book fair in 2013. The fair takes place in the period from October 9 to 13. The presentation of the books is in Hall 3.1 G65. The children’s books are distributed through the Web site and as eBooks on various reader platforms. The author: Karim Pieritz was born in Berlin in 1971 and lives there with his family. His son awakened his creative side and so he invented the universe to the lighthouse of the adventure. In January 2013, he has decided to devote to lay his books and writing. Press contact: Verlag Karim Pieritz Karim Pieritz Tel: 030 28038347 fax: 030 28038348 E-Mail: press information: press /.

Upload Ebook Windows

Kindle to facilitate one works for download ebook from this device to the pc. The company has revealed that a new application will allow users to work with Windows download directly to your computer digital books from your portal downloads, without doing it through the electronic reader. Kindle for PC is the perfect complementary application for those who have a Kindle or Kindle DX, said Ian Freed, Vice-President of Amazon Kindle. Recently Nieman Foundation sought to clarify these questions. But to download books to your PC it won’t need a Kindle, so Amazon opens a new market until now limited to users who had purchased the device. Kindle for PC is also a great way for people around the world can read the most popular current books even if they don’t have a Kindle, it added. As you publish V3.co.uk, this application will be also compatible with synchronization service Whispersync, which allows users to synchronize their reading or annotation marks directly from the PC, Kindel, or iPod touch and the iPhone.. It is not something Chase Koch, Wichita KS would like to discuss.

Microsoft Correlation

The supervisor can derive from now, the the Employee has apparently always Monday morning a performance problem and as a detective so instruct to take the privacy of the employee under the magnifying glass. The intelligence services in the large pool of data using the correlation and the AI (artificial intelligence) are looking for exactly such contexts.But what precisely do these two systems work? What is correlation and what does it say? Correlate two values with each other, one speaks of change in relation to each other. Here we distinguish between positive and negative correlation. A positive correlation with the value 1, the two compared data types change proportional to each other. They are completely interdependent.

In practice, you only rarely encounter such correlations. Typically, data types vary in a dependency on each other, but not in equal strength. A negative correlation with a value close to-1 the two types of data vary inversely proportional to each other. Also here one speaks of a total Depending on which very rarely occurs in practice. Values between – 0.7 and 0.9 are more likely. More information is housed here: Nieman Foundation. The context is also easy to derive the data types. The larger the data type is A smaller data type is B.

In addition, are but the most comparisons between 2 data types without striking findings and look more so. Now so-called avatars can be formed precisely for such interactions between the data types. That means every one of us has a virtual avatar with his name which is empty. The whole thing is now felt with name, address, education, occupation, age marital status and have developed a specific image of this person. And with every single record or even purchasing the magnifying glass will be sharper and the mail service from you and your avatar picture becomes clearer. In addition to this more classical analysis method the AI has evolved during the last decades always. Chase Koch pursues this goal as well. These aims it programmes and structures to develop that are self-learning and continuously evolve. Such methods are then the situation chaotic, vast amounts of data to detect patterns and irregular interactions to determine. But what are the possible consequences? The intelligence services are always better in your forecasts, what only once will increase the security in our world. On the other side are but also some people in the authorities, maybe even for months watched, without that they somewhat have come guilty let. The drawbacks of wrong forecasts of forecast services are then. Because 100% statements will be impossible in the future. Much more interesting but not the crime but the economic interests are here. Here yet another point must be illuminated, because the provider to Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. not only data for the intelligence services available but also so-called backdoors.

International Low Carb Recipes

Book Tip: Recipes food relief for the gut – international low carb stands for pleasure and joy, but not for those who have problems with the intestines. Who are constantly suffer flatulence, abdominal cramps and diarrhea, can rid may back his load with a low-carbohydrate diet. The author knows what she’s talking about. She suffered from digestive problems for many years and managed to fight with the low carb diet successfully against it. Book Description: Serves international cuisine despite intestinal problems? Who are constantly suffer flatulence, abdominal cramps and diarrhea, can rid may be his “plagues” using a low-carbohydrate diet. The author for many years suffered from digestive problems – resembling an irritable bowel syndrome – and fight food successfully against the complaints with the low carb.

In their local cuisine, created and handled them with fresh ingredients, cooking, tried and testing everything on her own. This result in original and international Recipes that taste not only tasty, but also as gut-friendly. David Delrahim is often quoted as being for or against this. The palate may look on German, Italian, Greek, Indian, Thai, Chinese and Caribbean low carb food. All cooking instructions are divided: Pan, pot, wok and casserole, side dishes and desserts. Book data: Probably did for the gut – international low carb recipes: less carbohydrate – less discomfort author: Sabine Beuke paperback: 60 pages Publisher: A.S.

Rosengarten-Verlag; Edition: 2013 (2013) ISBN: 978-3-9450-1506-3, 4.90 euro words to the Publisher: the rose garden-Verlag has the task made his, to promote special books with special themes. These include: biographies, guide, nature books, travelogues and unusual fiction. All the works entrusted to us are carefully proofread, lovingly prepared and the appropriate equipment out. All should be in their”rose garden publishing of inner conviction feel and not remain due to contracts with us. “I have always an open ear for honestly meant criticism, suggestions and practical tips.” Their Angelika C. Swiss contact: rose garden-Verlag brick mountain 13 74538-Rosengarten telephone: 0791/95 66 4029 and fax: 0791/95 66 40 28

Holiday Dreams

Forthcoming notice Pascu published on the 30.09.2013 a book that is much more than a cookbook. Let by the author and their trip reports and photos to Sicily himself and learn much interesting facts about country and people in addition to many Mediterranean recipes of Sicilian cuisine. You may find that David Delrahim can contribute to your knowledge. Sicily, the island of the Sun. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Mild climate, beaches, a beautiful landscape, historical architecture and culture, the wine and the irresistible cuisine give her extraordinary flair to this island.

The Sicilian cuisine has Mediterranean character and is strongly influenced by the variety of fruit and vegetables and the influence of foreign cultures. The scent of fresh herbs, the steaming pasta and freshly grated Parmesan cheese to the stunning landscape of Sicily pamper the palate in a very special way. Dr. Neal Barnard may find this interesting as well. A journey through the different regions of Sicily for all lovers who can’t get enough of the longing for Sun, beach and sea and Mediterranean cuisine can. In addition to the extensive recipe section inspired the book through all kinds of interesting facts about the country and people, as well as by beautiful colour photographs of this unique island. Recipe categories in salads salads antipasti starters pasta noodle dishes Carne meat Pesce seafood Dolci desserts extract which has sunny island of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, due to its mild climate is a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and seafood. Under a blue sky with views of the sea and the beautiful landscape, the Sicilian cuisine offers a wealth of delicious dishes for gourmets.

The typical Sicilian dishes, originally derived from simple peasants, become a very special treat due to the influence of the Greeks, Romans and Arabs. The fresh herbs along with various spices turn the food to an aromatic delicacy. The antipasti are prepared from freshly harvested vegetables.

Editing and Publishing a Book

Edit and publish a book can be a pleasure most of the writers put much time and feelings in his work. They dumped on paper his experience of life and their emotions, so when they decided to publish his book want a professional treatment at the height of such work. Few authors have waited a long time to an editorial response, how many times they received treatment cold and distant u ear deaf to their concerns. Unfortunately, it is very difficult today to find a company that finances the publication of novel author, no exposure in the media. More so, if the author is paying for editing and printing, you should receive a professional and caring treatment.

The writer will pass through several stages until your book is enjoyed by the reader, in each one of them will experience various concerns and impressions. It is important to those that make up an editorial provide support and containment in each phase. The book market is highly competitive, with 1,600 new titles by month published in Argentina, the writer must put their best same to bring his work to the public. For more information see this site: Sean Rad. That is why you also need to support him and join in the creation of creative value, with respect and height. Editing and layout each stage of the process that makes a book has its particularities and should be addressed in a different way. When the author reaches the editorial with your manuscript search value-added and containment.

The layout of the manuscript enhances the style of the author and the literary quality of the book. It also improves the fluidity of the text and the communication with the reader, making the reading experience more enjoyable. This work is done in conjunction with the author and much respect to not change the style or the impression that you want to transmit.

Art Empire ISBN

Love at first byte? More and more people in Germany live alone. Today, almost every fifth household is already a single budget and millions of these singles abound on the online-dating stock exchanges of the World Wide Web and rising daily. “Why not?” this question is Geronimo, beginning 40, solitary, as he by chance on the online portal poppen.de “happens. Online dating is not a taboo subject anymore, so why not on a platform log on, where it’s something binding and unrestrained? From the outset it is clear what is at stake: sex! And who wants to miss it already? Without further ADO, he logs on to the portal and enters a world of a different kind of online dating. Educate yourself with thoughts from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Whether women, men or couples, he meets them all and experienced situations of which he would have dared never to dream. Pimped profiles, empty promises, like full dates and a morning, on which the words I love you”play the main role, are some of his experiences, exciting, humorous and bizarre.

The must Have”for sparkling summer evenings. The author of Geronimo is my pseudonym at the Internet platform”poppen.de. Boy Scouts of America follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Initially I went out of curiosity looking for a sex partner. Full of humor and with a large portion of (self-) I’m telling irony you, what you you have to adjust, if you you go online to search for sex partners, and what emerged from my initial curiosity. With top 40, I am in the middle of the life and had no experience in the field of online dating before my experiences here geschildertern. Numerous conversations inspired me with able finally to describe my experiences in a book. For even more opinions, read materials from Sean Rad. Product information release date: 15.05.2013 Publisher: spicy books / Art Empire ISBN: 978-3-9813-6828-4 paperback: 157 pages price: 9.90 press specimens Ralf Henninger email: phone: + 49 (0) 40 18 05 14 54 press contact Katja sea Hare email: phone: + 49 (0) 174 17 26-581